Sri Lanka declares national emergency as 290 killed

Sri Lanka's president declared a nationwide emergency after seven suicide bombers killed as many as 290 Christians at Eastser Sunday Mass and at hotels and wounded hundreds more. Authorities got a letter 10 days before the attacks but didn't alert the churches. At least 13 people have been arrested.

Erratic driving complaint lands 2 ATV riders with charges

One of the men is accused of resisting arrest, and was held overnight.

Police in Sri Lanka say 290 people killed in attacks on churches, hotels

Authorities lifted a curfew in Sri Lanka on Monday, a day after a string of bombings at churches and luxury hotels across the Indian Ocean island killed 290 people.

Sri Lanka blocks social media after Easter Sunday bombings

Sri Lankan authorities flicked the off switch on most social media after Easter Sunday attacks on churches and hotels killed hundreds of people, a dramatic reaction that reflects distrust in the capability of American internet companies to control harmful content.

Numbers show Hamilton homeowners are struggling to pay the high city taxes

The numbers showed a stark picture at Hamilton city hall last week. Local taxes are higher than average, and homeowners are fighting to keep up.

Sweet new stamp celebrates iconic East Coast dessert

Canada Post has released a Sweet Canada stamp set featuring five sweet Canadian treats from around the country.

Amid 13% business vacancy rate, campaign aims to bring people back to the Beach

In order to tackle a 13 per cent business vacancy rate, the Beach Village BIA recently announced a campaign called “Back to the Beach Village,” which involves promoting area businesses and re-establishing the neighbourhood as a go-to spot.

OPINION | Earth Day is no longer serving us — the house is already on fire

The planet now finds itself in grave danger. We're way beyond holding a day once a year to raise awareness on the issue.

'We're just doing our best': N.B. residents prepare for rising water levels

As water levels on the St. John River continue to rise, residents are working to keep the floodwaters from reaching their homes.

Top women's hockey players in Sudbury for the Esso Cup

It started with 92 teams and is now down to six. Some of the best athletes in women’s hockey will compete this week in Sudbury for the 2019 Esso Cup.

As anniversary of Toronto van attacks looms, how is the city keeping public spaces safe?

Protecting people from vehicular attacks doesn't require new technology or Draconian security measures. Look to Vision Zero, says Nicole Gelinas, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute think-tank in New York City.

4 weeks, 500km, and 1 dog team: Iqaluit mushers complete epic spring trek

Jovan Simic and Victoria Perron recently finished a 500-kilometre, 27-day dog sled trek across the Arctic tundra. But they say the hardest part was coming back home to their day-to-day lives in Iqaluit.

Inuvialuk artist longlisted for Sobey contemporary art award

Kablusiak tackles cultural displacement and challenge ideas of contemporary indigeneity with humour.

'It's indescribable': Albertans grieve for relatives and friends killed in Sri Lanka bombings

Two Alberta families are reeling after hearing news that their friends and relatives were killed in a series of bombings in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday.

Police stop motorcycle going 180 km/h on Team Gushue Highway

The driver also didn't have the proper licence or insurance.

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Charlottetown Morning Show

Just tell me the truth, candidates. We can handle it

Don't try to sell us on some half-baked marketing slogan. Tell us a story about a future that makes sense, writes Terry Hussey.

Can judges do better for trans kids in family law cases? Western study aims to find out

A Western University study aims to provide judges with guidance on how to deal with cases in which parents are at odds over how to address their child's gender identity questions.

City looks to expand Centretown heritage district

More properties in Centretown could be designated as heritage buildings, as the city embarks on a heritage study of a much wider area than is currently recognized.

Coyote co-existence policies mean pets are never safe, group of homeowners say

As coyotes increasingly take up residence in cities and towns across Canada, both provinces and municipalities have adopted "living with coyotes' policies. A group in Collingwood, Ont., is demanding action, saying governments are failing to protect their pets.

Shelina Merani, on what she calls her headgear

Comic Shelina Merani uses humour to try to change stereotypes about Muslim women

Comic Shelina Merani on her first pair of red go-go boots

Watch Shelina Merani's story of fleeing Uganda, and the message her grandpa gave her with that first pair of shiny shoes

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Round the clock: The health perils of working overnight

Working the night shift could cause some long-term health problems, like obesity, heart attacks and strokes, as well as more immediate issues, like inattention.