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Monday, Aug. 8, 2022: Michael Schur, Nemahsis

Today on Q with Tom Power: TV writer and producer Michael Schur, singer-songwriter Nemahsis.

Michael Schur on his literary debut and why comedians are uniquely suited to teaching philosophy

In Michael Schur’s new book, How to Be Perfect, the TV writer and producer distills everything he’s learned about moral philosophy into words anyone can understand. He joined Q’s Tom Power to explain how the book makes ethical quandaries funny and accessible for all.

Nemahsis is looking to empower other women with her music

Growing up in a conservative Muslim household, Nemahsis had to hide her passion for music from her father. Now, that's all changed. The Canadian singer-songwriter joined Tom Power to discuss her debut EP, Eleven Achers.

Friday, Aug. 5, 2022: Kylie Minogue, Stanley Tucci and more

Today on Q with guest host Ali Hassan: singer-songwriter Kylie Minogue, actor Stanley Tucci, weekly wrap-up panel with Mastermind, Drew Magary and Teri Hart

Kylie Minogue on her life-changing battle with cancer, career and her new album

In an interview with Tom Power, the Australian singer opened up about her biggest hits, her battle with breast cancer and her new album, Disco: Guest List Edition.

Stanley Tucci explains how his love of food has permeated his life and career

Actor Stanley Tucci joined Tom Power to discuss his intimate new memoir, Taste: My Life Through Food, filled with anecdotes about his experiences in and out of the kitchen.

Q's weekly wrap-up: here are the events that have united or divided the culture

Rapper Rollie Pemberton, theatre critic Karen Fricker and comedian John Cullen joined guest host Talia Schlanger to unpack a week's worth of culture news and controversies.

David Cronenberg on Crimes of the Future and why he sees body horror as 'the body beautiful'

Canadian director David Cronenberg has never been afraid to challenge his audience with grotesque or graphic themes. But behind every scene are deeper questions about the human condition. In an interview with Q’s Tom Power, he spoke about his latest project, Crimes of the Future.

Thursday, Aug. 4, 2022: Bernie Taupin, Jeff Lemire and more

Today on Q with guest host Ali Hassan: songwriter Bernie Taupin, Todd Mayfield tells his father Curtis Mayfield's story, comic book writer and artist Jeff Lemire

Elton John's co-writer Bernie Taupin on 50 years of hits and what their 'perfect song' is

Songwriter Bernie Taupin looks back on 50 years of working with Elton John, and talks about some of his favourite songs off their two new tribute albums.

Todd Mayfield tells his father's story in new biography Traveling Soul

The life of soul music icon Curtis Mayfield is told through the words of his son.

Sweet Tooth creator Jeff Lemire on seeing his comic book series adapted for Netflix

The Canadian artist spoke with guest host Ali Hassan about seeing his acclaimed comic book series Sweet Tooth come to life in a new live-action show.

Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2022: Penn Jillette, Tenille Townes and more

Today on Q with guest host Gill Deacon: magician Penn Jillette, singer-songwriter Tenille Townes, Beyoncé panel with DJ 4Korners and A. Harmony.

Magician Penn Jillette on why he often reveals the secrets behind his tricks

Penn Jillette of the iconic magic duo Penn and Teller spoke with Tom Power about his four-decade career and what it was like having Donald Trump play his "pretend boss" on TV.

Tenille Townes on her new album and getting surprised by Keith Urban

The Canadian country star joined Tom Power to talk about her wild successes, making it in the U.S. and her latest album, The Lemonade Stand.

How Beyoncé's new album Renaissance ranks against her previous work

DJ 4Korners and music journalist A. Harmony joined guest host Gill Deacon to discuss Beyoncé's latest release and the controversies surrounding it.

Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2022: Jully Black, Clarke Peters and more

Today on Q with guest host Talia Schlanger: singer-songwriter Jully Black, actor Clarke Peters, singer-songwriter Bettye LaVette, video game researcher Stephanie Fisher.

How Jully Black's childhood church and her mom shaped the singer she is today

Ahead of her induction to Canada's Walk of Fame, the singer-songwriter joined Tom Power to look back on her journey in music.

Clarke Peters on Spike Lee's new Vietnam War film, and how little has changed for African Americans

Da 5 Bloods exposes the racism Black soldiers faced in the military — and back home.

How U of T Mississauga's massive video game collection could inspire more diversity in the video game industry

Video game researcher Stephanie Fisher joined guest host Talia Schlanger to discuss the University of Toronto Mississauga's Syd Bolton Collection, which includes 14,000 video games.

Soul singer Bettye LaVette on Blackbirds — a compilation of songs made famous by Black women

The singer-songwriter joined Tom Power to reflect on her career and her latest album, Blackbirds.

Monday, Aug. 1, 2022: Kenny G, Nicholas Braun and more

Today on Q with Tom Power: saxophonist Kenny G, actor Nicholas Braun, poet Dionne Brand.

Friday, July 29, 2022: Neil Gaiman, Ngozi Paul and more

Today on Q with guest host Talia Schlanger: writer Neil Gaiman, actor and producer Ngozi Paul, soca artist Alison Hinds, weekly wrap-up panel with Rollie Pemberton, Karen Fricker and John Cullen.

Neil Gaiman on adapting The Sandman for Netflix — and why it would have made a terrible movie

The British writer spoke with guest host Talia Schlanger about the challenges of adapting his epic comic book series for the screen and why television was the only way to do it properly.

Ngozi Paul on CBC's FreeUp! Emancipation Day special

The Canadian actor, writer, director and producer spoke with guest host Talia Schlanger about her latest project, a TV special that tells the story of Emancipation Day through dance, theatre and music.