Extreme cold leads to many Ottawa-area school bus cancellations

It's too cold for school buses to take students to many schools surrounding Ottawa, but there aren't yet any cancellations in the city.

School buses cancelled for West Nipissing, North Bay, Mattawa, Parry Sound

School buses have been cancelled for several areas in the Sudbury region, including West Nipissing, North Bay, Mattawa and Parry Sound due to extreme cold

Everything you need to know about Don Shirley, the subject of Oscar contender Green Book

The controversial film starring Mahershala Ali tells the story of a classical and jazz prodigy and his unlikely friendship with his driver.

Disguised meth slips into Nova Scotia, seducing drug users

Methamphetamine, a powerful and highly addictive stimulant, is sneaking into Nova Scotia disguised as another street drug. After being tricked into taking it, people in northern Nova Scotia have developed a taste for meth.

'We were the first'; Moose Jaw, Norway just battling for 2nd says Ontario home of the original largest moose

Dryden's Max the Moose was built in 1962, around two decades before Mac the Moose in Moose Jaw. Residents of the small town say they know theirs is the best and most lifelike.

'Just do something': Cancer patient implores Winnipeg health authority to upgrade outdated chemotherapy pumps

Infusion pumps bring crucial cancer-fighting chemicals into the bloodstream and are used by hundreds of patients daily in Manitoba, but for various reasons, the province is lagging behind the rest of the country when it comes to adopting new "smart pump" technology.

Trial begins for man accused of killing Winnipeg Transit driver Irvine 'Jubal' Fraser

The killing of Winnipeg bus driver Irvine "Jubal" Fraser nearly two years ago shocked the city and sparked demands for widespread changes to improve security on Winnipeg Transit. On Monday, the trial begins for the man charged with murdering the driver just as he finished his nightly route.

Learning to live after a loss of faith: why some may back away from religion

During the last national household survey (NHS) in 2011, Saskatchewan had 246,305 residents who identified as having no religious affiliation, which was more than 23 per cent of the provincial population for that year. That's a significant jump from the 2001 NHS, when just under 16 per cent said they had no religious affiliation.

'They completely abandoned me': Winnipegger left to sort things out after Sunwing accidentally rips passport

A Winnipeg man says he's being forced to find a way out of Cuba after a Sunwing Vacations agent accidentally ripped his passport and left him alone to deal with it.

'I didn't provide Botox — my wife did': B.C. man denies allegations of illegal practice

The B.C. College of Physicians and Surgeons is asking the courts to step in and order a Coquitlam man to stop injecting Botox and calling himself a doctor.

Groups seeking answers about student fees at post-secondary schools

Many student groups are concerned about recent provincial changes to post-secondary affordability, including what it will mean to have students opt-out of student fees.

6 tips to reduce food waste and save on your grocery bill

Food blogger Barbara Mayhew and chef Lucy B. Morrow share their tips for avoiding food waste, thus saving money.

Windsor News Update

News Update from CBC Windsor

London's weather, traffic and gas prices for Monday

London's weather, traffic and gas prices for Monday, January 21

School buses cancelled for West Nipissing, North Bay, Mattawa, Parry Sound

School bus cancellations for Monday, Jan. 21, 2019

The storm of the century may be over, but the frostbite risk persists in Montreal

The City of Montreal's snow clearing operations were in full swing Sunday with the snow removal to start at 7 p.m., Monday, according to city spokesperson Philippe Sabourin.

Toronto News Update

News Update from CBC Toronto

Ottawa remains snared in winter's cold, cruel embrace

Today's forecast calls for a high of only –17 C and winds that will make conditions feel at cold as -38 this morning.

Montreal News Update

News Update from CBC Montreal

Flash freeze warning closes schools

A flash freeze warning in the wake of a winter storm Sunday has closed public schools on P.E.I. Monday.

Nuclear fusion, a disruptive power source for crowded cities: Don Pittis

Holy grail of power generation, commercial nuclear fusion could be "a decade away" creating a new disruption not just for fossil fuels but for traditional carbon free energy systems.

Extreme cold brings school bus cancellations in Durham, central Ontario

Durham District School Board and the Durham Catholic District School Board are cancelling all school buses for Monday, though schools remain open.

Major winter storms causes power outages and school closures

A major winter storm that swept through Ontario, Quebec and parts of the Maritimes is pushing through New Brunswick with a frigid mass of snow or rain that has put parts of the province under a flash freeze warning. Electricity is out in some areas and school buses cancelled.

Indigenous peoples courts: How they can help offenders

An Indigenous peoples court is a new concept for Ottawa, but experts say they are key to steering Indigenous offenders onto a path of rehabilitation.

TD Bank should have seen 'red flags' as senior lost $732K in romance scam, son says

The son of an Ontario senior who drained his life savings and racked up massive debt in a matter of a few months says TD Bank didn't do enough to stop his father from being victimized in an online romance scam. The bank says staff asked the necessary questions and followed "rigorous processes."