Guelph Hydro shares new details about 'sophisticated' phone scam

Alectra Uitilities says customers are receiving calls about overdue accounts, in "sophisticated" phone scam.

Jag Hotel expansion plans a 'calculated risk,' says John Steele

Steele has plans to expand in downtown St. John's, and to build a new hotel in Halifax.

Toronto to get about 5 cm of snow Monday morning

A special weather statement for Toronto ended early Monday as snow continued to fall on the city, with Environment Canada dialling back snowfall predictions for the Family Day holiday.

Snow days adding up for P.E.I. students

P.E.I. students have already had nine days off school due to bad weather this winter, and there's plenty of winter left.
CBC in Haiti

Haitian government promises 'return to normal life' as isolated protests in capital continue

The Haitian government has asked the country's citizens to return to normal activities on Monday after 11 days of anti-government riots that have shut down everything from schools and grocery stores to the supply of essentials such as water and fuel, CBC reports from Port-au-Prince.

Your horoscope for the week ahead: An energetic boost will fuel your drive and clear what blocks your path

You’re going to like the changes that are coming your way.

Independent bookstores on P.E.I. and in Atlantic provinces thriving

For years, it was thought the bookselling industry was in decline with the arrival of e-readers and e-books but it turns out not only are independent bookstores across Atlantic Canada alive and well — but some of them are even growing.

Indigenous rapper challenges men to 'step up' for the women in their lives

Jeremiah Manitopiyas, a.k.a. Drezus, and his partner are an Indigenous couple trying to break inter-generational cycles of alcoholism and absentee parents for the sake of themselves and their baby son.
Point of View

'Hero,' 'traitor' or 'it's complicated?' When it comes to Louis Riel, labels matter

One hundred and fifty years ago this year, Louis Riel took one small step for the Métis and created one giant, complicated leap for his legacy. Since then, his story has not stopped evolving — and neither have the labels we’ve assigned to him.

Trucking in meth: How smugglers sneak the destructive drug into Winnipeg

Before their arrest last October, police allege Allan Rodney and Shontal Vaupotic were smugglers. The truck they drove and the road they travelled for a major Western Canadian drug trafficking operation were their conduit to a highly addictive drug Winnipeggers are importing in droves.

How the 1958 Iraq revolution shaped this man's relationship with his father

Guest host Yassin (Narcy) Alsalman's grandfather was forced to flee Iraq after the country's last king was executed in the 1958 revolution. Here's why he left his son behind.

London's weather, traffic and gas prices for Monday

London's weather, traffic and gas prices for Monday, February 18

Watch for early warning signs to avoid roof collapse, says Montreal home inspector

While winter is starting to weigh on Quebecers' spirits, the snow and ice is also weighing on our roofs.

India says two masterminds of Kashmir bombing killed in clash

Indian security forces on Monday killed two suspected organizers of a deadly suicide bombing in the disputed region of Kashmir that has fuelled tension between nuclear-armed India and Pakistan, police said.

Igloolik elder won't be charged for killing polar bear and cub

Nunavut's Department of Environment investigated after an elder shot two polar bears in January. Now, the department says no charges will be laid.

This Syrian refugee isn't leaving St. John's, no matter how many others head for bigger cities

After making a quick exit from Syria, Safaa Tohme's family went from wealthy farmers to poor refugees. Now they're on the upswing again in Newfoundland.

Hamilton actor is at the spooky centre of the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy

T.J. McGibbon plays young Vanya in the supernatural series that debuted Friday.

The National for February 17, 2019

Welcome to The National, the flagship nightly newscast of CBC News

Eat Smart kale salad kit recalled due to possible Listeria contamination

Recall in effect for N.L., N.B., and Ontario, but CFIA website says distribution may have been national.
In Depth

How the end of alcohol restrictions is changing 1 Nunavut community

Since alcohol restrictions were lifted in December, the Nunavut community is adjusting. Some say the restrictions felt colonial, while others say they've seen kids on the street crying for their parents.

Family Day: What's open, what's closed in Regina

A brief look at some of the city services that are affected by Family Day hours in Regina.

Bail hearing set for Steven Wright, accused of killing Renee Sweeney

Lawyers representing a man accused of a 20-year-old murder in Sudbury will this week argue for him to be let out on bail.

Too young for shingles? Think again

While shingles typically affects people ages 50 and older, it can happen in younger adults — but because those numbers aren't tracked in Nova Scotia, it's hard to know exactly how many under 50 are affected.

Islander Day: What's open and closed on P.E.I.

The third Monday of February marks Islander Day, and many retailers and services will be closed to mark the provincial holiday.

New homeless shelter for youth slated to open in March in Scarborough

The YouthLink Youth Transition Home and Emergency Shelter, housed in a single storey building currently under renovation at 747 Warden Ave., north of St. Clair Avenue East, is slated to open on March 15. It will have 10 emergency shelter beds and 41 transition long-term beds.