Why an Edmonton Salon decided to charge gender-neutral haircut prices

Jennifer Storey, the owner of Adara Hair, explains why her salon decided to become the first place in Edmonton to advertise gender-neutral pricing.

Kids go to seniors home, refugee farmers program, Regina hot sauce maker and construction site recycling

Vancouver area school goes to seniors home once a month, Newfoundland program helps new refugees practice farming, Regina woman has side hustle as a hot sauce maker and an Ottawa construction manager recycles building site debris and gives proceeds to area food bank

Fake fire hydrants, kindergarten to grade six kids and vinyl record pressing

A Kamloops man makes a fake fire hydrant in an attempt to deter dogs from pooping on his lawn and incurs the wrath of the City, Charlottetown kids were interviewed when they were in kindergarten and again when they are leaving elementary and Quebec City coffee shop owner is also going to open vinyl record pressing business.

(Live at 10:00 am ET) Men's Wheelchair Basketball on CBC: Canada vs Argentina

The Canadian Senior Men’s National Wheelchair Basketball Team will face off against Argentina from the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre, Toronto, ON.

N.L. moves a step closer to scrapping tax on auto insurance

The Newfoundland and Labrador government has put an amendment into the House of Assembly that would see the elimination of the tax on automobile insurance this summer.

Downpour in Swift Current overwhelms sewers, floods streets

A beautiful day in Swift Current ended in flooding after a massive downpour hit the community on Tuesday afternoon.

Southeast Galt chosen for Cambridge's new recreation complex

Cambridge city council has voted in favour of building a new recreational facility in the southeast area of the city.

Regina City Council votes to have gyms in industrial areas as a permitted use

Regina City Council has voted to keep gyms and fitness facilities as permitted uses in light industrial and industrial prestige areas. They also voted to have gyms in heavy industrial areas be a discretionary use. This comes after significant public pushback to the original proposal to not allow any new gyms in those areas. 

4 charged with murder in downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17

International investigators on Wednesday charged four men, three Russians and one Ukrainian, with murder in the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over Eastern Ukraine nearly five years ago.

What's your favourite mango?

While some people see the fruit as just another option to throw into a smoothie, others take their mangoes — and the different varieties of them — far more seriously.

RCMP seeks names of potential victims of coerced sterilization

The RCMP is seeking the names of potential victims of coerced sterilization procedures and wants lawyers to help in the process, Commissioner Brenda Lucki said Tuesday.

Montreal health officials say students need more protection from carbon monoxide

Montreal public health officials recommend accelerating the installation of carbon monoxide detectors in schools and to closely monitor those who have been affected by the toxic gas — checking for possible long-term health issues.

Toronto News Update

News Update from CBC Toronto

Ex-soldiers angered by 'unconscionable' treatment of Afghan war adviser

Some of Canada's former top military commanders and soldiers - among them a Liberal MP - are rallying behind an ex-Department of Defence adviser who was denied PTSD benefits after serving seven tours in Afghanistan. They are calling on the federal government to take action.

Verdun students showcase year-long project — a futuristic eco-village

Students at Verdun Elementary School say they don't want "hope" for a better future, they want action, and they spent a year working on what that might look like. The students painstakingly built a model community that would be more eco-friendly than current ones.

Disappointment, frustration as Saskatoon public moves ahead with cuts

Trustees around the table at the Saskatoon Public School Division's board meeting on Tuesday say they were disappointed with the provincial government's approach towards education funding.

Designated spaces for smudging at Windsor Regional Hospital

A room at each hospital location has been designated to accommodate ritual smudging ceremonies, and a written policy has been put in place to make requests easier for staff. 

Skye Wallace | Iced In | CBC Music

Skye Wallace performs "Iced In" for CBC Music.

Brought to Canada by convicted murderer, son now faces immigration hearing

A Maple Ridge man is facing deportation as a result of his father's failure to admit his conviction in a notorious B.C. murder when he brought his family to Canada.

Timeline: The murder of Jassi Sidhu

Almost two decades after Jaswinder (Jassi) Kaur Sidhu was killed in India, the prosecution of those accused in her murder has yet to wrap up. Here's a timeline of the events so far.

Vale opens the books on Sudbury tailings dams following collapse in Brazil

Vale says it is currently doing work to stabilize some of its tailings dams in Sudbury, but stresses that there is no risk to the public.

Edmonton News Update

News Update from CBC Edmonton

South Korea gives most aid to North Korea in more than a decade due to food shortage

South Korea has provided its largest food and aid donation in more than a decade to North Korea after a dramatic drop in food production last year. UN aid agencies say more than ten million people are at risk.

Up to 70 Russian athletes could face doping charges

The Russian anti-doping agency says the number of athletes accused of receiving banned treatments from a doctor could rise to 70. The agency said this week it would file cases against 33 athletes from numerous sports suspected of receiving banned intravenous infusions.

'Credible evidence' Saudi crown prince is liable for Khashoggi killing, UN says

Jamal Khashoggi was the victim of a deliberate, premeditated execution, and the state of Saudi Arabia is responsible for what happened under international human rights law, a UN report concludes.