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Monday, November 12, 2018: John Irving, Lennon Stella and more

Today on q: The World According to Garp author John Irving, q screen panel with John Semley and Tina Hassannia, actor and musician Lennon Stella.

Watch 30 years of Stan Lee cameos in 10 minutes

The iconic Marvel Comics co-creator editor passed away at the age of 95

John Irving on why The World According to Garp is more relevant now than he ever imagined

Irving reflects on The World According to Garp 40 years after its release. He sat down with Tom Power to discuss why he believes its themes are still relevant today, despite thinking it would be dated by the time it was released in 1978.
Point of View

An open letter to the many fans of Bohemian Rhapsody from a concerned queer

The Freddie Mercury biopic isn't just inaccurate — its demonization of his sexuality is actively harmful.

Neil Young's Canada

From a town in North Ontario to the Red River Valley, the places, people and sounds that influenced the icon.

After ABC's Nashville, Lennon Stella is ready for a music career of her own

Stella might be best-recognized for playing the daughter of a country music star on Nashville, but she's been immersed in music all throughout her life. Now, at only 19 years old, the Oshawa-raised actor and musician is transitioning into the pop world with a huge new single and debut EP.

Stanley Kubrick's lost script Burning Secret has been found 60 years later — and could be made into a film

The q screen panel discusses a once-lost screenplay Kubrick wrote in 1956. Now it's being auctioned off — but if the film gets made, will the story still resonate 60 years later?

Is this the beginning of an Adam Sandlerssance?

In 100% Fresh, Adam Sandler proves that he can still be funny as well as deliver heartfelt moments.

Friday, November 9, 2018: Elizabeth Reaser, Sharon and Bram and more

Today on q: actor Elizabeth Reaser, q This music panel with Tabassum Siddiqui and Lisa Christiansen, documentary filmmaker Doug Knutson on Hollywood North, children's entertainers Sharon and Bram.

Elizabeth Reaser on how The Haunting of Hill House explores grief and family trauma

Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House is the latest adaptation of Shirley Jackson's classic horror novel. It's being praised for its scares and compelling exploration of a family torn apart by trauma. Actor Elizabeth Reaser talks to Tom Power about her leading role as Shirley Crain on the show and why critics have been calling it This Is Us for horror fans.

Sharon and Bram bid 'skinnamarink adieu' after 40 years

Iconic children's entertainers Sharon Hampson and Bram Morrison are embarking on their farewell tour after four decades of entertaining kids around the world. They drop by the q studio for a very special performance and to reflect on their legacy and memories of founding member Lois Lilienstein.

Inside Canada's forgotten film studio, and its biggest flop

One hundred years ago, the movie-making capital of Canada wasn't Toronto or Vancouver — it was the quiet town of Trenton, Ont. Local documentary maker Doug Knutson charts the rise and fall of a community once known as "Hollywood North."

How much power do pop music superfans have today?

The q This music panel discusses the power superfans (known as “stans”) have in the social media era. Recently, Ariana Grande's fans have gone to extreme lengths to discredit celebrities like Pete Davidson and Kris Wu, as a way of defending the pop singer.

Thursday, November 8, 2018: Isabella Rossellini, Billie Eilish and more

Today on q: actor Isabella Rossellini, singer-songwriter Raghav, guitarist and producer Tom Brenneck on soul singer Charles Bradley, pop star and burgeoning fashion icon Billie Eilish.

This story about Brian Dennehy and his agent is touching, terrifying and hilarious

A former talent agent tweeted out a tale that is truly funnier than fiction, right down to the twist ending.

Pop star Billie Eilish shares her perspective on success, social media and fame

In this rare interview and studio performance, 16-year-old Billie Eilish talks about having the kind of early fame and success that speaks to how stars are made in 2018: billions of streams and video views, and status as a burgeoning fashion icon.

'What else is out there?': Isabella Rossellini on the link between curiosity and joyfulness

In this wide-ranging interview, famed Italian actor Isabella Rossellini talks about her love of farming and why she's gone back to school to learn about animal behaviour.

Raghav on the evolution of his sound and navigating fame on two continents

Raghav burst out of Calgary to have huge success in the U.K. and India, and for the last 10 years he's been navigating that dynamic. After taking some time away from making music, the singer-songwriter talks about his brand new single and an upcoming album.

How Charles Bradley turned pain into powerful soul music

Soul singer Charles Bradley would have turned 70 years old, this week. A year after his death, a posthumous album of his work is being released. Bradley's closest collaborator, guitarist Tom Brenneck, shares his memories of what it was like to work with, write songs with, and just hang out with the "screaming eagle of soul."

15 films that best capture the horrors of war

Paths of Glory, Apocalypse Now and Schindler's List are a few of the films that take a stark look at conflict.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018: Kris Wu, Good Charlotte and more

Today on q: actor and singer Kris Wu, q books columnist Jael Richardson on Giller Prize nominee Eric Dupont, Benji Madden of Good Charlotte, New York Times arts reporter Michael Cooper, Joni Mitchell 75th birthday tribute.

Chinese-Canadian superstar Kris Wu on leaving K-pop behind and breaking into the U.S. hip-hop market

Wu opens up about why he left EXO in 2014, and discusses what he's doing now to fulfill his mission of being the first Chinese rapper to bridge the gap between "the east and the west."

Buffy Sainte-Marie, Dan Mangan and more pay tribute to Joni Mitchell on her 75th birthday

Today is the birthday of one of Canada's most cherished singer-songwriters, Joni Mitchell. We asked a few famous longtime Joni fans to share what her music means to them.

55 Canadian artists reveal their favourite Joni Mitchell song

Today, we celebrate the 75th birthday of one of Canada's greatest songwriters, Joni Mitchell.

Good Charlotte's Benji Madden on how the band made it through the pop-punk boom and bust

Benji Madden of Good Charlotte talks about the band's seventh album, Generation Rx, and how they've managed to stay the course for two decades.