Ben Folds on his new memoir, becoming a rock musician and what he's learned from his younger self

Pianist, singer-songwriter and producer Ben Folds talks about his new memoir, A Dream About Lightning Bugs, and reflects on his life as a musician.
Ben Folds is a pianist, singer-songwriter and producer. His new memoir is called A Dream About Lightning Bugs and it's out now. (Joe Vaughn, Simon & Schuster)

Ben Folds is a pianist, singer-songwriter and producer who's known for breaking the rules. You might remember his band Ben Folds Five, which was big back in the '90s.

In 2005, Folds performed his song Landed live on the Late Show with David Letterman and after he was finished, he grabbed a stool and slammed it into the piano, like a rock star might smash a guitar. Letterman wasn't impressed. 

That's one of the stories that Folds tells in his new memoir called A Dream About Lightning Bugs, which is out now. He joined q guest host Nana aba Duncan to tell us a few more stories from the book and to reflect on his life as a musician.

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