It was a point for Kevin Morrison, a pro career for Wayne Gretzky

Today is the 40th anniversary of Wayne Gretzky's first goal in professional hockey. Other than the Great One, there's likely no one who will celebrate the day more than Kevin Morrison of Sydney, N.S.

Choreographer of Temptations musical says teacher in Toronto first noticed his talent

The choreographer of a new musical about The Temptations now playing in Toronto says it was a chemistry teacher at a North York high school who first noticed his talent for dance.

Yarmouth solid waste authority seeks to expand asbestos burial site

The demolition or renovation of large buildings in the Yarmouth area is leading to a rise in the amount of asbestos that must be disposed of.

Dalhousie's robotic sailboat meets uncertain fate in transatlantic race

The SeaLeon began its journey across the Atlantic Ocean on July 30. All was going swimmingly — until it took an unexpected detour.

How Ward 7 candidates plan to campaign in the final days

Four candidates have a few final days to convince voters they're the right choice.

Oh, to have been a fly in the air when Pam Parsons and Dale Kirby smoked a joint

It turns out one of the unexpected cannabis stories this week played out two years before legalization.

Northern food security program has 'lost its way,' says LeBlanc

Intergovernmental and Northern Affairs Minister Minister Dominic LeBlanc is promising changes to the federal government’s northern food security subsidy program in the coming weeks, acknowledging that Nutrition North has “lost its way.”

Canada's new steel tariffs will 'kill businesses' in push to please U.S., lawyers warn

Canada's embrace of American-style protectionist measures to prop up domestic steelmakers is set to increase costs for consumers and secondary manufacturers - assuming they can even find steel to purchase amid current shortages. It's also offending key trading partners, most notably Mexico.

'They're wrong': Freeland rejects claim USMCA ties Canada's hands on trade

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland says that anyone who thinks the new trilateral North American trade agreement limits Canada's trade sovereignty is misguided.

New tool predicts when long-term care patients will die

Researchers in Ottawa have come up with a tool to both predict how much time patients in long-term care have left, and to kick-start the important conversations that need to take place before they die.

Mayor Watson vs. Mayor Doucet: What would you get?

Watson is proposing almost exactly what's been on offer for the last four years. Doucet's policy and persona add up to across-the-board change. So which will voters choose?

'You feel like you're drowning': Why YouTube content creators are burning out

As the Streamy Awards approach, Canadian YouTube stars are going public about the pressures of the platform.

Clean your bong, pass it along and other expert tips on cannabis etiquette

Emily Post might not have been thinking about cannabis when she wrote down the rules of etiquette, but that doesn't mean you should throw manners to the wind if you dabble in legal weed.

How compassion club founder Hilary Black changed the course of cannabis law in Canada

Hilary Black started out distributing cannabis in Vancouver with a mountain bike and a backpack stuffed with joints. Since then, she's helped set the blueprint for medical cannabis distribution and advocated for legislation in front of a Senate committee.

How Iran is using 'ghost ships' to flout Donald Trump's oil sanctions

It sounds like something out of a pirate story, but the normally staid world of international trade has been beset by a flotilla of ghost ships in recent weeks, and they're weighed down by several million barrels of trouble for U.S. foreign policy.

Windsor council hopefuls take lessons from a previous loss

A pair of candidates explain how they're not going to let previous losses hold them back.

Look up, way up! It's International Observe the Moon Night Saturday

Though it's our nearest celestial neighbour, we take the moon for granted. However, this weekend, you’re encouraged to bundle up, step outside and look up for International Observe the Moon Night.

Saturday will be gusty and wet

Expect some gusts up to 40 km/h, and some scattered showers in the morning.

London Public Library introduces Netflix-like movie streaming service

Move over Netflix, there’s a new kid in town. Kanopy, a popular on-demand film streaming service, is now available for free through the London Public Library.

Montreal all-girls school honours missing and murdered Indigenous women with dress project

Inspired by the REDress Project, students at Trafalgar School for Girls created paper dresses to raise awareness across their school's community about missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

Brockville residents on edge as youth gang wreaks havoc

A series of assaults, as well as the mysterious death of a 33-year-old man in Brockville, Ont., have residents and police increasingly concerned about a group of youths calling themselves the "Burr Gang."

U.S. on guard against rise in illegal border crossings as Canada rejects asylum claims

American border agents are increasingly concerned about the northern boundary with Canada, saying the number of people entering the U.S. through back roads, forests and even across rivers, while still relatively small, is rising.

(Live at 11:00 am ET) Canad Inns Women’s Curling Classic on CBC - Portage la Prairie

From the Portage Curling Club in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada

Interactive map: Fraser Valley marks 11th targeted killing in last 6 months

An unidentified male gunned down in front of an Abbotsford bank is the latest victim.

Julia Kwan's "The Zoo" animated short a tribute to an aging bear and Chinatown

NFB animated short showing parallels to Stanley Park polar bear and seniors in our city