Northern Ireland police arrest 2 over killing of journalist

Two men have been arrested in connection with the killing of Northern Irish journalist Lyra McKee during a riot in Londonderry on Thursday.

After a zombie budget and the stink of Muskrat Falls, we need a new job description for premier

The first requirement: must be willing not to relocate. A new column from Edward Riche

Laurier researcher aims to improve quality of Ontario's schoolyards, asks students for help

New study asks students, teachers to perform hour-long audit investigating current state of activity and learning opportunities in schoolyards.

This Nova Scotia heirloom was made from the windshield of German warplane

Nova Scotia soldier Isaac Bezanson took a piece of the windshield from a downed German warplane during the Second World War and made a heart-shaped necklace out of it, a family heirloom treasured to this day.

Canada says no to Asian carp as lobster bait

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is throwing cold water on the prospect of importing Asian carp from the United States for use as lobster bait.

The House: Halifax incidents raise questions about racism in Canada

This week on The House, we look ahead to Tuesday's provincial election in Prince Edward Island with two of the party leaders. We also explore racial profiling in Canada with Senator Wanda Bernard. And we ask our In House panel to recap the Alberta election and what to expect in October's federal one.

Toronto staff recommends listing Ontario Place on city's heritage register

The sprawling waterfront attraction "remains a rare and intact Modernist expression of integrated architecture, engineering and landscape architecture that honours and incorporates the natural setting of Lake Ontario," staff writes.

Islanders have bought over $7M worth of pot since legalization

In the first six months of marijuana legalization, P.E.I. Cannabis is reporting sales of $7,077,150. 

Volunteers build friendships with street-involved people one meal at a time

Supper With Strangers is a group of volunteers that meets up twice a month to share a meal with a stranger in hopes of developing friendships.

Here's the juggernaut Ches Crosbie will have to fight like hell to overcome

The PCs won all the byelections after the last general election, but they now face a wall formed by more than two dozen Liberal incumbents, writes John Gushue.

London community eager to help out after major flood at a local art hub

A flood at the TAP Centre for Creativity on Dundas Street prompted a call for help, that was answered by the downtown London community.

Timelapse: Watch an egg transform in a Ukrainian tradition

10-year-old Katia Abramovich-Chabanyuk decorates an egg using hot wax, coloured dyes and an open flame.

Fire watch: Officials have plans to prevent a Notre-Dame blaze on Parliament Hill

With images of Notre-Dame Cathedral engulfed in flames still fresh in people’s minds, officials in Ottawa are assuring Canadians a plan is in place to protect one of this country’s most famous landmarks from a similar tragedy.

Ontario's cannabis plan needs a rethink to curb black market, Chamber of Commerce says

Ontario Chamber of Commerce gives its assessment of state of the province's cannabis business plan in time for first 4/20 since legalization six month ago.

Rural book borrowing in peril as libraries slam PC budget cuts

Rural and small-town libraries in eastern Ontario are bracing for cuts to an organization that helps them provide more books to the public than they can keep on their shelves.

Potential victory by Ukraine's 'Donald Trump' prompts uncertainty

Volodymyr Zelensky has run a substance-free campaign, using the internet and comedy to win over disaffected Ukrainians in his bid for the presidency. But with victory in Sunday's run-off election appearing imminent, many worry about the implications for Ukraine's security.

Flood warnings issued along the Ottawa River

Residents living in parts of eastern Ontario and western Quebec stocked up on sandbags as rain continued to fall across the region.

How French's ketchup took a bite out of Heinz

French's sustained success in Canada is likely due to a combination of ingredients, including continuous free publicity and a Canadian-made ketchup that also offers a taste and price consumers find palatable.

How international pop is capturing the music world

From learning new languages to performing on Saturday Night Live, big name artists from the West and East are breaking the pop music mould in global collaborations.

Criminals banned from social housing could end up on the streets, councillor warns

The Progressive Conservative government's plan to ban convicted criminals from social housing causes almost as many problems as it solves, suggested one Ottawa city councillor.

This is what happens to the e-waste you drop off for recycling

Here's what happens to the electronic items you bring to recycle, and why you can't just throw them in the garbage.
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How a Canadian brought curling to Kosovo — and a spot at its 1st world championship

Canadian Peter Andersen wanted to bring curling to Kosovo when he moved to the small, tumultuous country in 2016. Three years later, he's representing Kosovo at the world mixed doubles curling championship and hoping his beloved sport keeps growing in the country.

Why the P.E.I. Greens may be poised to make Canadian history in Tuesday's election

The P.E.I. Greens have been leading in the polls for more than a year. It’s the first time a third party has been considered a contender on the Island, and there hasn’t been a coalition or a minority government since the 1870s.

The National for April 19, 2019

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Chef Alex Chen of Boulevard Kitchen Oyster Bar gives potatoes the place they deserve

Pomme Anna is a great side for your Easter Meal