An early election? Get ready for one, and all the wildcards that come with it

There's political gossip in the wind: the Liberals might be itching to go to the polls earlier than expected.

Feds likely to hold on to pipeline past 2019 election, says Morneau

The federal government is likely to own the Trans Mountain pipeline until the political risks facing the project are safely past — certainly until after the coming election, says Finance Minister Bill Morneau.

Feeling lonely? You're not alone - and it could be affecting your physical health

With researchers sounding the alarm that loneliness can cause serious physical as well as mental harm, and statistics indicating rates are on the rise, here are coping strategies people are using to deal with their feelings of being disconnected.

Computer scientist David Magerman wants to build a more ethical internet

David Magerman became rich working with Robert Mercer, the billionaire co-owner of Cambridge Analytica. Having seen the role online data mining had in helping Donald Trump become president, Magerman now wants to create a better, less profit-driven internet.

Shattered lives, shattered faith

One week after a packed bus slammed into a shelter overhang in Ottawa, killing three and injuring many more, these are the questions authorities need to answer if they want to restore our faith in the city's public transit system.

Key figure in illegal election financing scheme quietly pleads guilty

Canadians may never know the details of an elaborate scheme orchestrated by engineering giant SNC Lavalin to funnel more than $117,000 to two federal political parties after one of the key players quietly pleaded guilty a few weeks ago.

Virtual dealership promises no used car salesmen

A virtual used car dealership called Clutch intends to exploit the bad reputation of used car salesmen by offering a service with no sales staff, and a "concierge" to bring the car to the customer for a test drive. No commissions and no showrooms means the startup is also promising lower prices.

Feds likely to hold on to pipeline past 2019 election, says Morneau

Indigenous groups in Canada are preparing bids to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline from the feds, but Finance Minister Bill Morneau says talks on selling are premature and that it's unlikely the pipeline will be sold before the next election.

'I'm still here': Bus crash survivor thankful he made it out alive

Craig Beaton was one of 23 people injured when an OC Transpo double-decker bus slammed into a shelter overhang at Westboro station earlier this month.

Kahnawake's Dad Bod Squad ready to rumble in the wrestling ring

Two Mohawk fathers are reliving their wrestling glory days even though "We're old dudes and we're not the very best of shape. So it's a little rough."

Snow and bitter cold to make for a wintry weekend in Toronto

Get ready for snow, Toronto. Periods of the white stuff are expected to begin Saturday morning, with up to 10 centimetres expected — all part of winter storm system tracking south of the Great Lakes.

'This is still very raw': One year since arrest of accused serial killer Bruce McArthur

It's been a year since Toronto police announced that Bruce McArthur had been arrested. Since then, police have taken steps to renew their approach to missing persons cases, while trying to heal rifts with some members of the LGBT community.

Bench madness: Office pool to crown all-time finest fictional lawyer

Some Ottawa attorneys are using the office sports pool format to determine who's the all-time best fictional lawyer.

So your teenager is vaping. Here's what you can do

Parents concerned about their child's growing vaping habit should clear the air before it becomes a serious addiction, according to health and behavioural experts.

Does your beagle really need a flannel onesie this winter?

We've all seen them — golden retrievers in cashmere cable-knits, beagles in flannel onesies and terriers in down jackets nicer than our own. But is it necessary protection against the elements, or fashionable fluff?

MPs want Trudeau to call China's president

Opposition MPs Erin O'Toole and Helene Laverdiere share their strategies for approaching the diplomatic spat with China.

Rural issues given spotlight with creation of new ministry

The newest member of Justin Trudeau's cabinet, Rural Economic Development Minister Bernadette Jordan, says rural connectivity will be her focus in this election year.

The House: Feds likely to hold onto pipeline past 2019 election

Finance Minister Bill Morneau says Ottawa is likely to own the Trans Mountain pipeline past the next election. Meanwhile, Indigenous groups in Canada say they are serious about buying the pipeline, and they want the feds to start getting serious about it too. Plus: the new minister for rural economic development talks connectivity in Canada, and MPs debrief us on the closed door meeting with ambassador to China John McCallum.

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