Fire marshal investigating cause of van fire that spread to building

Firefighters were called to van fire that spread to an adjacent storage facility in a former church near Kentville, N.S., early Monday morning.

Hundreds evacuated in Quebec as flooding affects 2,300 homes

Flooding from the spring thaw and rain has affected more than 2,300 homes in Quebec and 1,200 residents have been evacuated, according to the latest numbers by Urgence Québec. Hundreds of Canadian soldiers were helping volunteers fill and stack sandbags.

U.S. to end exemptions on Iranian oil sanctions for 5 nations, including China

The U.S. is ending exemptions from sanctions for countries that import Iranian oil, according to the White House, which said in a statement it is taking "timely action to assure that global demand is met as all Iranian oil is removed from the market."

Sri Lankan pastor in Toronto reflects on the deadly Easter Sunday bombings

Three churches and three high-end hotels in Sri Lanka were targeted during a wave of bombings on Easter Sunday. Nearly three hundred people were killed, and hundreds more injured, after co-ordinated attacks by suicide bombers. The attacks are on the minds of many Sri Lankans living in Toronto. Vincent Sahayanathan is one of those people. He is the pastor of Toronto Harvest Missionary Church

Portion of Weber Street in Kitchener to close Monday

Weber Street will be closed to eastbound traffic between Queen Street N. and Cameron St. N. starting on Monday, lasting until the end of November. Northbound traffic will be maintained, the region says.

Devout and Out, a new CBC documentary series about LGBT leaders in GTA churches

GTA Reverand Pip Josselyn-Hamilton is the subject of a new CBC documentary series, Devout and Out. It features LGBT leaders in the church. And their plight to make religious communities more accepting to gender identities and expressions. Alex Josselyn-Hamilton is a director and co-creator of the 3-part series. But he's also part of the story. Alex is Pip's husband.

Lonely Together: The plight of urban isolation

There have never been as many cities across the world as there are right now, nor with such high populations. Yet urban loneliness is a virtual pandemic, and one with huge social, medical and financial consequences. Why are cities the new capitals of isolation?

Police in Sri Lanka say 290 killed in attacks on churches, hotels

Authorities lifted a curfew in Sri Lanka on Monday, a day after a string of bombings at churches and luxury hotels across the Indian Ocean island killed 290 people and wounded about 500, but there were warnings more attacks could come.

Community funded investments to power Toronto Outdoor Picture Shows

On Sunday nights in the summer, people flock to Toronto's Christie Pits Park with a blanket and some friends in tow to catch an outdoor film. The weekly screenings at sundown are hosted by Toronto Outdoor Picture Show - also called TOPS. They present outdoor movies at parks across the city in the summer months. This year, the non-profit is buying their own screen and sound system. And they are turning to the community for their help. Emily Reid co-founded TOPS in 2011.

These are the latest road closures and St. John River water levels

Water levels around Fredericton will peak Monday and then recede over the next few days, but water levels are still rising further south.

The Sudbury Effect: Lessons from a regreened city

They said it couldn't be done, but Sudbury did it! Forty years ago, nickel mines and smelters around a relatively small city in Northern Ontario had created one of the most dramatic examples of environmental devastation in the history of this planet. The adjacent landscape was completely dead and totally blackened. Nothing could grow, and people were dying. These days, Sudbury boasts the cleanest air of any city in Canada. Lakes — and there are 330 substantial lakes within the city limits — have come back to life. The surrounding countryside is almost completely green!

Spin Time - Joanne Schieck of the ECMAMAs

A group of friends gather together every year for the East Coast Music Awards to take in the music, have fun and also to present homemade awards to honour the moms of musicians. They've become known as the ECMAMAs and we meet one them, Joanne Schieck.

Military vet Seth Moulton joins 2020 Democratic presidential race

Rep. Seth Moulton, an Iraq War veteran from Massachusetts, is the latest Democrat to jump in the race for the White House.

Moose nose and prairie oysters: Sask. farmer, chef say nose-to-tail cooking is a sustainable option

The concept of using all parts of the animal, from nose-to-tail, has environmental and sustainable benefits, says a Sask. farmer. She says there's a recipe for everyone, and a recipe for every part of an animal, if you're willing to get creative.

'What your language tells you': How gender-neutral pronouns can shape our worldview

Adinne Schwartz and Reese Simpkins are raising their child, Emry, using they/them pronouns, rather than he or she. They're part of a movement of people and institutions in support of gender-neutral language that's growing around the world — though not without some pushback.

How Elizabeth May is making her wedding low-carbon

Elizabeth May and her partner, John Kidder, are getting married today in Victoria. The couple is trying to make the wedding a low-carbon event.
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In the newsletter: Picking up the pieces after the Notre-Dame fire

Dive into Notre-Dame's cultural influence, plus a fresh Easter basket of eye candy and the best of CBC Arts.

Four teenagers die in a weekend crash in Mirimichi

Four teens are dead following a car accident on Saturday, April 20th. The vehicle the teens were in left the road, and flipped, ending upside down in deep water. The high school students were mourned at a candlelight vigil over the weekend. Adam Lordon is the mayor of Miramichi. He spoke with Jonna Brewer.

From toxic stew to thriving urban ecosystem

Marsh Creek in Saint John used to be a toxic eyesore. The creek flows from the city's east side into Courtenay Bay. On a warm day, the creek contributed to the famous smell that was a hallmark of life in Saint John for decades. But, those days are gone, thanks in a large part to the work of the Atlantic Coastal Action Program in Saint John. Graeme Stewart-Robertson is the current executive director of ACAP Saint John. He spoke with Jonna Brewer.

Environmentally-friendly tips on protecting your property from erosion.

Take a walk along a beach or waterfront and you'll see a myriad of ways people are trying to keep the water from eating away at their property. Some people use large rocks or concrete barriers. Rosmarie Lohn-es is an Ecological Restorationist in Nova Scotia, specializing in mitigating shoreline erosion. She says there might be some natural solutions to the problem of erosion. Jonna Brewer met up with her during a recent visit to Shediac Cape, New Brunswick.

Students leading the charge for a plastic bag ban in Moncton.

A group of grade six and seven students at Birchmount School in Moncton are hoping to more of us go plastic-free. They've launched something called The Plastic Bag Grab Challenge. They have a Facebook and Twitter account, they're doing a blitz of TV and radio interviews, and they're even buying a billboard. Jonna Brewer met with Olivia Richard, Phoebe Brander, Lily Broadfoot, Bailey Legere and Reilley Foran in their classroom.

Monday, April 22, 2019: Rupi Kaur, Adam Cohen and more

Today on q: poet and author Rupi Kaur, rock icon Rod Stewart, actor Tatiana Maslany, musician Adam Cohen.

Nearly 50 homes evacuated in Gatineau

Nearly 100 people have registered with Gatineau's disaster assistance centre as city crews try to contain floodwaters.

Montreal News Update

News Update from CBC Montreal

Podcast: Will P.E.I. be the first province to go Green?

Today on Front Burner, CBC’s Kerry Campbell walks us through how a Scottish-Canadian dentist leading the Green Party… could end up the next premier of Prince Edward Island and make Canadian history.