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Tickets: Announcing q live from Hillside, featuring William Prince, Fred Penner, Jackie Pirico and more

CBC Radio’s q live with Tom Power kicks off Hillside Inside 2020 with a special night of performances and conversation.

Friday, Jan. 24, 2020: Andy Shauf, Billie Eilish and more

Today on q: singer-songwriter Andy Shauf, superstar Billie Eilish, Toronto Star reporter Katie Daubs on the Hallmark Channel, playwright Ahmad Meree.

Andy Shauf performs from his new album The Neon Skyline live in the q studio

On the release day of his highly-anticipated new album, The Neon Skyline, Andy Shauf and his band dropped by the q studio to perform a few songs from the record.

For Syrian playwright Ahmad Meree, the refugee experience is the stuff of art and life

Meree's new play Suitcase, which is currently running in Toronto, is about the experience of a young married couple who are fleeing their home country.

Why the Hallmark Channel can't recover from same-sex ad debacle without alienating audiences

Toronto Star reporter Katie Daubs unpacks how new developments in the Hallmark Channel controversy might affect the TV powerhouse moving forward.

Billie Eilish shares her perspective on success, social media and fame

In this interview and studio performance, Billie Eilish talks about having the kind of early fame and success that speaks to how stars are made: billions of streams and video views.

Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020: Brett Kissel, Rajni Perera and more

Today on q: Canadian country music star Brett Kissel, Canadian artist Rajni Perera, q’s fashion columnist Mosha Lundström Halbert.

q's Thursday Headliner: Canadian country music star Brett Kissel

Brett Kissel drops by the q studio to perform some new songs from his latest album, Now or Never.

Canadian artist Rajni Perera on how science fiction influences her work

Perera discusses why depicting black and brown women is so central to her practice, and why the Canadian art market can be a tough nut to crack.

How the cancellation of Toronto Fashion Week could impact the Canadian fashion industry

Our fashion columnist Mosha Lundström Halbert talks about the history of Toronto Fashion Week and whether the concept of a fashion week in general is becoming obsolete.

'Will you accept this rose?': A gateway to The Bachelor

Writer Suzannah Showler explains what The Bachelor franchise tells us about our ideas on dating, romance and North American identity.

Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2020: Canada Reads, Franklin Leonard and more

Today on q: Canada Reads 2020 panellists, q online column with Alyssa Bereznak, William Prince’s q block party, Black List founder Franklin Leonard.

Canada Reads 2020: Meet this year's contenders

To kick off this year's challenge, all five Canada Reads panellists get together in the q studio to introduce the books they are championing.

What we might lose in the fight against Twitter trolls

The Ringer's Alyssa Bereznak discusses a new Twitter feature that lets users decide who can reply to their tweets. It's an effort to make the platform a safer space, but what else is at stake?

Franklin Leonard on what this year's Black List says about Hollywood in 2020

For more than a decade, Leonard has produced the Black List, an annual survey of Hollywood's best unproduced screenplays. He discusses the latest list and what it says about the changing future of Hollywood.

From AC/DC to Jennifer Lopez: William Prince pays tribute to Peguis First Nation in his q Block Party

In this edition of the q Block Party, Canadian singer-songwriter William Prince shares a playlist of songs that remind him of his hometown, the Peguis First Nation in Manitoba.

Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2020: Anyway Gang, Dion Johnstone and more

Today on q: Canadian supergroup Anyway Gang, artist Shirin Neshat, actor Dion Johnstone.

Canadian supergroup Anyway Gang performs live in the q music studio

Anyway Gang dropped by the q music studio to perform some songs from their self-titled debut album, which is out now.

Artist Shirin Neshat shifts her gaze from Iran to the U.S.

Neshat sees the complicated world of geopolitics as essential to her art. She joined q's Tom Power to discuss how her work reflects her life as an Iranian woman in exile.

Canadian actor Dion Johnstone on why Shakespeare's politics seem more relevant than ever

Johnstone's latest role is in a new production of Julius Caesar. He joined q's Tom Power live in studio to talk about the play's parallels with present-day politics.

Trevor Noah's musical tribute to Soweto, South Africa

The comedian gives us a playlist of songs that remind him of Soweto, a neighbourhood southwest of Johannesburg in South Africa.

Monday, Jan. 20, 2020: Shad, Dornith Doherty and more

Today on q: rapper and broadcaster Shad, q screen panel with John Semley and Tina Hassannia, artist Dornith Doherty.

'I don't hide my fandom': Shad on interviewing the greatest minds in hip-hop

Shad returns to the q studio to talk about the fourth season of Netflix's Hip-Hop Evolution.

Director Spike Lee becomes first black Cannes jury head

On this week's screen panel, John Semley and Tina Hassannia unpack news that Spike Lee has been named the president of the Cannes jury for 2020.

Artist Dornith Doherty on capturing images of seeds from around the world

Doherty's exhibition Archiving Eden: Exchange features photographs of seeds and seed banks, which exist all over the world to preserve plant species in the case of a catastrophic event.