June preview: 4 shows you need to see this month

From wrestling to prison, women rule this month's most anticipated releases.

From wrestling to prison, women rule this month's most anticipated releases.

Alison Brie stars in the new Netflix comedy about a women's wrestling league in the '80s. (Erica Parise/Netflix)

Each month at q, we take a look at the upcoming shows we're most excited about. This month, women's wrestling, the return of Orange is the New Black, Orphan Black and Naomi Watts return to the small screen. Scroll down to read more about June's must-see shows.  

Orange is the New Black (June 9)

Fans have been waiting almost an entire year for this. Season 4 of the Netflix hit ended with a dramatic cliffhanger: a riot had broken out at Litchfield Penitentiary following Poussey's death and, in the finale's final moments, Daya picked up a gun and pointed it at corrections officer Thomas Humphrey. So, will she pull the trigger? According to this teaser, the gun goes off, but that's all we know. And that's only one of many questions left unanswered at the conclusion of season 3. Melody Lau 

Orphan Black (June 10)

Orphan Black returns for its fifth and final season this month, hopefully answering many of our questions regarding protagonist Sarah and her clone sisters. Last season left Sarah bloodied and stranded on the island where Rachel and her mother were staying, with Rachel looking to regain power once again. Elsewhere on this island, Cosima reunited with Delphine, who was presumed dead after getting shot in a parking garage. While it's unclear how Delphine got there, fans were surely happy to see the beloved couple together again — even though Cosima's health continues to decline. — ML

Glow (June 23)

In the latest example of readapting '80s culture for today (see also: Bay Watch, Chips), Glow tells the story of an all-female wrestling league that ran in California from 1986 to 1990. In real life it was called G.L.O.W., or, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, and it featured wrestlers with names like Big Bad Mama, Jailbait and, well, Sally the Farmer's Daughter. Alison Brie (Community, Mad Men) leads the Netflix production, which takes source material — an actual TV wrestling show — and uses it to tell a story of female empowerment and camaraderie. It comes from the people behind Nurse Jackie and Orange is the New Black, so expect plenty of humour. And neon glow spandex.  — Jesse Kinos-Goodin

Gypsy (June 30)

Netflix's Gypsy has all the makings of the high concept psycho drama you'd expect to see on HBO. Naomi Watts plays a therapist who becomes dangerously close with her patients, threatening her domestic lifestyle in the process. Sex, violence and dual identities all come into play, with an unsuspecting husband (Billy Crudup) in the mix. This is Watts's first foray into TV in 20 years — not counting her appearance on this year's new Twin Peaks — and it's a chance for the Oscar nominee to explore what happens when a female lead acts on her darker impulses (a trope all too common for male leads). Created by newcomer Lisa Rubin, women also directed six of season 1's 10-episode run. — JK-G


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