Ice, ice baby! Halifax Oval opens today

Mild weather is expected to bring out crowds of skaters on opening day.

Watch World Cup luge from Lake Placid

Watch live action from the luge World Cup in Lake Placid.

Confederation Bridge toll rises to $47.75 for cars

Cars and SUVs will pay 75 cents more to cross the Confederation Bridge in the new year. Beginning Jan. 1, 2019, it will cost $47.75 for a two-axle vehicle to cross the bridge from P.E.I. to New Brunswick.

Man sentenced for role in series of beatings that ended near graveyard

A man was sentenced Friday for his role in a 2016 series of vicious beatings that only came to an end after the kidnappers' van got stuck in the mud near a graveyard.

Western alienation: Let's be clear, the West didn't pull away until it was pushed away

"The national message, intended or not, seems to be: you are poisoning the earth but send us your billions in oil revenue until we implement policies that will strangle your economy," writes Monte Solberg, a former federal cabinet minister and MP, and staunch Albertan.

Wind, weather and stunning scenery: It's all in our latest audience gallery

Take a break! Email to

CBCNL audience gallery for week of December 10 2018

Enjoy photos from across Newfoundland and Labrador

Researchers only starting to grasp recovery prospects for kids fighting polio-like illness

Rachelle Downton hoped her son Xavier, 4, would take a few steps with a walker for Christmas. That likely won't happen, and doctors say his recovery from a frightening and mysterious ailment may take much longer.

Mikael Kingsbury fights off food poisoning for 51st World Cup victory

Canadian freestyle skier Mikael Kingsbury earned his 51st career World Cup victory on Saturday with a gold medal in moguls in Thaiwoo, China.

As Brexit dominates British politics, who's running the country?

For two years, Britain politicians have been laser-focused on Brexit. Bloomberg reporter Jess Shankleman says that's put a serious dent in their ability to run the country.

Thunder Bay police 'stopped seeing Indigenous people as humans,' says Anishinaabe podcast host

Ryan McMahon says the systemic racism uncovered in a scathing review of the Thunder Bay police force mirrors the stories documented in his new podcast about the city.

Geoengineering to save the planet: The controversial Plan B that could become inevitable

Science writer Jeff Goodell started out as a geoengineering skeptic, worried about fiddling with the planet’s thermostat. 10 years later, amidst growing concern over climate change, he says it will have to be part of the solution.

Power outages across B.C. as windstorm batters South Coast, Vancouver Island

A winter storm warning is also in effect for the Coquihalla Highway and the Fraser Canyon, with up to 15 centimetres of snow and similarly strong winds.

Some residents of fire-damaged highrise to return home

Only some tenants of 251 Donald St. will be able to return to their homes Saturday after the building was damaged in a major fire last week, displacing more than 230 people.

Ford government to recall legislature after Power Workers' Union announces strike action

The Ontario government will recall the legislature on Monday after workers at Ontario's power union filed a notice to strike on Friday.

Truck ditched in Calgary park after nighttime joyride

Tire marks throughout the snow-covered green space show someone’s been taking a joyride up down and all around the community park — including around a small tree and over a small tobogganing hill.

'It's just like A Christmas Story': Northerners recall sticking their tongues to frozen metal

Every winter tongues fall victim to frozen metal objects — whether it's by accident or they're triple-dog dared.

The Ledge: The calm before the (election) storm

Alberta’s political parties are working quietly behind the scenes, organizing and laying the foundations for the next provincial election, that is scheduled to take place between March 1 and May 30.

Can the design of a running shoe help prevent injury? A B.C. researcher says he has the answer

For years, runners have received conflicting advice about what style of running shoe is best for preventing injuries. So a physiotherapist from UBC decided to review the strongest research on the topic. His blunt assessment has reignited one of the fitness world's fiercest debates.

New girls team makes hockey accessible to all at Vancouver high school

With a gear library and no fees, the Sir Charles Tupper Tigers are giving girls who have never played hockey a chance to join a team and hit the ice.

A lump of code: Yukon's Share the Spirit campaign gets some high-tech help

'You are not going to be on the delivery day realizing you are short presents, or that you don't know where someone is, or that someone is in the system twice.'

Lincoln light show dedicated to 4-year-old MaCali Cormier

Dany and Catherine Falle put on a light show every year in front of their Lincoln home to raise money for the Make-a-Wish foundation.

Snow may have arrived long ago, but winter tires are a must as of today in Quebec

It may feel like Quebec has already been through a decade of winter this year, but the day to have your winter tires on has finally arrived.

Canada quietly concludes additional auto talks with Japan

Canada and Japan have agreed to additional trade rules on motor vehicle safety and environmental standards, according to a side letter tabled in the House of Commons Tuesday. The rules take effect with the rest of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal on Dec. 30.

Freezing rain warnings for eastern Ontario, Gatineau

Grab your umbrella, freezing rain and showers are expected this afternoon with a high of 1 C.