PC leadership candidates face final debate, end of membership drive

Heading into the final day to sell party memberships, the five candidates to be the next leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of P.E.I. traded a few barbs at the Murphy Centre in Charlottetown.

Bitter cold, bone-chilling temperatures to grip Toronto into Monday

Bitter cold and wind chill values as low as -30 are set to hit Toronto over the weekend as snow blows into the city as a party of winter storm system tracking south of the Great Lakes.

Beijing digs in: Canada's complaints are met with 'death-threat diplomacy' from China

Observers say recent Chinese actions signal a new level of aggressiveness for a rising power quite prepared to throw its weight around when other nations' actions don't match its world view.

Daybreak Montreal

Daybreak Montreal Simulcast Edition

Windsor Morning Show

Windsor Morning Show

(Live at 5:30 am ET) Freestyle Skiing World Cup on CBC: Ski Cross - Idre Fjäll

Ski Cross from the Idre Fjäll Resort in Idre Fjäll, Sweden.

Ottawa Morning Show

Ottawa Morning Show

Metro Morning with Matt Galloway

Live streaming simulcast of CBC Radio's Metro Morning with Matt Galloway

How Yemen's cyberwar could shape future conflicts

Yemen's brutal civil war has produced the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet, with thousands dead and millions facing starvation. But there's another dimension to the conflict — the battle over who controls the country's internet. CBC technology reporter Matthew Braga explains how that conflict could influence future wars.

MV Gallipoli, plagued by controversy and delays, almost ready for the water

The MV Gallipoli, following a 16-month, $10-million ordeal, could be transporting passengers, freight and vehicles on the Ramea-Grey River-Burgeo ferry run in the coming days.

Swedish parliament confirms Stefan Lofven as PM, ending deadlock

Sweden's parliament voted on Friday to give Social Democrat leader Stefan Lofven a second term in office, ending more than four months of deadlock after an inconclusive election.

St. John's businessman pushes for more 'Come From Away' tourists

A St. John's businessman thinks government should be finding more ways to ensure the success of Come From Away keeps 'em coming, from away. Steven Gardiner wants the province to promote tourism where the play runs, including U.S. cities

Snow, warmer temperatures in store Friday before frigid weekend

The mid-January air won't feel as harsh today as of late, with a high of -7 C.

Ottawa News Update

News Update from CBC Ottawa

Students welcome tuition cut, but worry over OSAP changes

University and college students in Ottawa say they're happy to hear tuition will drop by 10 per cent in September, but worry about changes to loans and grants that could leave them struggling to pay off debt.

Transport Canada struggling to buy a bus shell to crash

Crash tests that could make transit buses safer and more resilient in a collision have been stalled because Transport Canada has been unable to purchase a bus shell for testing.

Walled world: Lessons from Europe's border barriers

U.S. President Donald Trump may currently be the world’s most vocal defender of border walls, but Europe has had years of experience putting up barriers to keep people out.

Liberals push 'economic argument' for green innovation

Liberal cabinet members begin the final day of a three-day retreat today, wrestling with how to advance a green economy — and how to sell it to the Canadian electorate.

Tech group maps the least user-friendly bus stops for seniors in Fredericton

A group of tech innovators in Fredericton have used census information and the city's open data to map the city's best and worst transit stops for senior citizens — and highlight the ones that could use some upgrades.

A look inside Montreal's new, pet-friendly homeless shelter

It took a month to turn the third floor of the old Royal Victoria Hospital’s Ross Pavilion into a shelter equipped to house 80 people — and their pets, as well.

Nunavut's overall employment rate drops in 2018, along with Inuit employment

Nunavut's employment rate dropped from 55 per cent in 2017 to 54 per cent in 2018, according to Statistics Canada's most recent update.

Family of people with developmental disabilities fighting cuts to program

Province is cutting a program where facilitators help people with developmental disabilities improve their lives.

P.E.I. losing child and adolescent psychiatrist

P.E.I. will soon be losing one of its child and adolescent psychiatrists, when Dr. Anita Taj completes her one-year locum position.

Councillor wants Halifax to take closer look at Uber, Lyft

A Halifax councillor wants the municipality to consider how to handle ride-sharing companies, such as Uber and Lyft. Coun. Matt Whitman said a new food delivery service is just a way for the industry to test the waters.

'I don't feel safe': Yarmouth teen who endured vicious attack speaks out

'They weren't going to let me go, they weren't bringing me home,' says the 17-year-old girl who is coping with the aftermath of a brutal attack that has resulted in charges against five people.