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Join host Karen Mair as she takes you through the late afternoon with smart conversations that are current and relevant, introducing listeners to news makers, artists and community members shaping our way of life.

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Senior's Homes need A/C

An elderly care home in Summerside doesn't have air conditioning. Sylvia Magnotta's 101-year old father, lives at the home and she's demanding the province provide A-C units for seniors homes.

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Take UV precautions

As the hot weather continues in P.E.I., people need protection from not only the heat, but harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Linda Libby is with Environment and Climate Change Canada. She spoke with the CBC's Jessica Doria-Brown.

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EpiPen shortage

There's a shortage of epipens in Canada right now, the 0.3mg dose that's used for kids who weigh more than 30kgs and adults, is out of stock and that's left Island pharmacists scrambling lately to try and fill prescriptions. Allen Greene is a pharmacist and general manager of Murphy's Pharmacy in Charlottetown. He spoke with the CBC's Jessica Doria-Brown:

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Summer Sounds to Discover: Melanie Mills

Melanie Mills from the Dunk joins shares some music to explore as we continue our Summer Sounds to Discover series

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Richard Wood

It's been eight years since Richard Wood released a new album. Unbroken is his new offering and we speak with him about the CD and why he's so proud of this particular musical achievement.

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