Blue Bombers earn road win over Lions

Drew Wolitarsky reeled in a pair of touchdowns Saturday, helping his Winnipeg Blue Bombers to a 33-23 road victory over the B.C. Lions.

Watch women's World Rugby Sevens in Biarritz

Watch action from the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series event in Biarritz, France.

Brandon Rutley explodes for 108 yard kickoff return, Lions lose opener to Winnipeg

Brandon Rutley popped off for a 108 yard kickoff return, but it wasn't enough for the BC Lions who lost 33-23 to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Redblacks edge Stampeders in Grey Cup rematch

The Ottawa Redblacks came from behind to beat the Calgary Stampeders 32-28 in the season-opener for both football teams Saturday.

Canada tops New Zealand, qualifies for round of 16

Jessie Fleming and Nichelle Prince scored second-half goals as Canada moved into the round of 16 at the Women's World Cup with a 2-0 win over New Zealand on Saturday.

'It wasn't fear-mongering': Doctor speaks out following leaked memo on capacity at St Boniface hospital ER

The ER doctor who flagged concerns about the capacity at St. Boniface hospital's emergency department is speaking out, saying the health authority is downplaying the severity of the situation.

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Game Wrap: Redblacks pull off comeback win in Grey Cup rematch to open season

The Ottawa Redblacks took their first lead late in the fourth quarter to take a 32-28 decision over the Calgary Stampeders to open their season with a win.

How some small businesses are ditching plastic

Some B.C., businesses were already making the move away from single-use plastics before there was talk of a nationwide plastic ban.

Canada opens Gold Cup with easy shutout win over Martinique

Jonathan David scored twice in his Gold Cup debut, helping Canada to a 4-0 win over Martinique in the Group A opener at the Rose Bowl on Saturday in Pasadena, Calif.

Repatriation: Bringing ancestral artifacts and remains home

To repatriate something is to return it to its place of origin, to give it back to the nation and the people from which it came. This week on Unreserved, we explore how communities go about bringing items back to their home.

How a bipolar manic episode almost led this man to abandon his life to take up a 'divine mission'

Mathieu Arsenault was working as a TV editor in Montreal and expecting a second child with his girlfriend, Alix. Then one day, Arsenault abandoned it all after a voice in his head told him to head to San Francisco to start a spiritual revolution.

Award-winning poet Raymond Antrobus on hearing, seeing and grieving through verse

The British-Jamaican poet spoke to Eleanor Wachtel about his prize-winning new collection, The Perseverance, which explores his complicated relationship with his late father and his experience growing up deaf.

PhD student draws from Ojibway roots to decolonize fashion

Riley Kucheran’s work, shadowing Cree-Métis luxury designer Angela DeMontigny and studying the differences between the Western fashion industry and the Indigenous industry, earned him a 2019 Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship.

How one museum is repatriating Indigenous belongings

When Lou-ann Ika'wega Neel moved from Alert Bay to Victoria at the age of seven, she started visiting the Royal B.C. Museum because it made her feel at home. The museum even houses some of her family's belongings. Today, Neel works at the museum as a repatriation specialist.

Real Rent Duwamish allows residents of Seattle to pay rent to Duwamish Tribe

The Duwamish Tribe isn't recognized by the United States government as the original inhabitants of Seattle. So the Coalition of Anti-Racist Whites started Real Rent Duwamish, a campaign for Seattleites to — at least financially — give back to the tribe.

Best of Atlantic Voice - Changing Trains

Today on The Best of Atlantic Voice, an award winning documentary called Changing Trains from Sarah Keveney-Vos. Changing Trains tells the story of a mother from Charlottetown, forced to face her deepest fear about having a child with Down's Syndrome.

We need to listen openly to everyone, even if we abhor their views, says Irshad Manji

Author Irshad Manji argues adversarial behaviour towards people you disagree with holds back social progress. “When you are willing to hear, you in turn are more likely to be heard. And that is the simple, iron-clad law of human psychology.”

Mistaken Identities

Operas are full of plots about mistaken identities - the heroine thinks she's canoodling with her boyfriend, but it's really his evil twin, for instance. It happens in real life, too. So in this Backstage episode Ben considers stories and music of what happens when what you see is not necessarily what you get.


My Playlist explores the whys and wherefores behind the lives of some of Canada's finest musicians from a variety of musical genres -- Elisapie - the Juno award-winning singer, songwriter and filmmaker certainly knows how to use her art to channel the Indigenous spirit of resistance and reclamation. Elisapie is truly a “triple threat”: not only is she fluent in Inuktituk, English and French… she can write, produce and sing. She certainly utilizes her talents to celebrate the pride she has in her culture. In her music, Elisapie always has something to say about love and loss and finding your true self in the middle of an ever-changing world. Her songwriting is rooted in folk with shimmers of pop and rock. It has a directness and vulnerability that is both surefooted and flying without a net. Take a listen to a playlist of music that inspires Elisapie.

Reconnecting with those left behind

Author Irshad Manji argues adversarial behaviour towards people you disagree with holds back social progress. “When you are willing to hear, you in turn are more likely to be heard. And that is the simple, iron-clad law of human psychology.” How do you ask for forgiveness after you abandon everything? Mathieu Arsenault, a filmmaker who suffers from bipolar disorder, is trying to answer that question after a manic episode sent him from his family in Quebec to quixotic quest in California.

'Live action could never have created these worlds': Amanda Strong on her latest film, Biidaaban

How Leanne Betasamosake Simpson's writing inspired a story of magic and resistance. Watch Biidaaban (The Dawn Comes) on CBC Gem.

Several Raptors players, coaches, staff return to Toronto for the first time since historic win

Several Raptors players, as well as coaches and staff, returned to Toronto Saturday evening — and fans were ready for them. 

Watch as several Raptors players, coaches, and staff touch down in the 6ix for the first time since the NBA Finals win

Marc Gasol, Fred VanVleet, and Pascal Siakam were among players to emerge from a Delta plane that landed at Toronto's Pearson International Airport Saturday evening.

Dwayne's Home operator worried about future with building up for sale

The future of an Edmonton transitional housing facility Edmonton is up in the air after a for sale sign turned up in front of the building this week.