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Monday, May 20, 2019: Geddy Lee, Yeardley Smith and more

Today on q: musician Geddy Lee of Rush, Lisa Simpson voice actor Yeardley Smith, Syrian clarinetist Kinan Azmeh.

Carly Rae Jepsen on her new album Dedicated and why she's 'obsessed' with love

Canadian pop star Carly Rae Jepsen joins Tom Power in the q studio to shed some light on the songwriting process, her brand new album, Dedicated, and the lasting legacy of her very first breakout hit, Call Me Maybe.

Lisa Loeb brings the '90s to the q studio and performs Stay (I Missed You)

On the heels of our brief oral history of Lisa Loeb's '90s hit Stay (I Missed You) off the Reality Bites soundtrack, the singer joins Tom Power for a chat and live performance in the q studio.

Friday, May 17, 2019: Carly Rae Jepsen, Lisa Loeb and more from Nunavut

Today on q: singer-songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen, q This with Lisa Christiansen and A. Harmony, Juno-nominated band The Jerry Cans, singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb.

Will Britney Spears ever perform again?

After calling off her Las Vegas residency earlier this year, Spears' longtime manager has suggested that she might never perform again. Fans allege that the star is being held under a conservatorship against her will.

The Jerry Cans on the importance of Northern artists supporting each other

The Jerry Cans have become synonymous with Nunavut music and have helped pave the way for many other artists in their community. Lead throat singer, Nancy Mike, joined Tom Power on stage at our q live in Iqaluit show to tell us more.

Thursday, May 16, 2019: Dan Aykroyd, Ahmed Best (Jar Jar Binks) and more from Nunavut

Today on q: actor Dan Aykroyd, actor Ahmed Best on his post-Jar Jar Binks life, librettist Yvette Nolan and composer Dean Burry from the opera Shanawdithit, musician Josh Qaumariaq of Josh Q and the Trade-Offs.

Dan Aykroyd on the Tragically Hip, the blues, ghosts and the Caesar

The Kingston native also gives some advice to Hip, a band he holds "in great reverence."

A new opera shines a light on a story misrepresented by history, based on drawings made by Shanawdithit

Roughly 200 years ago, a young Indigenous woman named Shanawdithit watched as European settlers forced her community out of their homes. Composer Dean Burry and librettist Yvette Nolan talk about using opera to keep the story of Shanawdithit alive.

Josh Q and the Trade-Offs bring the sound of Arctic soul to q

Josh Qaumariaq has become something of a musical hero in Nunavut. He and his band the Trade-Offs performed on stage at our q live in Iqaluit show.

Actor Ahmed Best on life after Jar Jar Binks

Best still feels connected to the role of Jar Jar Binks, which he performed 20 years ago, not only because it was a performance that he really cared about, but because the backlash created a low-point in his life that he had to endure.

Women still getting left behind in Canadian film and TV biz: study

Women are making strides in some areas, but Indigenous women and women of colour are woefully underrepresented.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019: FXCKMR, Bashar Murad and more from Nunavut

Today on q: rapper FXCKMR, folk musician Aasiva, q online columnist Elamin Abdelmahmoud, actor Rob Ostlere (the first person to die on Game of Thrones), singer-songwriter Bashar Murad.

Meet Rob Ostlere, the very first person to die on Game of Thrones

Rob Ostlere was fresh out of drama school when he landed a part in the show's pilot. But little did he know his six minutes of screen time would have such an impact on his life.

Inuk rapper FXCKMR tackles Nunavut suicide crisis through music

The young artist experienced depression and anxiety — but everything changed when he began rapping.

How has hiding likes on Instagram affected Canadians so far?

Elamin Abdelmahmoud is Buzzfeed's social media editor and q's online columnist. Every week, he brings us up to speed on the big headlines taking over the internet right now.

Nunavut musician Aasiva on falling in love with the ukulele and where it's taken her

Aasiva's self-titled debut album has been nominated for two Indigenous Music Awards this year.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019: Cathy Guisewite, Russell Thomas and more

Today on q: author and cartoonist Cathy Guisewite, throat singer and electronic music artist​​​​​​​ Riit, fashion designer Victoria Kakuktinniq, operatic tenor Russell Thomas.

Cathy Guisewite on her popular comic strip Cathy and why it's just as relevant now as it was in 1976

When the comic strip Cathy was first published in 1976, it was groundbreakingly feminist. Guisewite, the creator of the comic, explains why she thinks the pressures on women today make the comic just as relevant in 2019.

Inuk artist Riit finds the perfect mix of traditional throat singing and electronic dance music

Riit is a talented throat singer from Pangnirtung, Nunavut who now calls Iqaluit home. She's gearing up to release her debut album, which is filled with pop lyrics in Inuktitut, throat singing and even field recordings captured from around Nunavut.

Meet Victoria Kakuktinniq, the Iqaluit-based designer with her finger on the pulse of Northern fashion

From q live in Iqaluit, designer Victoria Kakuktinniq discusses how she's able to blend modern ideas with traditional Inuit techniques in fashion.

Tenor Russell Thomas on diversity and blackface in opera

Acclaimed operatic tenor Russell Thomas shares his perspective on why banning blackface won't get at the root issues of opera's lack of diversity.

Monday, May 13, 2019: Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory, Jon Bryant and more

Today on q: q live in Iqaluit, screen panel with Tina Hassannia and Eli Glasner, singer-songwriter Jon Bryant.

q live in Iqaluit | Day one: Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory, Peter Autut and more

This week on q, we're featuring some of the best music and art from Iqaluit. Today, hear from the Inuksuk Drum Dancers, performance artist Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory, Juno-nominated band The Jerry Cans and comedian Peter Autut.

What does the end of The Big Bang Theory mean for the TV landscape?

The q screen panel discusses the impact of The Big Bang Theory and what it means for the television landscape now that it's ending.