Rediscovered Group of Seven painting will go to highest bidder — for estimated $90K

An oil sketch by A.Y. Jackson was in a Newfoundland and Labrador home for decades, but now this privately owned oil sketch will be sold at auction in Toronto. The rediscovered Group of Seven painting is expected to fetch tens of thousands next week.

'We're talking about our children's lives here': Ontario cuts child and youth advocate

The Ontario government has tabled legislation that will eliminate the Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth. The office has provided a voice for First Nations children and launched investigations into the mistreatment of children and youth while in provincial care.

Man charged after vandalism causes flood at Winnipeg airport

A Nunavut man is facing charges after vandalism to a washroom at Winnipeg’s airport Wednesday started fire sprinklers and led to water flooding through a section of the airport.

Federal government issues permanent postal ban on hate speech publication

A Toronto-based publication widely criticized for disseminating hate speech against minorities, Jews, women and the LGBTQ community has been permanently banned from distribution through Canada Post.

50 years of As It Happens: Stories that will make you learn, laugh and cry

Over the last five decades, As It Happens has been there, bringing you the voices at the heart of the stories that have shaped history — and having a few laughs along the way.

Halifax police officer peeped in motel windows for 'the public good,' says lawyer

Const. George Farmer is charged with voyeurism, breach of trust and trespassing at night in connection with incidents in late 2017. But his lawyer argues it was done for police work in "the public good" and is considered a defence for voyeurism. The prosecution disagrees.

As It Happens anniversary special airs this Friday

We're 50 years old, and we're celebrating with special guests, an As It Happens trivia quiz, stories from listeners — and a few surprises.

Pat Lorje resigns from Montgomery community association board, citing 'racist attitudes'

Former Saskatoon city councillor Pat Lorje resigned from the Montgomery Place Community Association board on Wednesday. She said it was over the "racist attitudes" of some members of the board.

CBC Calgary Food Bank Drive

Join us Dec. 7 - 24 to feed the possibility of a Calgary without hunger.

Residents south of Quesnel frustrated by months-long impassibility of West Fraser Road

Communities south of Quesnel have been cut off from the city since April due to parts of a stretch of West Fraser Road that are eroded or collapsed.

CBC Nova Scotia News November 15, 2018

The only daily TV news package to focus on Nova Scotians and their stories

Carol Off and Jeff Douglas on 'funny ... but not funny' stories

The As It Happens co-hosts discuss what it's like to cover stories that are kind of silly, but also quite serious.

Jeff Douglas, the annoying nephew

This is how As It Happens host Jeff Douglas deals with criticism from listeners.

Take our advice and stay off the ice, say Winnipeg police

Winnipeg Police Service and Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service are reminding Manitobans to stay off that thin ice. Waterways in the city are starting to freeze over.

Comforting a dying soldier

The last thing Cpl. Nathan Cirillo likely heard before he died from a gunshot wound on Parliament Hill on Oct. 22, 2014, was the voice of Barbara Winters telling him he was good, brave and loved. Winters told As It Happens host Carol Off about his final moments.

Ontario PCs slash spending and oversight, unveil tax cut and new LCBO hours in 1st economic plan

Months after Ontario's finance minister said finding fiscal balance will "require everyone to make sacrifices without exception," the public got its first glance at how the government will try to do it.

Radisson – Armpit wax

Jonny takes one for the team and gets his armpits waxed for the first time. Why? Just for the hell of it.

Bombing in Aleppo

When Dr. Muhammad Waseem Maaz was killed in a 2016 airstrike in Aleppo, he was one of the last pediatricians still working inside the war-torn city. "Who will treat those babies?" his friend and colleague Dr. Abdul Aziz said in an interview with AIH host Carol Off.

Inmate confesses to 90 killings; investigators corroborate 30

A man convicted of three California murders and long suspected in numerous other deaths now claims he was involved in about 90 killings nationwide spanning nearly four decades.

Snowy harvest continues for some P.E.I. farmers, for others it's too late

Some farmers are scrambling to get crops harvested with all this wicked weather, but for others it's too late.

Carol Off on emotionally difficult interviews

Carol Off on how she covers distressing stories.

A dramatic rescue

When Georgia firefighter Scott Stroup held his arms open to catch a five-year-old girl dropped from a burning building, he knew that "failure was not an option." (Ben Shannon/CBC Radio)

Saving Boo Boo

This Arkansas family went to great lengths to save Boo Boo the chicken, even performing "the chicken Heimlich" and mouth-to-beak resuscitation. (Ben Shannon/CBC Radio)

Toronto private school didn't report incident of alleged sexual assault, police say

A Catholic boys' private school where a student was allegedly sexually assaulted did not report the incident to the Toronto police, a spokeswoman for the force said Thursday, adding that a criminal investigation was launched only after officers were contacted by the media.

RCMP arrest suspect in 20 gas thefts

A Moncton-area man has been arrested after 20 gas thefts in southeast New Brunswick, police said Thursday.