Loneliness: Society's silent epidemic | In-Depth

One in five Canadians identify themselves as lonely, something that is more than just a feeling we sometimes have in our lowest moments. It's been described as an epidemic, and some say it is killing us. Feelings of loneliness have been linked to a higher risk for depression, anxiety, dementia, heart disease and diabetes. Ioanna Roumeliotis gives us an in-depth look into this world, and the people who are fighting to escape it.

Corey Hart on stepping away from the spotlight and why he's now making his return

In this career-spanning interview, Corey Hart looks back on his life and achievements. This year, Hart will be inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

Would you watch a stuntman jump a motorcycle over White Rock Pier?

A local promoter says White Rock residents deserve more than a ribbon-cutting ceremony when White Rock Pier reopens. Brooke Colby says a death-defying motorcycle stunt should also be part of the festivities.

Former Waterloo Region chair Ken Seiling on upcoming Ontario municipal review

Ontario has announced a review of municipal governance. Co-chair of the provincial commission looking at municipal structures is former Waterloo Region chair Ken Seiling. He tells CBC Kitchener-Waterloo his experience in local government will position him well to lead and advise in the process.

From 46 to 77 years old, these women are defying age to pursue a figure skating dream

On a whim, a tight-knit squad of adult female figure skaters in Kelowna, B.C., decided to try and compete in the 2018 ISU Adult Figure Skating Competition in Germany. We heard from two of the women about the bond the group formed on the ice, and a journey that was both life-affirming and exhausting.

'That Mr. Kim is a real cutie pie'

A customer leaves a flirtatious online review for the store, praising its cute owner — and Appa engages in the flirty relationship to prove to Umma he's still attractive. Watch now.

Mixed reactions to Gillette's new 'toxic masculinity' ad

Personal grooming company Gillette has drawn a lot of attention for its latest ad campaign, which urges men to take a more active role in fighting toxic masculinity. Critics accuse Gillette of exploiting serious social issues to improve their corporate profile and market share.

Kenyan president says 14 'innocent lives' lost in Nairobi attack

Kenya's security forces have killed the Islamic militants whose assault on a luxury hotel and shopping complex took 14 "innocent lives," the country's president says.

Montreal News Update

News Update from CBC Montreal

Municipal Review | What it might mean for Waterloo region: Karen Redman

The province has announced its anticipated review of Ontario's municipal government system. What could it mean for Waterloo region? CBC News asks Regional Chair Karen Redman.

Bad to the 'bone

Moncton trombonist Kim Conway is attending a conference in Toronto this week organized by the Canadian Women's Brass Collective. Issues discussed will include getting more women to play in a field traditionally dominated by men.

U.S. soldiers among the dead in northern Syria suicide bombing

A blast struck near U.S.-led coalition forces on Wednesday in Syria's northern city of Manbij, kiling at least 16, including American soldiers, according to the Central Command

Sudbury city councillors looking for clarification before voting on motion to halt Kingsway Entertainment District project

The Kingsway Entertainment District was on the agenda at last night's Greater Sudbury city council meeting. A motion was brought forward by councillor Mark Signoretti to halt further development of the site until appeals at the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal were dealt with. Councillors decided to defer the motion wanting clarification on its implications. You can hear some of the debate around the issue.

Call centre stigma

The province's call centre industry is dealing with a labour shortage. Jason Purdy, executive director of ContactNB, says it's getting harder to find people willing to do the work.

Fatal sniper bullet was 'only solution' to end 2004 Union Station standoff, negotiator says

On the morning of Aug. 25, 2004, an armed man with a long history of spousal abuse took a stranger hostage in front of Union Station in downtown Toronto. The gunman had just tried to kill his estranged wife at a nearby food court and was cornered by police in a tense standoff that captivated Canadians and ended with a sniper's bullet.

Catholic school board changes mind, allows book depicting 2 boys kissing back in libraries

Ottawa's English Catholic school board has changed its mind and will put a graphic novel, which has a side story about two boys who are attracted to each other, back on its elementary school library shelves.

Prescription for exercise

A new position paper out this week from the European Association of Preventative Cardiology says that doctors should prescribe exercise to patients with diabetes. Our regular health contributor, Dr. Raj Bhardwaj, gives us his take on this recommendation.

'Unbelievable orange glow' of blood moon set to descend on Alberta's nightsky

An "unbelievable orange glow" is set to descend on Alberta as the moon enters total eclipse on Jan. 20.

Search and rescue equipment theft

Jerry McKenna is the Search Manager with the Ground Search and Rescue team in Miramichi. He gives us an update on the efforts to recoup essential Ground Search and Rescue equipment stolen last fall.

Improve care and quality of life for dementia patients, expert panel urges

An expert panel has released a report outlining the best ways to tackle the growing incidence of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia among Canadians as a basis for a national strategy on the progressive brain diseases.

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British companies warn that Brexit uncertainty is taking an economic toll

Furious companies facing weeks more uncertainty over an ever closer Brexit lashed out at politicians on Wednesday, and warned of chaos at ports and catastrophic job losses if Britain failed to secure a withdrawal deal with the European Union.

NDP puts off winter caucus meeting to focus on Singh's byelection campaign

The NDP has postponed its winter caucus meeting to free up MPs to help leader Jagmeet SIngh campaign in the Burnaby South byelection, CBC News has learned.

Rihanna sues father over use of their surname for business

Rihanna, whose full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, is suing her father and his partner for trademark violations and falsely suggesting their business, Fenty Entertainment, is affiliated with her.

Nanaimo residents raise crime, safety concerns about temporary housing

Since the housing for 80 people opened, residents say they have been finding needles and garbage in the area and there has been an uptick in thefts, trespassing and vandalism.