Co-accused in Hubbards cocaine bust sentenced to 10 years in prison

A Quebec man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for his role in a plot to transport 250 kilograms of cocaine from the Caribbean to Nova Scotia by sailboat.

Education minister won't say if cabinet's approved transfer of 3 EMSB schools to Pointe-de-l'Île board

Jean-François Roberge says a decision has been made about the fate of three English Montreal School Board schools, but he won't be revealing it until parents are notified first.

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11 ways to celebrate Canada Day in Edmonton

It's Canada Day this weekend. Here's 11 ways to make this one special. Psst, three involve CBC personalities.

Youth overdose is grounds for involuntary treatment, pediatrician tells inquest

A British Columbia pediatrician who treats children and youth struggling with substance abuse issues says he supports placing young people in treatment facilities against their will if they've suffered an overdose.

Newly discovered malware most lethal cyberweapon to date

A new kind of malware more damaging than the notorious Stuxnet worm is likely being deployed by a nation state and is "the most sophisticated cyberweapon yet unleashed," say the cybersecurity experts who uncovered it.

Norfolk County OPP investigate arson at Long Point home

Provincial police say an unknown individual used an accelerant to light the outside wall of a house on fire while the owner slept inside.

Former teacher Remi Dallaire sentenced to 8 years for sexual abuse of 8-year-old girl

A former rural Manitoba teacher found guilty of sexually touching a young girl has been sentenced to eight years behind bars. 

Man turns himself in to police after Clayton Park bank robbery

Halifax police quickly made an arrest after a robbery Tuesday at the TD Canada Trust in Clayton Park. The problem was it wasn't the right guy.
Game 3

Yankees hold off Blue Jays to sweep series

Gleyber Torres lined a game-winning single in the ninth inning and the New York Yankees hit two more big flies before jetting off to see Big Ben and the London sights, beating the Toronto Blue Jays 8-7 Wednesday.

BP's subpoena of emails casts 'chill,' scientists say

Two U.S. scientists who helped BP assess the extent of the massive 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico say the company's subpoenaing of their private emails has the potential to cast a chill on the scientific process.

Shell deal puts wind in sails of proposed Nova Scotia LNG export terminal

Pieridae Energy, promoters of a proposed $10-billion liquified natural gas terminal in Goldboro, N.S., say they have secured another source of natural gas in a deal to buy Shell Canada's Alberta Hills gas production along with three gas processing plants.

Supermarket tomato's even colour comes at expense of taste

A genetic mutation introduced into tomatoes to make them ripen more uniformly might have inadvertently reduced some of the sugar content that makes them taste good, a team of researchers from the U.S., Spain and Argentina has found.

Artificial jellyfish pumps like a heart

Bioengineers have used the heart cells of a rat and silicone to build an artificial jellyfish whose movements mimic the rhythmic pumping of the heart muscle and could help drug makers improve cardiac function.

Mi'kmaw chef opens Montreal restaurant


Large BitTorrent file-sharing site Demonoid shut down

Ukrainian authorities have shut down, one of the largest websites used to share movie, TV, music and other files with BitTorrent peer-to-peer technology.

B.C. skier launches class-action lawsuit over coach convicted of sex crimes

Olympian Allison Forsyth was a victim of Bertrand Charest and says Alpine Canada bears responsibility for his actions.

Ouya raises $8.6M on Kickstarter for open-source gaming console

The makers of Ouya have surprised the gaming world by raising almost $8.6 million US in crowd-sourced funds on the website Kickstarter for the development of their low-priced, open-source video game console.

Astronomers spot multiplanet system with 2 'suns'

Astronomers analyzing data from the Kepler space telescope have found a new planetary system that has at least two planets orbiting a pair of stars, only the fifth example of such a system to have been spotted in the region of our galaxy being monitored by Kepler.

Natural fluoride levels in Ridgetown water supply exceed acceptable levels

Ridgetown residents have been warned about the level of naturally occurring fluoride in the community's water supply.

'Junk DNA' has a purpose, new map of human genome reveals

Vast sections of the human genome that were previously thought to have no useful function and were dismissed as "junk DNA" are in fact involved in key biochemical processes, an international team has found.

BitTorrent file sharers are heavily monitored, study finds

If you've downloaded even one movie, song or TV show using the BitTorrent file-sharing system, chances are, it didn't go unnoticed. A U.K. study has found that pretty much all files shared on popular sites like The Pirate Bay are monitored — by copyright enforcers and private corporations.

6 memorable U.S. inaugural addresses

The inaugural addresses of U.S. presidents generally traffic in broad themes and platitudes and rarely attain the status of great oratory. Those that have have usually come at moments of crisis or transformation for the nation. CBC News looks at six of the most memorable.

Will Michelle Obama get political in U.S. president's 2nd term?

U.S. President Barack Obama's inaugural address last week signaled the arrival of a newly emboldened second-term president who will no longer shy away from some of the thorny issues he avoided in his first term. It's less clear whether the first lady, Michelle Obama, will undergo a similar transformation.