Tai Asks Why


Tai Asks Why

Tai Poole is trying to find answers to life's biggest questions. What happens after we die? What is love? How can we fix climate change? He may not solve them all, but give him a break ... he's only 11 years old.

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How will we fix climate change?

Tai is freaking out about climate change. He's worried we're doomed. Tides are rising, species are dying from all of the heat. He's finding it hard to have hope...until he meets a man from NASA.

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Which is cooler, zero or infinity?

Before he fully spoke English, Tai's first language was math. He loves numbers! Now he's talking to mathematicians about the ultimate coolness of two very special numbers: zero and infinity.

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Why do we dream?

After thinking through a recent terrifying nightmare, Tai starts to question the importance of dreams. Why can't our minds just do nothing when we sleep?

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What happens after you die?

The death of his grandfather has Tai thinking about the afterlife. The idea that our bodies and consciousness become nothing is really weird and confusing. So Tai turns to different religions for answers.

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Should we trust our gut?

We've all heard the saying trust your gut, but is that scientifically accurate? Tai grapples with what that really means. If our guts are making decisions does that mean there's a brain in our gut?

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What is love?

Love is weird. How can this thing take over your body and bend it to its will? Tai looks to science, philosophy and his mom for answers.

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Tai Says Hi

Meet Tai Poole - a little guy with big questions. Join him as he heads from universities to playgrounds seeking answers. He may not solve all the mysteries of life, but give him a break ... he's only 11 years old. Coming October 24.

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