7 things happening behind-the-scenes at q

As Shad and the q crew prepare for the April 20 re-launch, here's a brief update on what's going on at q headquarters.
Watch q's live re-launch with new host Shad on April 20, 2015. (CBC)

As we prepare to re-launch the show with our new host Shad, you'll be hearing a few encores on the air — but, listen,  we're not napping in the green room. Here's a short list of 7 things keeping the q crew busy behind the scenes: 

  1. Planning a big live show: Shad's first official day is on April 20th, and we'll be broadcasting his debut live from the Glenn Gould studio in Toronto. If you didn't secure tickets, you can still go for the rush line or join the free viewing party at the CBC Atrium
  2. Working on new sounds: We're well into the process of re-imagining the audio signatures you hear on the show, including q's opening theme music. We can't reveal the artist yet, but suffice it to say we're big fans. 
  3. Re-designing the studio space: Gone are the red and white banners. We're refreshing the look of the studio, with new colours and a new logo soon to be revealed. 
  4. Changing the look of the website and all our social media accounts: You may have noticed that we've already made some major changes to the website. We're creating a more user-friendly experience, complete with this new tool to help you tune in on your terms. Check the site and social feeds on April 20th for even more big changes. 
  5. Building relationships with new contributors: As part of our ongoing commitment to increasing the diversity of voices on the show, we're building a new roster of culturally savvy correspondents. You'll meet them in weeks to come.
  6. Refreshing the show: In what will surely be an ongoing process, Shad and the q crew are exploring new ideas with view to bringing you a fresh, forward-thinking show while also maintaining the best of our traditions. 
  7. Thinking about you: As we've said many times on this very blog, your letters of support have kept us going throughout these times of transition. New and returning listeners: your interest and enthusiasm has been invigorating. Loyal listeners: your high expectations have been humbling. We're looking forward to putting our best foot forward. 

What should you do in the meantime? Please stay tuned and keep sending us your ideas and feedback. If you're on social platforms, loop us in with the hashtag #thenewq. And, while you're here, why not take a little coffee break with Shad?



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