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Thursday, Aug. 11, 2022: Ryan Reynolds & Shawn Levy, Gabriel Byrne, Cindy Campbell & Davey D

Today on Q with Tom Power: actor Ryan Reynolds and director Shawn Levy, actor Gabriel Byrne, Cindy Campbell and music journalist Davey D.

Ryan Reynolds and director Shawn Levy reflect on Canada's role in guiding them through life and comedy

Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy may be Canada’s latest power duo. The Vancouver-born actor and Montreal-born director joined Q’s Tom Power to discuss their Canadian roots and their first project together — a new action-comedy called Free Guy.

DJ Kool Herc & the birth of hip hop: Cindy Campbell on her legendary party and Davey D on Herc's impact

Cindy Campbell goes back 49 years to a party she threw in the Bronx where her brother, DJ Kool Herc, created a sound now known as hip hop. She and her brother are now auctioning off personal items from that pivotal time. Plus, hip hop journalist Davey D reflects on DJ Kool Herc's incredible impact on music.

Gabriel Byrne faces his own mortality in Death of a Ladies' Man, inspired by Leonard Cohen

The actor joined Tom Power to tell us what drew him to his latest film, what Cohen’s music means to him, and why confronting death in film and in life has become easier over the years.

Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2022: William Shatner, Mickey Guyton and more

Today on Q with Tom Power: actor William Shatner, country singer Mickey Guyton, screen panel with Lisa Macabasco and Grace Onasanya, artist Ekow Nimako.

'Getting older is terrifying': William Shatner on turning 90, loneliness and what keeps him going

William Shatner just turned 90, but he hasn’t slowed down yet. In a conversation with Q’s Tom Power, the Canadian-born actor discussed his new rom-com, Senior Moment, which led to an honest reflection on aging and death.

Mickey Guyton on her debut album and the lack of diversity in country music's writing rooms

With the release of her debut album, Remember Her Name, country singer Mickey Guyton joined Tom Power to talk about her music and how she's opening new doors.

Spoiler-free review of The Bear, one of the most talked about shows of the summer

Our screen panellists Lisa Macabasco and Grace Onasanya joined Tom Power to break down The Bear, which combines a dynamite cast and a compellingly raw look into the chaos of restaurant kitchens.

How artist Ekow Nimako uses Lego to imagine new monuments for Black youth

Toronto-based artist Ekow Nimako explains how he uses Lego to create powerful works of art.

Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2022: Reba McEntire, Swamp Dogg and more

Today on Q with Tom Power: country singer Reba McEntire, musicians Amy Sky and Marc Jordan on Olivia Newton-John, actor Didi Conn, cultural commentator Thomas Leblanc, songwriter and producer Swamp Dogg.

Reba McEntire looks back on her hit album Rumor Has It

On the 30th anniversary of Rumor Has It, Reba McEntire joined Tom Power to reflect on her long and successful career in country music.

Amy Sky and Marc Jordan remember the late Olivia Newton-John

Musicians Amy Sky and Marc Jordan joined Tom Power to share their memories of working with the Grease star, who died on Monday.

Grease at 40: Didi Conn presents an oral history of the classic musical film

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Grease, actor Didi Conn, who played Frenchy, joined us to reminisce about all the great times she had on set with her fellow castmates.

Unpacking the controversy surrounding the film Arlette!

Cultural commentator Thomas Leblanc spoke with Tom Power about Arlette!, a buzzy and controversial new French Canadian film that marks the return of actor Maripier Morin to the spotlight following a sexual misconduct scandal.

Psychedelic soul legend Swamp Dogg on LSD, Nashville and John Prine

Swamp Dogg knows the music industry from almost every perspective. The singer, songwriter, producer and A&R man joined Tom Power to reflect on his career in music.

Monday, Aug. 8, 2022: Michael Schur, Nemahsis

Today on Q with Tom Power: TV writer and producer Michael Schur, singer-songwriter Nemahsis.

Michael Schur on his literary debut and why comedians are uniquely suited to teaching philosophy

In Michael Schur’s new book, How to Be Perfect, the TV writer and producer distills everything he’s learned about moral philosophy into words anyone can understand. He joined Q’s Tom Power to explain how the book makes ethical quandaries funny and accessible for all.

Nemahsis is looking to empower other women with her music

Growing up in a conservative Muslim household, Nemahsis had to hide her passion for music from her father. Now, that's all changed. The Canadian singer-songwriter joined Tom Power to discuss her debut EP, Eleven Achers.

Friday, Aug. 5, 2022: Kylie Minogue, Stanley Tucci and more

Today on Q with guest host Ali Hassan: singer-songwriter Kylie Minogue, actor Stanley Tucci, weekly wrap-up panel with Mastermind, Drew Magary and Teri Hart

Kylie Minogue on her life-changing battle with cancer, career and her new album

In an interview with Tom Power, the Australian singer opened up about her biggest hits, her battle with breast cancer and her new album, Disco: Guest List Edition.

Stanley Tucci explains how his love of food has permeated his life and career

Actor Stanley Tucci joined Tom Power to discuss his intimate new memoir, Taste: My Life Through Food, filled with anecdotes about his experiences in and out of the kitchen.

Q's weekly wrap-up: here are the events that have united or divided the culture

Rapper Rollie Pemberton, theatre critic Karen Fricker and comedian John Cullen joined guest host Talia Schlanger to unpack a week's worth of culture news and controversies.

David Cronenberg on Crimes of the Future and why he sees body horror as 'the body beautiful'

Canadian director David Cronenberg has never been afraid to challenge his audience with grotesque or graphic themes. But behind every scene are deeper questions about the human condition. In an interview with Q’s Tom Power, he spoke about his latest project, Crimes of the Future.

Thursday, Aug. 4, 2022: Bernie Taupin, Jeff Lemire and more

Today on Q with guest host Ali Hassan: songwriter Bernie Taupin, Todd Mayfield tells his father Curtis Mayfield's story, comic book writer and artist Jeff Lemire

Elton John's co-writer Bernie Taupin on 50 years of hits and what their 'perfect song' is

Songwriter Bernie Taupin looks back on 50 years of working with Elton John, and talks about some of his favourite songs off their two new tribute albums.