'Shameful': Cannabis customers floored by the amount of plastic packing on their pot

For every gram of cannabis sold there can be as much as 70 grams of packaging waste according to some of Canada’s first cannabis customers.

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They can dig it: Meet the other kind of metal heads, who are unearth local history

"Nothing compares to actually holding a piece of history in your hands. A book can't do that."


Arthur Slade's latest epic tale for younger readers is a story about a vengeful queen and a brave young girl.

Walking in the City with Jane

Award-winning author Susan Hughes provides a fictionalized story of the life of Jane Jacobs, one of the world's greatest urban thinkers and activists.

How many will call northern Ontario home in 2058? Population predictions hinge on immigration, climate change

Northern Ontario's population has been shrinking and aging for decades. Some experts predict immigration, technology and climate change will see more move north in the next 40 years.

Election day essentials: Here's how to vote in Ottawa

If you're voting in Ottawa's municipal election today, here's everything you need to know.

Seniors left out of cannabis public health information push

Even though the rate of pot use is growing the fastest among Canadians who are 65 and older, seniors — and their doctors — struggle to find information that addresses their specific health questions.

Monkey skulls, snakeskin boots and bear bile: Morbid items fill Heathrow's 'dead shed'

At first glance, it looks as though you've stumbled into the rumpus room of an eccentric uncle: guitars stuck up on the wall and tiny monkey skulls encased in glass. This is Heathrow Airport's "dead shed," a repository for confiscated items that highlights the massive scale of the global illegal wildlife trade.

Party's over? Legalization could spell the end of the Marijuana Party

Making pot legal could kill the political party that campaigned on the issue for nearly two decades in Canada. But the Marijuana Party is not claiming victory after last week’s historic policy shift.

Liberal government writes off $1.1B US loan to Chrysler, plus interest, docs show

CBC News has learned that the Liberal government has written off a loan made to Chrysler in 2009 to bail out the auto sector. The taxpayer-funded loan has been accruing interest for nine years without payments, and the write-off represents a loss of public funds totalling $2.6 billion.

Why vote today? Because Toronto's future is still TBD

With early voting numbers down from 2014 and John Tory leading the mayor's race, some Toronto residents may see the result of Monday's municipal election as a foregone conclusion. But it's not, Matt Elliott writes.

Homeowners worried about paying down debt as interest rates go up

Many Canadian homeowners are worried about rising interest rates and how they will impact their budget, a new CBC Research survey finds.

Hawkesbury fire department's performance 'substandard' in fatal fire

The performance of the fire department in Hawkesbury, Ont., during a 2012 retirement home fire that killed an elderly couple was "substandard" and "inadequately managed" according to the findings of a police report.

Inquest into botched 911 call begins in Ottawa

An inquest into the September 2014 death of a Casselman, Ont., woman begins today in Ottawa.
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What life is like inside the Okimaw Ohci Healing Lodge housing child killer Terri-Lynne McClintic

Nestled among the rolling hills of southwestern Saskatchewan, supporters say the lodge offers positive rehabilitation programs for female inmates while critics say the facility is far too comfortable for violent offenders.

Man saves 2 people from burning car in Gatineau Park

A Gatineau man helped save two men from a car that was on fire in a ditch in Gatineau Park Friday night.

City rinks difficult to pinpoint in emergencies, mom says

When Hilary Wright's 15-year-old son broke his arm during a hockey game, she couldn't find the arena's address to give the 911 dispatcher. She thinks that should change.

Montreal man's life derailed after mix-up on French test result

Francis Paganini had to give up his job and put his life on hold after being told he'd failed a French-language test which all temporary foreign workers must pass before getting permanent residency in Quebec, when in fact, he had not.
CBC in Georgia

'Jim Crow's last stand': How a heated governor's race in the South became a crusade for voting rights

If she wins her neck-and-neck race for Georgia's governorship, Stacey Abrams will be a pioneer in the "New South." Unless, her supporters say, voter-suppression tactics from the Old South manage to stop her.

These are Ontario's most hotly-contested municipal elections

Municipal elections take place across Ontario on Monday. Voters will choose mayors, reeves and councillors in 444 municipalities in the province.

Why are so many former prohibitionist politicians entering the marijuana bu$ine$$?: Robyn Urback

These were and are enormously powerful people who oversaw the arrest, prosecution and punishment of thousands of Canadians who possessed substances about which they have not only changed their views, but which will now be a money-maker for them.

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