Series of blasts kill more than 200 at Sri Lankan churches, hotels on Easter Sunday

The death toll from a series of Easter Sunday bombings at churches and hotels in Sri Lanka now exceeds 200, according to police and local media. Seven suspects have been arrested.

Stars beat Predators 5-3

The Dallas Stars beat the Nashville Predators 5-3 on Saturday.

3 injured in Gardiner crash that closed highway for hours

Three people were injured in a crash on the Gardiner Expressway in Etobicoke on Sunday that police say may have been related to a street race.

Blues beat Jets 3-2

The St. Louis Blues beat the Winnipeg Jets 3-2 in Game 6 of their playoff series Saturday night.

Notre Dame unable to host mass in wake of fire

France's yellow vest protesters took to the streets of Paris again Saturday, with some complaining about the huge corporate donations to rebuild fire-ravaged Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Atlantic News Update

News Update from CBC Halifax

Bomb attacks target churches, hotels in Sri Lanka

The death toll from a series of Easter Sunday bombings at churches and hotels in Sri Lanka now exceeds 200, says police.

4 teens dead after car flipped in Miramichi

Four teenagers died in a car accident Saturday night in Miramichi, N.B., after the vehicle they were in left the road and flipped, ending upside down in deep water. 

Winnipeg league promises 'softball for all'

Have you ever wanted to join a softball league, but were too intimidated or worried you weren't athletic enough to play? A new Winnipeg softball league hopes a different approach to the game will make the sport more accessible to everyone who wants to play.

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Not Montrealers

There is a yellow-eyed wolf who makes the rounds of the Montreal Metro, violin in hand, mingling the melodies of Bach and Chopin with the roar of the passing trains. CBC/QWF writer-in-residence Emira Tufo brings you the musician behind the mask.

Kaska elders say 'souga senla' for meal delivery program

'It means a lot to me,' said Hammond Dick, one of dozens of elders in Watson Lake, Yukon, who are receiving weekly deliveries of meals prepared in the local hospital kitchen.

Aberdeen, Sask., bringing roller skating back in style

The mayor of Aberdeen said they had to diversify—so she laced up her roller skates.

You can now borrow a TheMuseum pass at your local library

Kitchener's TheMuseum has partnered with the region's libraries to offer the short-term used of a pass to the downtown museum.

Are Harry and Meghan breaking tradition — or setting trends?

Much has been made of how Prince Harry and Meghan may be breaking with tradition when it comes to the pending arrival of their first child. But the history of royal births is full of different trends coming to the fore.

Jane's Walks Quebec

In honour of Canadian urban planner and activist, Jane Jacobs, citizen-led walking tours look to offer free education and inspiration about our communities and how they function. Next month, in Montreal, Melanie Leavitt brings you to the hidden corners of her Plateau neighborhood -- green alleyways, sustainable food projects and to the landmark sites of the labour movement in the garment industry; starting with the childhood home of her cousin and activist, Lea Roback.

Ancestral Reflections: Samantha Black at the Snelgrove

Three year's ago Samantha Black's partner died, and she's marking the sad anniversary with an art show about loss and grief. Yet Ancestral Reflections also brings the Gordon Snelgrove Gallery alive with colour, sound and life. We'll check in with the artist and curator.

Veterinarian Ted Morris weighs in on vegan, raw and grain free diets for pets.

Canada's new food guide recommends a more plant-based diet for humans. But what about our pets? Our resident vet, Dr Ted Morris, will be here with a look at alternative diets for our pets.

Child suffers severe injuries after ice falls from ice wall at Middle Cove Beach

A seven-year-old is suffering from severe injuries after a large piece of ice broke off the ice wall at Middle Cove Beach and landed on the child.

And what about our pets: can they go meat-less?

AIAW house-vet, Dr. Ted Morris, explains which animals can or can't survive on a vegan or vegetarian diet and the reasons why.

Where will it flood this week? Here's a look at the water level forecast

While Fredericton, Maugerville, Jemseg, Sheffield and Lakeville Corner exceeded the flood stage Saturday, other communities are forecast to reach the flood stage in the next few days. 

Montreal News Update

News Update from CBC Montreal

Taking your yoga beyond the mat

As yoga practice becomes more and more commercialized, instructor Barrie Risman talks about how you can evolve your practice and bring the principles of yoga - and that calm feeling - into your day today.

The post office heist that left bureaucrats with 'hell to pay'

There was no alarm system and the thieves walked right in the back door.

Troops arrive in Quebec communities most vulnerable to flooding

Spring floods around Quebec have forced the evacuation of around 900 people, and around 600 Canadian Forces troops are being deployed to the most vulnerable areas.

Last-play Landry: Canada wins Japan 7s title in thrilling finish

A thrilling end to the Cup final at the HSBC Women's Sevens Series event in Kitakyushu, Japan will see an undefeated Canadian squad come home with the trophy. Captain Ghislaine Landry scored the winning try on the final play of the match and added the conversion to seal the 7-5 victory over England.