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Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday June 17, 2019

People for Education releases their annual school report. Wei talked to Annie Kidder, Director People for Education. Senior Science reporter for CBC News, Nicole Mortillaro tells us about a new series on CBC on climate change. We talk to two parents about a bulletin posted by a Picton Catholic Church advising its members and all Christians to stay away from Pride events. Giving Port Hope a makeover, a digital one, we learn more from Elizabeth Edwards. Vanmala Subramaniam tells us about Cannabis edibles and the businesses behind them. Digital news consumption in Canada, Gavin Adamson tells us more.

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Ontario Morning Podcast- Friday June 14, 2019

Muskoka floods update with Bracebridge Mayor Graydon Smith, Raptor School Notes with Parent council co chair Lori Litman, Dr. Peter Lin on being a Night Owl. Raptor fans discuss the game and series, Katie Clow talks about ticks, Robert Benzie talks about possible cabinet shuffle for Premier Doug Ford. Ted Loyst from Indian River Reptile Zoo tells us about Chinese animatronic Dinosaurs. Janice McAlpine and Renee Van Weringh tell us about Kingston Pride Archives.

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Ontario Morning Podcast- Thursday June 13, 2019

Location of Barrie injection site. The true environmental cost of disposable summer fashion. Rubina Ahmed-Haq talks about burnout on the job. Could heart-stopping excitement of watching the Raptors be harmful to your health? Dr. Husam Abdel-Qadir tells us more. MMIWG report recommendation. Nicole Forrestor talks about the Raptors mental game. Lawyer Andrea Chun talks about the protests happening in Hong Kong.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday June 12, 2019

Brian Timmons of McMaster University tells us about a study published in the journal Pediatrics that shows that even at a very young age active children have healthier cardio-vascular systems than less active kids; Angela Crocker co-author of the 'Digital Legacy Plan' talks about what can happen to our online presence after we die; Kim Dolan of the Peterborough AIDS Resource Network describes what the community is doing to combat the opioid crisis; Dutch author Menno Metselaar is touring North America talking to young students about the legacy of Anne Frank; Lisa Campbell of Lifford Cannabis Solutions describes what kind of cannabis products we can expect when edibles are legally available; Jake Miller recommends some books by Indigenous authors; Jane Lytvynenko tracks misinformation for BuzzFeed News. She has reaction to a study that revealed that many of us have been duped by 'fake' news.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday June 11, 2019

The Canadian government announces ban on single use plastics. How does Canada compare to Europe, Raptors fans talk about the game and loss. The Fry guy in Barrie has already ditched styrofoam containers, plastic cutlery and straws. For the first time in more than forty years, life expectancy in Canada has stopped rising, we learn why. CBC's National Business Correspondent tells us about what the Raptor's playoff run has done for the franchise's bottom line. We learn more about the proposed amalgamation of Midland, Tay, Tiny and Penetanguishene. We talk about celebrating average kids.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday June 10, 2019

Harvey Bischof is the president of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation expresses his frustration with the province's intention to put a cap on public service wage increases; Simmy Reguer a colour commentator for NBA games in Israel talks about the excitement over the Raptors' playoff run in his country; The CBC's Amanda Pfeffer describes the predicament of a couple who bought a recently renovated property unaware that it didn't conform to code - only to be condemned after a flood; Dr. Michelle Ponti talks about the Canadian Paediatric Society's recommendations for screen time for kids; The Deputy mayor of the town of The Blue Mountains, Odette Bartnicki, explains how they took the initiative to ban single-use plastics; Doug Leroux, Mayor of Penetanguishene describes his surprise at learning that the town of Midland presented a paper to the province calling for amalgamation; Attention sports fans: neuroscientist Veena Dwivedi says we're wired to be a part of a group or tribe whether it's in sports, religion or politics. .

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday June 7, 2019

Shireen Ahmed previews the FIFA Women's World Cup where there are high hopes for the Canadian team; Lisa Carver talks about her research at Queen's University in which she discovered that even the elderly think of themselvses as much younger than their chronological age; Jennifer LeClerc of the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board explains how budget cuts have forced them to eliminate 16 math coaches from their elementary school programs; John Milloy talks about the Ontario Liberals annual general meeting where they hope to begin to regroup after last year's devastating loss to the Progressive Conservatives; Matei Olaru CEO of Lift & Co describes the market for - and marketing of - cannabis edibles; Allergist Harold Kim; Lisa Kramer, a professor of finance at The University of Toronto tells us about the booming demand for plant-based alternatives to meat.

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Ontario Morning - Friday June 7, 2019 - Part 1

Shireen Ahmed previews the FIFA Women's World Cup where there are high hopes for the Canadian team; Megan Read has the business digest; Jason Osler looks at how hard it can be to determine what is - or isn't - environmentally friendly; Lisa Carver talks about her research at Queen's University in which she discovered that even the elderly think of themselvses as much younger than their chronological age.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday June 6, 2019

Historian Terry Copp reminds us of the significance of Canada's role in the D-Day invasion 75 years ago; As the legislature prepares for summer recess the CBC's Lisa Xing recounts the tumultuous first months of the Ford government; A Barrie high school student's research into a Second World War veteran leads her to members of his family, including Vermont geneologist Tammy McKenzie; Steve Hickson, President of Dodgeball Ontario, defends his sport; The President of the Ontario Treasury Board Peter Bethenflavy discusses the government's decision to hold their public service employees to a 1% pay raise; Peter Lin tells us about seven things that will contribute to heart health; Eamonn McGuinty of Dalhousie University describes what they learned in a study about attitudes towards single-use plastic; The director of recreation and leisure services for Kingston, Luke Follwell, explains why they may want to relocate vendors at Springer Square to accommodate movie shoots.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday June 5, 2019

Sean Fitz-Gerald, the sports website, The Athletic, talks about the emergence of basketball here in Canada; Dietician Adrianna Smallwood talks about how much is too much when it comes to coffee; The chair of the Owen Sound & North Grey Union Public Library Richard Thomas explains that even though the province has reinstated the inter library loan service, it will more hours and money from local libraries; Kinesiologist Marc Mitchell tells us how even small rewards were enough to motivate people to continue exercise programs; Our Haydn Watters tours cemeteries with various people dedicated to preserving them; Kerry Clare recommends some books; Alex Munter of the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario urges Parliament to pass legislation prohibiting the marketing of food and beverages directly to kids; Jon Massey's tells us how Sir Sams Inn in Haliburton has become a cannabis-friendly resort.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday June 4, 2019

Kristen Thomasen a law professor at the University of Windsor outlines the new regulations governing drones and some concerns about privacy; Natalie Cartwright of Finn A-I discusses the criticism that digital assistants only come with 'female' identities; Psychotherapist and recovering alcoholic Deborah Brooks explains her reservations about the province's plans to expand the sale of alcoholic beverages and then John Nock of the United Food and Commercial Workers describes his members' concerns for their jobs; Do you really need ten thousand steps a day to stay healthy? Kinesiologist Sarah Woodruff says not necessarily; Ryan Mounsey tells us about the City of Waterloo's e-scooters pilot project; Jan Wong recounts her personal experience on this the 30th anniversary of the Tienanmen Square Massacre.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday June 3, 2019

Kingston Mayor Bryan Paterson explains how they hope to win this week's Commuter Challenge again; Ken Hughes who is the province's Special Advisor for the Beverage Alcohol Review explains why he and this administration are in favour of liberalising the distribution and sale of alcoholic beverages; Dawn Martin-Hill, the MacPherson Chair in Indigenous Studies at McMaster University offers her reaction to the findings of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls; Marion Joppe looks at some of the opportunities and challenges to promoting rural tourism; Variety store owner Brianna Rowell and Scott Simmons of the Ontario Craft Brewers explain why they favour the province's push to make alcoholic beverages more widely available; Basketball etiquette with Jay Rosales; Carla Moore of the Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary in Harrowsmith explains how Peter the lamb got a prosthetic leg.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday May 31, 2019

Ken MacDonald of The Midland-Pentaguishene Field Naturalists Club explains why they think Bill 108 may limit the protection of endangered species and their habitats; Scholar Josephine Dolon addresses how old people are being portrayed - and often stereotyped - in movies; Dr. Riina Bay talks about the possible health risks from 5G cellular transmission; Nathan Walsh explains the game Crokinole; Kathleen Morris describes a study that revealed the majority of hospital admissions are due to alcohol and drug use; Sgt. Jay Finn of the Kingston police recounts how a robbery from 16 years ago was solved; The owner of the Oar and Paddle restaurant in Gravenhurst Robbie Irvine tells us about how patrons can make donations to allow those of more limited means to enjoy a meal free of charge.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday May 30, 2019

Matthew Johnson of MediaSmarts talks about their survey of young people that revealed that most of them are reluctant to call out people for racist or threatening comments online; The CBC's Queen's Park reporter talks about the P.C.'s budget and some of their recent reversals on policy; Ashley Franssen-Tingley announces a new hotline for people who are victims of human trafficking; The CBC's Dave Seglins talks about how the ticket prices became so quickly inflated for the Raptors' playoff games; Family doctor Peter Lin explains the need to reduce the risk of falls among older adults; Sharkir Barmare of the Barrie Indian Association talks about the changing face of immigrants to the city; Mark Murdoch of Trent University tells us how one of their dining halls has been recognized as a Three-Star Green Certified Restaurant.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday May 29, 2019

Mike Beauchesne of The Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre in Ottawa explains there is not enough publicly-funded treatment available and that private facilities nay be prohibitively expensive; Lisa Durante a working parent consultant explains the phenomenon known as 'secret parenting'; Jason Lietaer of the P.R. firm Enterprise defends the provincial Tories about-face on a number of issues; Comedian and writer Sandra Battaglini is in Ottawa to try and convince the Heritage Department that comedy is worthy of arts subsidies and grants; Emily Alfred of the Toronto Environmental Alliance talks about Canada's recycling problems; The CBC's Erin Balser looks at nominees for this year's Trillium Book Awards; Lawyer for the OSPCA Brian Shiller explains how his organization is looking for public feedback on the new Animal Welfare Act; Jennifer van Gennip tells about their YIMBY program to encourage the construction of affordable housing in Barrie.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday May 28, 2019

Local craft beer expert Jordan St. John talks about the province's decision to bring beer and wine to corner stores despite a contractual agreement with the owners of the Beer Store; Registered nurse Leigh Chapman who started the Overdose Prevention Society in Toronto offers her reaction to the province's announcement that it will join a class action suit against the producers of opioids;Three local mayors, Jeff Lehman of Barrie, Bryan Paterson of Kingston and Nina Bifolchi of Wasaga Beach discuss the province's reversal on retroactive cuts to their budgets; Candace Shaw explains why she tracks diversity among performers at music festivals; Barrie councillor Natalie Harris outlines some concerns now that the police - rather than the OSPCA - have responsibility for responding to animal cruelty cases; Peggy Hause of the Brockville Museum tells us what to expect in their last 'Museum at Night' event featuring a live demonstration of tattooing.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday May 27, 2019

Independent M.P.P. Randy Hillier talks about tonight's telephone town hall, and his problematic relationship with the Progressive Conservative party; Kendra Fry of Faith and the Common Good, is tracking the use of faith spaces and options for their repurposing; Susan Bannerman discusses some of the issues to be considered at the International Grand Committee on Big Data, Privacy and Democracy in Ottawa; How patrons of the Barrie bar Hooligans have been enjoying the Raptors' playoff run; Historian Hannah Elias is a dual citizen from Ontario who now lives in Britain. She offers her perspective on the Brexit debacle; Ethicist Kerry Bowman responds to a proposal from a London doctor that patients who have arranged medically-assisted death be permitted to donate organs while still alive; Paramedics from Kingtson and Switzerland talk about taking apart in the Swiss reality show 'Job Swap'.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday May 24, 2019

The campaign to build Kingston's first residential hospice; The problems for post-secondary students who graduate with lots of debt - and what can be done to ease the burden for them; Burlington Mayor Marianne Meed Ward previews today's meeting of the Large Urban Mayors Caucus with a focus on the cuts in provincial funding; A British think tank proposes a 9-hour work week to help stop rising temperatures; Two former Ministers of Health, Dennis Timbrell and Deb Matthews explain why they signed a letter calling on the province to reconsider cuts to health spending; Examining the impact of smart specialization in rural areas; Jay Rosales, co-host of 'That's a Rap Podcast' talks about the Raptors' playoff run.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday May 23, 2019

Maybn Armstrong talks about the importance of turtles on this, World Turtle Day; Our Queen's Park reporter Mike Crawley talks about the effect of provincial budget cuts to political support for the P.C.'s; Jessica Mudry a professor of communications talks about the significance of replacing the term 'climate change' with 'climate emergency' or 'climate crisis'; Rob Davidson hopes to bring the ride-sharing service Y Drive toPeterborough; Merran Smith talks about a study that shows the extensive contribution made to the economy by the clean energy sector; Dr. Seema Marwaha talks about the health risks presented by so-called 'ultra - processed' foods; Melanie Redman of A Way Home Canada, a national umbrella group of organizations and individuals dedicated to changing how we respond to homelessness; Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman is singled out by Fast Company magazine as one of 100 visionaries.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - May 22, 2019

Colinda Clyne of Upper Grand District School Board in Guelph comments on the updated Aboriginal curriculum in Ontario high schools; City councillor Shelley Carroll explains how an independent audit found few savings for the City of Toronto; Bernice Wolf of the Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario explains how they provide convenient and appealing food for their patients; Steve Clarke, Mayor of Orillia explains why he is in favour of an audit of municipal costs as recommended by the Premier; Viki Reynolds extolls the virtues of dandelions; Bill Adair of the Federal Accessibility Legislation Alliance explains the importance of Bill C-81 which would set standards for better access to workplaces, employment, and public services for Canadians with disabilities; Cortney LeGros describes how the seed library in Hunstville works; Democratic Representative Brian Hughes explains why he and other politicians are concerned that border patrol officers who serve along the Canadian border are being reassigned to the Mexican border; Curator Michael Rikley-Lancaster tells us about the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum National Historic Site.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday May 21, 2019

A new study says adoptive parents and children would be better served with a new parental benefit system. Lead researcher Carolyn McLeod of Western University explains; Finished watching the series 'Game of Thrones'?; now you can study the books with John Leonard at Trent University; Activist and author Dave Meslin discusses his new book 'Teardown: Rebuilding Democracy From the Ground Up'; Fish and wildlife biologist Caleb Coughlin talks about the bat houses they are installing in the Kingston area; During 'Tucked in Tuesdays' Max Gower of Pembroke reads bedtime stories for kids live on Facebook; YOLO is an app you can add to Snapchat - and it's being named as the site of some online bullying. We learn more from Tracy Vaillancourt the Canada Research Chair in Children's Mental Health and Violence Prevention; Duane Watson, NBA TV Canada analyst, previews Game 4 of the Raptors and the Bucks.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday May 17, 2019

Hunter Roger Galloway tells us about the 'Hats for Hides' program which the province has invested another $100 thousand in this year; Two fans, Doug Gregoire and Shan Culkeen, talk about the long-running HBO tv series 'Game of Thrones' which will conclude this weekend; Muskoka marina owner Jason Mortimer descibes coping with all of the problems created by the high water and flooding; Cindy Cartwright talks about hummingbirds; Celine Bak of the International Institute for Sustainable Development has reaction to a warning from the Bank of Canada that climate change could be a threat to our economy; Kirsten Luce explains how even well-meaning tourists can have adetrimental effect on wildlife; Haydn Watters introduces us to Wayne Etmanski, the deer whisperer.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday May 16, 2019

A discussion of the World Health Organization's new recommendations on reducing the risk of dementia with Mary Schulz of The Alzheimer Society of Canada; Our Queen's Park reporter Mike Crawley with his weekly update on provincial affairs; Family doctor Ramona Coelho explains why she doesn't support a court decision that doctors who object to assisted dying on moral grounds must still give patients referrals to other doctors; Author Jon Steinman calls for more co-ops to compete with the large national grocery store chains; Former diplomat John Higginbotham offers analysis of the escalation tension between the U-S and China; Family physician Joshua Tepper explains 'precision medicine'; Queen's law professor Kathleen Lahey talks about a case where a man posted intimate images of a former partner; Kevin Callan recommends taking your kids camping!

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday May 15, 2019

The NBA pledges to move towards more gender equity among coaches and referees; Daniel Farb is a psychotherapist and a former rapper known as MC FÜBB. He explains how he hopes his music can motivate people to confront the epidemic of opioid addiction; Peterborough's Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Rosana Salvaterra discusses council's decision to hold a summit meeting later this year on the opioid crisis; Fatima Sajan of the National Council of Canadian Muslims explains the importance of charitable works during Ramadan; Crop manager Mark McLean explains how farmers are coping with the very wet spring and what the weather could mean for yields this year; Author Jordan St. John talks about craft beer; Alicia Mora, a Queen's student who has been honoured for her work with prison inmates in area institutions.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday May 14, 2018

We have reaction to a new policy that will allow gay and bisexual men to donate blood after abstaining from sex for three months; Andrea Gunraj of the Canadian Women's Foundation says there is still need to increase diversity among the judiciary; Mayor Phil Harding of Muskoka Lakes offers his thoughts on the province's new task force to help communities combat flooding; Mandy Rennehan, tne Blue Collar CEO, talks about the rewards of working in the skilled trades; Career and educational planning specialist David Lawson talks about students will be affected when budget cuts force schools to cut certain elective courses; Globe and Mail Arts columnist Kate Taylor explains why Netflix and other online services should by subject to taxes; Pembroke Mayor Michael Lemay has an update on the flooding; Jonathon Walford of The Fashion History Museum in Cambridge describes their exhibit 'Victoria 200'.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday May 14, 2018
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Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday May 13, 2019

Lawyer Maanit Zemel comments on the case where a Kingston doctor successfully sued someone for cyber libel for defamatory claims online; Stacey Love-Jolicoeur describes how a transgender inmate successfully applied for a transfer to an all-female facility; Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry John Yakubuski talks about the province's task force that will help communities deal with the threat of flooding; Dermatologist Sonya Cook, reminds us of the risk from melanoma; Policy analyst Weseem Ahmed discusses bridging the rural-urban divide; Jake Linklater explains how Neyaashiinigmiing on the Bruce Peninsula, is one step closer to becoming Canada's first indigenous community with a license to grow medical marijuana outdoors; Akil Augustine, host of NBA Canada Raptors talks about the team's playoff win that came down to the last second.

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Phil Harding, Mayor of Muskoka Lakes, Graydon Smith, Mayor of Bracebridge and Huntsville Mayor, Scott Aitchison discuss the latest rainfall and flooding in their areas. Connor Amelotte and his Grandmother Robynne Dorion talk about a quilt they worked on. Mayor of Kawartha Lakes, Andy Letham tells us about the Disaster Recovery Assistance program. Natural childbirth? We learn more from Jessica Grose. It's Mental Health Awareness week and we talk to Krysta-lee Woodcock who has benefited from the services in her community. Our movie reviewer Eli Glasner talks about the world of Pokemon. Should homeless people own pets? Beth Daly discusses the pros and cons.

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Ontario Morning Podcast- Thursday May 9, 2019

GM announces $170 million investment in Oshawa. Oshawa Mayor Dan Carter discusses. Will Ontario legislate a wage cap for public sector workers? Mike Crawley tells us more. Rainbow Crosswalk in Barrie. University of Toronto launches Centre for Vaccine Preventable Diseases. Dr. Peter Lin discusses dementia. We learn more about a Kingston Billboard. A running club in Kingston are is helping to build self-esteem and confidence of young women.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast- Thursday May 9, 2019
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Ontario Morning Podcast- Wednesday May 8, 2019

New study is out talking about cancer rates and risks, two young brothers with Cystic Fibrosis are facing potentially different futures, The Green surge in politics, Belleville students podcast called 8 Steps In, president of the Treasury board talks about the recent provincial budget, Mothers Day books with Laura Carter, water conference in Ottawa and we learn more about the Glanmore Museum.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast- Wednesday May 8, 2019
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Ontario Morning Podcast- Tuesday May 7, 2019

Student Curriculum, opioid towns, Samara Centre populism report, royal baby reaction,species cuts, mould cleanup, Blue Bayfield and Trillium Guy.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday May 6, 2019

A recent U.S. study shows that if you add up all the greenhouse gas emissions, meal kits are actually better for the environment than meals made with groceries from the store. Business Digest with Megan Read. CBC's Blair Sanderson explores the different options for children when it comes to learning how to ride a bike. City Councillor Leigh Bursey has always been open about his own mental health, and he hopes to bring attention to a suicide prevention motion on Parliament Hill. Serious flooding across Ontario has left homes in terrible shape and many families trying to figure out how to get back on their feet. The Apple Pie trail in Blue Mountain is getting a little help from council these days. OSAP applications are now open for the 2019-2020 school year, giving us an insight into the actual results of proposed cuts to the program. Donna Guzik takes a look at the week in business. The flooding situation is getting better, but water is still high around the province and the military is still out providing support. Grade 12 students at a Windsor high school are getting a crash course in "growing up."

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday May 6, 2019
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Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday May 3, 2019

The Belleville Police Service acquired two segways with the help of the local Lions Club, and Constable Mark Hall joins to discuss how they will be put to use. Business Digest with Megan Read. CBC's Jason Osler looks at new solutions emerging to prevent unwanted lewd pictures from appearing in your inbox. We'll get an update from CBC's Makda Ghebreslassie from the ground in Bracebridge, where the extent of the flood damage is becoming clear. The Heirloom Seed Sanctuary has gifted their seed collection to two organizations. The PCs are considering raising speed limits on some highways in the province. Film Review with Eli Glasner. Young people across the country are cutting class today to demand action on climate change. May is Museum Month, so we'll go to Oxford County and visit the Ingersoll Cheese Museum.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday May 2, 2019

Lynn Zimmer discusses the founding of Interval House. Business digest with Megan Read. Workplace expert Rubina Ahmed-Haq on touching in the workplace. Parents wrestling with high child care bills may soon need to shell out more to their daycare... Queen's Park reporter Mike Crawley explains why. Rural Ontario has been facing difficulty getting doctors in the area, but is now seeing a surge of medical resident students coming up to northern communities. We'll hear the hopeful story behind a pair of Vincent Van Gogh tattoos. Indigenous people are over-represented in the criminal justice system in Canada, but when it comes to resources in and outside of jails they aren't left with many options, if any at all. A recent study links long-term antibiotic use to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke in women over age 60, so house doctor Peter Lin breaks it down for us. Growing cannabis at home is probably new to many, and with the spring season around the corner, outdoor grows are a new possibility. The provincial government says it plans on plastering gas stations with anti-carbon tax stickers, so Dylan Radcliffe decided to make some stickers of his own.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday May 2, 2019
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Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday May 1, 2019

Protests are planned around the province today, over the government's budget cuts. Business digest with Megan Read. Tech column with Manjula Selvarajah. With a growing number of Canadians working from home, we'll look at how this trend is impacting workers' well-being. We'll speak to a Moon River resident about coping with flooding and leaving his home. We'll also talk to one of the local volunteers who's been helping his neighbours out with sandbags and a schoolteacher who got her students to help. Recent polls show a decline for the Liberals, so a Professor at Queen's University walks us through what that means for the upcoming federal election. Book column. A new study by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada shows the difficulty some medical specialists in this country have finding work. A new book out of Belleville focuses on the homefront efforts during the war, and the stories are recounted through old articles from the Belleville Intelligencer.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday May 1, 2019
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Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday April 30, 2019

A dream find for anyone who appreciates the value of an old harp. Megan Read gives us today's business digest. Paul Karchut is taking a look at premium gasoline and whether it's really worth the splurge at the pumps. It's the end of April and that means you've only got a few hours left to get your taxes in on time. Muskoka Lakes has declared a state of emergency and the Mayor says the flooding has a lot to do with poor water level management on the part of the province. With so many communities dealing with a flood emergency, how is this affecting people's mental health? Politicians are visiting flood zones, filling sandbags...and talking climate change. The Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands has been getting less money than normal from the nearby casino revenues due to heavy competition in the area. Author Andy Potter's new book " Bay of Blood" recently hit shelves across the province and is the first in a series that follows fictional OPP detective Eva Naslund.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday April 29, 2019

Piping plovers have started showing up on Ontario's shores again, but their habitats have been the cause of controversy on several Ontario beaches. Racial and ethnic identity are being considered more in marketing. Is it time to put the brakes on vanity licence plates? The Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority is asking you to soil your undies... we'll explain how burying a pair of underwear can help keep soil healthy. With the heavy rainfall since last Friday, towns in the Muskoka region are still coping with the effects of flooding in the area. Monfort Hospital in Ottawa is the latest to install a machine created by Queen's grads that sanitizes your smart phone. Donna Guzik joins us with a look at business. A new U-S study looks at the different phases of peak creativity. Plant based protein that looks, feels, and tastes like meat is coming to Canadian grocery shelves.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday April 26, 2019

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Sumon Chakrabarti says there's a spike in measles cases worldwide because the rate of vaccinations has dropped in recent years; Peterborough councillor Stephen Wright, who is an Airbnb host, explains why he would like to see Airbnb in the city subject to the same tax as hotels; Andrea Minano of the Flood Policy Research Group explains how we may be affected by cuts to the budgets of conservation authorities; Lawyer Cathy Guirguis explains why the Saugeen Ojibway Nation is taking the federal and provincial governments to court over a land claims in the Bruce Peninsula area; A maple say tsunami. Bill Hubbert talks about their banner year for maple syrup; Mike Burrell,co-author of 'Best Places to Bird in Ontario'.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday April 25, 2019

CBC's Queen's Park reporter Mike Crawley looks at what may or may not be the effect of various funding cuts that have become apparent following the release of the new provincial budget; Barrie may follow the lead of Guelph with an initiative called 'Downtown Welcoming Streets' that would make an outreach worker available to intervene rather than a police officer should a situation warrant it; Collection of books on local Ontario history donated to St. Lawrence College; Names for new streets in Barrie; Family doctor Peter Lin discusses some of the health risks associated with shift work; 'Contract cheating' companies that provide essays for university students for a fee Mario Bertrand, wild turkey tracker.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday April 24, 2019

Leafs fan Mike Wilson saw 89 games this season including last night's season-ending loss to the Bruins. He spoke to us en route to Canada, where our conversation was interrupted by a local police officer; Phil Gurski a former analyst with CSIS discusses the Sri Lankan government's decision to shut down social media following the terrorist bombings; Muskoka flooding: Mayors Graydon Smith of Bracebridge and Scott Aitchison of Huntsville; local Huntsville merchant Randy Mitson; Chris Davis, another disappointed Leafs fan, whose wife roots for the Boston Bruins; Marking Independent Bookstore Day with Kathryn Corbett; Peterborough paediatrician Karolyn Hardy-Brown explains how they help babies undergoing opioid withdrawal.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday April 23, 2019

Barbara Franchetto of the Southen Ontario Library Service explains what will be the effect of the province's cuts to library service funding; Andrew Parkin of the Monk Centre talks about how Ontario is perceived by other parts of Canada; Mike Cavanagh of the Ontario Pharmacists Association responds to the provincial government's proposal to permit pharmacists to make diagnoses and offer prescriptions for dozens of conditions; U-S congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she's given up Facebook entirely, and will limit her use of other social media. We ask Sam Fiorella of Seneca College if this could be the start of a trend; Richard Reznick Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Queen's University explains how they came to issue an apology for a policy the excluded blacks from entering medical school until 1965; Trisha Dougherty of the Kawartha Store in Fenelon Falls talks about how she benefited from the Million Dollar Makeover; Katherine Homuth tells us about their nearly indestructible Sheertex pantyhose.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday April 23, 2019
[mp3 file: runs 00:46:15]

Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday April 18, 2019

Details from a national survey of hospital patients on how well medical staff are communicating information about procedures and aftercare; Our Queen's Park reporter Mike Crawley describes some obstacles in the way of the province's plan to expand beer sales; Peterborough may lose its Board of Health and Medical Officer of Health under provincial restructuring; Lack of diversity in kids t.v.; Two Brighton high school students describe the bioplastic they have created that has earned them a spot at a national science fair; How to diagnose concussion in children; A marketing professor describes what kind of strategy might convince more of us to register as organ donors.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday April 18, 2019
[mp3 file: runs 00:48:15]

Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday April 17, 2019

Architectural historian Shannon Kyles explains how susceptible Ontario's historic churches, hotels, homes and shops might be to fire; Journalist Catherine Field has an update from Paris in the aftermath of the fire at Notre Dame cathedral; Jason Fraser, a paramedic who works in Peteborough, has reaction to the province's plan to merge 59 local ambulance services into 10 regional ones; Neuropsychologist Patricia Boyle explains their study that showed a link between 'low scam awareness' and the onset of cognitive impairment; Daniel Myran a medical doctor and expert in public health, expresses his reservations about the decision to lessen restrictions on alochol use in Ontario; New tapeworm carried by coyotes and foxes can infect dogs and humans; Michlee Pinchev addresses the question: Are we depriving ourselves of richer interactions by posting our news to social media sites like Facebook? Councillor Mike McCann explains why Barrie should become a 'bee' city.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday April 17, 2019
[mp3 file: runs 00:50:10]

Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday April 16, 2019

Kingston doctor Gregory Murphy explains his concerns about the province's plan to put lower limits on injections for the relief of chronic pain; The head of Georgian College MaryLynn West-Moynes, approves of proposed changes to how the province will fund post-secondary institutions; University of Ottawa law professor Stewart Elgie will be intervening at the Court of Appeals hearing of Ontario's challenge to the federal carbon tax; Natasha Sharma talks about 'positive parenting'; Pekka Reino an elementary school teacher in Simcoe County talks about a town hall meeting that was held to discuss education issues; Kingston veterinarian Ryan Llera explains how some pet owners are now experiencing 'vaccine hesitancy'.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday April 16, 2019
[mp3 file: runs 00:39:45]

Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday April 15, 2019

Lisa Gue of the David Suzuki Foundation explains why they feel the federal government should be enacting more stringent restrictions on neonicotinoid pesticides; Heather Russek of the Brookfield Institute talks about their research into what kind of expertise may be needed in the job market in 2030; Nour Alideeb of the Canadian Federation of Students explains their objections to the province's proposed policy to tie funding of post-secondary schools to certain performance criteria; Grey County Warden Selwyn Hicks explains how affordable housing emerged as one the most important issues during a recent forum; Brigitte Vezina, Fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation explains how copyright could be used to prevent cultural appropriation; Samantha Yammine - Science Sam - talks about the global shortage of helium.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday April 15, 2019
[mp3 file: runs 00:50:15]

Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday April 12, 2019

Samantha Fink from Queen's University in Kingston winner of Amnesty International's Youth Media Prize; Lindsay Bird of CBC Cornerbrook looks at the influence of women in the 'zero waste' movement; Three interviews and three different reactions to yesterday's provincial budget: Treasury Board Board President and Conservative MPP for Pickering-Uxbridge Peter Bethlenfalvy; The NDP's leader of the Opposition, Andrea Horwath; Ian Lee, economist at Carleton University; Natalia Moudrak of the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation discusses changes coming to the building code in response to climate change; Chef Clarke Day talks about the Corks and Forks Festival in Kingston.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday April 12, 2019
[mp3 file: runs 00:50:41]

Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday April 11, 2019

The Canadian Paediatric Society is encouraging doctors to make a point of asking parents about relationships, routines and how their family functions as these are all factors that can affect a child's development; The CBC's Queen's Park reporter Mike Crawley previews the provincial budget that will be tabled today; The Mayor of Belleville, Mitch Panciuk, responds to critics of his 'prayer breakfast' with members of the local faith community; Peterborough Detective Constable Keith Calderwood talks about some scams that are targetting seniors; Family doctor Peter Lin explains why it's never too late to benefit from getting exercise; Author Robert Clarke is combining his love of movies and history, to write a book about the history of movie theatres in his home town of Peterborough; Orleans M.P.P. Marie-France Lalonde talks about her private member's bill to make a permanent change to Daylight Saving Time.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday April 11, 2019
[mp3 file: runs 00:49:01]

Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday April 10, 2019

Tim Wharmsby previews the N.H.L. playoffs; Sheila Block, Senior economist with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives discusses what she expects to see in tomorrow's provincial budget; Dr. Colin of the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit talks about 'vaccine hesitancy' and the recent re-appearance of mumps in the community; Kimberly Sutherland Mills has some recommended reading on the theme of space travel; Stephanie Carvin of Carleton University offers her perspective on the first annual report by the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians; Jeremiah Bowes: metal detecting man.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday April 10, 2019
[mp3 file: runs 00:41:16]

Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday April 9, 2019

The British government is considering legislation to regulate and if necessary sanction social media companies like Facebook; Martha Friendly of the Childcare Resource and Research Unit has serious reservations about the province paying a rebate for child care services; Freelance sports writer Graham Kritzer recounts his experience tailgating in the States; Dr. Javeed Sukhera of the Ontario Psychiatric Association responds to reports that the province may put a cap on the number of visits by a patient each year; Massimon Bergamini represents an association major airlines in Canada. He makes the case for the federal to postpone implementing a passengers bill of rights; Humorous memes from vintage pictures at the Orillia Museum of Art and History.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday April 9, 2019
[mp3 file: runs 00:42:11]

Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday April 8, 2019

Space journalist Elizabeth Howell looks ahead to the spacewalk this morning by Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques; Wendy Parker introduces to the members of a knitting club for men in Winnipeg; Diane Lloyd, chair of the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board talks about the prospect of eliminating as many as 55 teaching positions; Kelly Pedro describes 'vaccine hesitancy'; Michael Bryant describes how they've brought a free ride service to the Kawartha Lakes area; Nephrologist Dr. Joanne Bargman talks about the hazards from an overdose of Vitamin D; Clearwater Township Mayor Doug Measures talks about the local impact of Roxodus, the four-day classic rock festival coming to his community.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday April 8, 2019
[mp3 file: runs 00:42:23]

Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday April 5, 2019

Ottawa quietly hoping to change border enforcement regulations in order to reduce the influx of irregular asylum seekers; Reaction to speculation that the province may require all teachers to be tested annually in math; Cannabis comes to Kingston; Doctor Nadia Alam ,President of the Ontario Medical Association, responds to a report on Toronto Star report about the serious decline in vaccination rates in Ontaro; Musician Matt Epp and storyteller Isasc Murdoch talks about their 'Unity Concert'; A reading retreat in Prince Edward County.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday April 5, 2019
[mp3 file: runs 00:47:08]

Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday April 4, 2019

Mike McKay of the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research at the University of Windsor talks about the significance of the declining ice cover over the lakes in winter; Our Queen's Park reporter Mike Crawley talks about the surprising response the PC government is getting to its plan to change the slogan on vehicle license plates; Maryam Monsef, Peterborough M..P and Minister for Women and Gender Equality is asked about the expulsion of Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott from the Liberal caucus; Journalism professor Ann Rauhala discusses how our reaction to the SNC imbroglio tends reflect our ingrained interests and biases; Dr. Joshua Tepper explains hands-on C.P.R.; Natalie Moore and Amina Vance are two students who organized today's protest against new education policies brought in by the new provincial government.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday April 4, 2019
[mp3 file: runs 00:49:06]

Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday April 3, 2019

Duane Bratt a political scientist at Mount Royal University in Calgary offers his perspective on the expulsion of Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott from the Liberal caucus; Vassy Kapelos, host of the CBC's Power and Politics updates us on the Prime Minister's decision to remove Wilson-Raybould and Philpott from caucus; Dr. Katherine Morrison talks about a study she has led on assessing and helping obese children; Courtney Szto of Queen's University tells about a recent roundtable on racism in hockey; In this week's books column Isabell Patton offers up some 'guilty pleasures'; Former principal Dan Witt explains how student suspensions were dramatically reduced at his school; Caylin Turner ,a student at Regiopolis-Notre Dame High School in Kingston talk about taking part in the Canadian Improv Games.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday April 3, 2019
[mp3 file: runs 00:49:00]

Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday April 2, 2019

Survey commissioned by the Broadbent Institute found that more and more Canadians feel they are having trouble keeping up with the rising cost of living; Matt Turner, a harm reduction Coordinator in Barrie, discusses the prospects for a safe injection site in the city; Environmental economist Dave Sawyer looks at the dollars and cents of the carbon tax; John Lawford of the Public Interest Advocacy Centre talks about the growing incidence of 'bill shock' among cell phone users; Outgoing Environmental Commissioner Diane Saxe advocates for putting a price on carbon; Fran Rider of the Ontario Women's Hockey Association talks about the effect of the end of the Canadian Women's Hockey League on young female athletes; Katreena Scott of OISE discusses the effectiveness of suspensions in maintaining student discipline.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday April 2, 2019
[mp3 file: runs 00:47:16]

Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday April 1, 2019

Members of the Ontario College of Teachers are teaching teachers about how to help students struggling with mental health; The ride-sharing service Lyft had a very successful IPO last week. What does this say about the about the way we think about public transportation?; Could Kingston's legal cannabis shop become a tourist draw?; A new book on living with and care for a preemie; Federal Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna and Ontario's Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks Rod Philips outline their respective administrations' positions on the carbon tax; Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman explains his frustration with the province's 'catch and release' approach to certain types of offenders following their arrest; We ask the Director of Education at the Trillium Lakelands School Board about the rising rate of suspension of students and whether it is an effective response to discipline problems.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday April 1, 2019
[mp3 file: runs 00:58:01]

Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday March 29, 2019

Mark Read of the Kingston Field Naturalists talks about the re-emerging bald eagle population; Bernadette Conant, the CEO of the Canadian Water Network, talks about their Aquahacking competition; Lawyer Mike Perry explains why he hopes to bring a class action suit against the province for the cancellation of the basic income pilot project; Ross McKenzie of the University of Waterloo's Centre for Automotive Research marks the end of Ontario's Drive Clean program; Innisfil Mayor Lynn Dollin explains how they will accept payment in Bitcoin for property taxes; Irwin Elman, Ontario's Child and Youth Advocate, reflects on his organization's accomplishments as the office prepares to cease operations.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday March 29, 2019
[mp3 file: runs 00:48:44]

Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday March 28, 2019

Economics professor Michael Veall discusses the likelihood we are heading into a recession; Today in our series 'Broke' psychiatrist Kwame McKenzie says our social contract is increasingly geared towards basic survival, rather than to providing social and economic security; Dave Marino Spiritleaf talks about the preparations to open Kingston's first legal pot shop; Family doctor Peter Lin describes how virtual reality is being used to treat phobias; The CBC's Christina Jung visits the Neskantaga First Nation where the community has endured a boil water advisory for over 25 years; Chef Dylan Benoit, host of the cooking show 'Fire Masters'.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday March 28, 2019
[mp3 file: runs 00:52:12]

Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday March 27, 2019

Barrie councillor Natalie Harris explains why she wanted the city to declare a state of emergency over the opioid epidemic; Journalist Oliver Wiseman has an update from London on the Brexit debate; Lynda Collins from the University of Ottawa discusses how some jurisdictions are hoping to sue fossil fuel producers for the cost of the damage caused by pollution; In part three of the series 'So Broke' Amanda Terfloth explains how even sharing rent with three others takes up more than half of her income; Beyhan Farhadi, a former teacher who researches e-learning at the University of Toronto, is skeptical of the value of e-courses being mandated for Ontario high schools; Porter Airlines announces new commuter flights to Muskoka; History and historical fiction, some recommended reading from Michele Berry.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday March 27, 2019
[mp3 file: runs 00:47:26]

Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday March 26, 2019

Historian and lawyer Anthony Gaughan discusses the Democrats' political situation following the release of the Meuller report and what other legal difficulties may yet confront President Trump; Ian Semple the Director of Transportation Services for Kingston talks about the creation of two bike boxes to prevent collisions; Staff Sergeant Tom Fournier of the Brockville Police addresses community concerns about youth crime; Michelle PInch, founder of Pinch Social discusses how social media contributes to our sense that we are not doing as well as our peers; Harvey Bischof the head of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation talks about cuts to class size, reduction in teaching staff and the likelihood of a labour dispute in the near future; Haydn Watters continues his New Wave series on water by finding out how conservation areas plan for conditions such as flooding.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday March 26, 2019
[mp3 file: runs 00:47:17]

Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday March 21, 2019

An update on the relief efforts in southern Africa in the aftermath of Cyclone Idai from Melanie Gallant Oxfam Canada; Owen Sound councillor Richard Thomas explains the debate over whether or not to scrap a tax rebate for empty commercial properties in hopes of reducing vacancies downtown; Joe Taylor mayor of Otonabee-South Monaghan explains what they may do with the hundreds of thousands they got from the province to improve service delivery; Former M.P.P. Bill Murdoch who was once suspended from the P.C. party caucus discusses M.P.P. Randy Hillier's expulsion; Robert Haller of the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association discusses the problem of lead in the municipal water supply.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday March 21, 2019
[mp3 file: runs 00:43:46]

Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday March 22, 2019

The need to know more about the possible risks from cannabis consumption during pregnancy; The CBC's Haydn Watters tells us about his trip to ClearWater Farm near Lake Simcoe which will be part of the conservation effort from the Ontario Water Centre; Jerry Horwath, long-time radio play-by-play announcer talks about his career and his new book 'Hello, Friends! Stories from my Life and Blue Jays Baseball'; Aviation expert Arthur Rosenburg discusses the safety options that had not been installed on the two Boeing 737 Max 8 airliners that crashed; Julia Tanner, Peterbourgh Petes superfan; Braden Kenny talks about the family maple syrup operation that's been in business since the 1930's.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday March 22, 2019
[mp3 file: runs 00:42:06]

Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday March 21, 2019

Steve Clark Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing discusses a $200-million dollar investment in modernizing small town service delivery; Barrie councillor Robert Thomson talks about the traffic and safety problems developing around school drop off zones; The CBC's Mike Crawley talks about the findings by the Ethics Commissioner who found no breach in the selection of Ron Taverner to become head of the O.P.P.; New federal money to help with the growing number of Canadians with dementia; Local Kingston mortgage specialist Cris Viela explains some of the new regulations designed to make home ownership easier for some people; Family doctor Peter Lin talks about the hazards of blood clots; Study by Frontier College shows a link between poverty and a low literacy level; Author Joy Kogawa talks about her new interactive project 'East of the Rockies'.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday March 21, 2019
[mp3 file: runs 00:50:16]

Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday March 20, 2019

Environment Canada's Dave Phillips joins us for the first day of spring; Update on the World Figure Skating Championships from Carol Lane; Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman explains how the city may use new infrastructure funds earmarked in the federal budget; : Spencer Julien is a former student advisor to the provincial government who joined his colleagues in speaking out about recent changes in education policy; Kerry Clair has recommends some book to read this spring; Mark Palmer explains Safe Sump - a sump pump that includes a monitoring system connected to the internet; Political scientist Jared Wesley on the federal Liberals and millennial voters.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday March 20, 2019
[mp3 file: runs 00:46:14]