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Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday September 19, 2019

Reaction to the news that a young person in London, Ontario has been hospitalized with severe regulatory illness attributed to vaping; The journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings recently published a guide for clinicians on the use of the cannabis derivative CBD. Family doctor Iris Gorfinkel offers a medical perspective; Jonathan Molloy a political scientist discusses how the election campaign could change with the release of the photo of Liberal leader Justin Trudeau in brownface; Matt MacEwen, an orthopedic surgeon at Quinte Health explains how they reduced the amount of opioids prescribed by 36%; Barbara Little of the Meaford Refugee Welcome Group describes their experience when Syrian refugees came to the community; Family doctor Peter tells us about preparations for the coming flu season and why there may be a shortage of some vaccine; Jaskaran Singh Sandhu is a lawyer, communications professional and a member of the World Sikh Organization of Canada.He offers his reaction to the images of Justin Trudeau in brownface; Carlotta James of Peterborough is the co-founder of the Monarch Ultra Run which will take runners all the way to the Sierra Madre mountains in Mexico.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday September 17, 2019

Jay Rosenthal, from the Business of Cannabis, explains why the Ontario Cannabis Store reported losses but explained why a turnaround can be expected; Rob Hailman of Trent Radio provides reaction to the news that 97% of students opted out of contributing to the station's operation; The CBC's Dave Seglins explains how asbestos from General Electric's plant in Peterborough may have found its way into local homes; Economist Atif Kurbasi talks about the political and economic fallout from the attack on the Saudi oil refineries; Ramez Al-Jassem is a Syrian refugee who came to Prince Edward County with his parents and 10 siblings. He is now at Loyalist College and hopes to become a police officer; Colin Wiginton the Cultural director for the City of Kingston previews a debate that will be help tonight on the legacy of our first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald; Logan McCarty of Harvard University explains the concept - and effectiveness - of what is called 'active learning'.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday September 16, 2019

Lisa Taylor, author of 'The Talent Revolution: Longevity and the Future of Work' talks about when and if it's appropriate to share you political opinions at work; A group of young Canadians is launching a pledge not to have children, until the government takes urgent action against climate change. Alienor Rougeot explains why she has taken the birth strike pledge; Erik Schomann describes how he was removed as a Green Party after a questionable Facebook posting from 10 years ago was revealed; Denise Tucker a Barrie business owner tells about a pilot project called Connected Core in which businesses will attempt to get help for marginalized individuals; Orlando Ferro of the Quinte United Immigration Services describes helping to resettle Syrian refugees over the last four years; Collingwood councillor Yvonne Hamline explains why she feels the town needs to adopt a policy that will designate certain streets as play areas; Jennifer Jones tells us about the new food policy for the libraries in Peterborough.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday September 13, 2019

94-year-old Will Dwyer has participated in every Terry Fox Run. He and his son Robert talk about how he has now raised over $1 million for the charity; Documentary filmmaker Andrea Conte about his latest project on the TV show 'Contact' that was produced by inmates at the Kingston Penitentiary; Bruce Campion-Smith of the Toronto Star offers his analysis of last night's leaders debate; Cynthia McLeod of Huntsville talks about her proposal to swap houses with another local family; Environmentalist David Suzuki and from NDP leader Stephen Lewis talk about their campaign to make climate change one of the primary issues for this federal election; Daryl Tempest of the Canadian Vaping Association explains that in spite of recent deaths in the U.S., their product remains relatively safe - especially when used to as an aid to stop smoking; Andy Thompson tells us about BRAVE, the documentary film series he's organized in Barrie.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday September 12, 2019

Paul Thomas of Samara Centre for Democracy has some recommendations on how to improve on how we can improve our political process in Canada; Andre Picard of the Globe and Mail talks about the growing concerns about vaping following hundreds of cases of illness and six deaths in the United States; Political scientist Barry Kay of Wilfred Laurier University talks about some of the issues that will be motivating voters in the federal election; Angelique Magi who is with the insurers Guarantee Company of North America talks about the billions in dollars of cargo theft every year in Canada; Family doctor Peter Lin explains research that suggests that treating hypertension could reduce the incidence of dementia; Cornwall Fire Chief Pierre Voisine explains why they felt the need to regulate backyard fires; Guy Faulkner is a professor of kinesiology and the producer of the documentary, 'Running Free: Children's Independent Mobility'. He talks about the benefits for 'free-range' kids.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday September 11, 2019

The Mayor of Penetanguishine makes the case for locating the proposed French language university in his community; Teacher and tutor Ewa Kasinska explains the connection between personal confidence and learning to do math; Meredith Wilson-Smith of the university student newspaper 'Queen's Journal' explains how they are preparing for the possibility of funding cuts if a significant number of students opt out of directing their student fees to support its operation; Mark Sedra of the Balsillie School of International Affairs talks about the America's continuing military involvement in Afghanistan; Anne Kingston of 'Macleans' magazine discusses the Green Party as they prepare to begin the election campaign; Liz Coates talks about fiction that deals with the post 9/11 world; Vassy Kapelos, host the CBC's Power and Politics talks about the national political scene with the election set to begin later today; The Reverend Kevin Fast of Cobourg, the man who holds the Guinness World Record as 'the world's strongest priest'.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday September 10, 2019

We'll get an update on how farmers are faring after a cool spring and a not-so-hot summer from Mark McLean of Brucelea Poultry Farm; Kitchener M.P.P. Amy Fee talks about finally getting the province to mandate school boards to allow service animals to accompany children into the classroom; Dietician Susan Osher explains orthorexia nervosa, a mental disorder characterised by an obsession with 'clean' eating; Dr. Mitesh Patel describes their study that found that competition can motivate people to reach their exercise and diet goals; Brea Hutchinson of the Sexual Assault Centre in Kingston explains her reservations about the province's new Victim Quick Response program; Rob Benzie, Queen's Park bureau chief for The Toronto Star, talks about the province's about-face on funding a new French-language university.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday September 9, 2019

Basile Dorion is a Franco-Ontarian living near Penetanguishine. He's hoping to take French school boards to court they're depriving Franco-Ontarians of their constitutional right to an education in their mother tongue; Dr. Iris Gorfinkel describes a new classification for behaviours that may indicate alcohol dependency 'alcohol use disorder'; The CBC's Jackie Sharkey reports on how the cancellation of certain high school courses could compromise some students' ability to pursue the programs they want in university; Maria Constandinou, ambulance communications officer in Kingston tells about her song '10-4' that she wrote in tribute to first responders; Carleton University political scientist Jonathan Molloy explains how the major parties are preparing their messages for the upcoming election; Linda Mussell a Phd. candidate at Queen's University and Bhavana Varma offer their perspectives on whether the Kingston Penitentiary is an appropriate site for a benefit concert.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday September 6, 2019

Ryan Mulligan of Queen's University is an expert on storm surge and large waves caused by hurricanes talks about the devastating effect of Hurricane Dorian; Sylvain Charlebois of Dalhousie University discusses 'molecular coffee' - coffee that has been fabricated without the beans; Dave Goodbrand of Barrie tells us how his son Grant found himself stranded in the Bahamas during Hurricane Dorian and how they managed to get him back to the mainland; Dietician Adrianna Smallwood provides some context for a study that suggested daily consumption of soft drinks can lead to premature death; Fadi Masoud, an Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Toronto talks about what needs to considered before reconstruction begins on the Bahamas; John Hancock of the Prince Edward Cattlemen's Association has reaction to a large-scale beef processing plant proposed by Frank Stronach.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday September 5, 2019

Tyler Smith a researcher at the University of Missouri talks about the importance of parental involvement with their child's school and education; At the age of 62, Linda Hamilton is returning to the movies as an action hero. Karen Gordon discusses whether this signals that older women will no longer be so limited in film roles; Nora Spinks of the Vanier Institute discusses how attention also has to be paid to the families of people suffering from PTSD; Eve Gilbert, a high school student from Kingston, tells us about the app she created called AllowMe that remotely activates automated doors; Our Queen's Park reporter Mike Crawley tells us about two attractions put on by the St. Lawrence Parks Commission that have been racking up big losses; Dr. Seema Marwaha talks about a study that shows a correlation between using the birth control pill at a young age and depression later in life; The CBC's Paula Duhatschek reports on new curriculum being designed by the Waterloo Regional School Board to educate younger students about human trafficking.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday September 4, 2019

Graeme Davis a forester with Simcoe County talks about their project to create habitat for the endangered Kirtland Warbler; Ashley Chapman recalls the fire that destroyed the family ice cream factory in Markdale ten years ago; James Casey explains how changes to OSAP funding by the provincial government means he will be unable to finance this year at university; Career coach Barbara Wilson says fall is a good time to re-evaluate your career; John Ashmore of CAP-X in Britain talks about the current turmoil over the future of Brexit; Author Terry Fallis talks about his new novel 'Albatross'; Disability advocate David Lepofsky says the province should reconsider the pilot program for e-scooters; Psychologist Mike Boyes discusses a recent study that increasing screen time may be eliminating childrens' needs for imaginary friends.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday September 3, 219

David Morley of UNICEF Canada spoke about their new study that revealed that a surprisingly large number of Canadian children are dealing with hunger, stress and loneliness; Sally Meseret of the Ontario Student Trustees' Association, talks about heading back to high school to face staff reductions as well as changes to the curriculum; Pedro Antunes of the Conference Board of Canada talks their recent study that revealed most immigrants to Ontario are moving to the GTA; Kayleigh Beaudry, a graduate student in the department of Kineseology at the University of Waterloo is studying what seems like routine weight gain among new students; Angelo Caravaggio describes a new course at Trent University for senior polce officers; Will Greene, Vice President of University Affairs, at Queen''s University in Kingston talks about their efforts to promote a dry Frosh week.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday August 30, 2019

CBC sports writer Benjamin Bloom previews Canada's chances in the upcoming Basketball World Cup; Lonnie Bissonnette describes how he likes to skydive - in his wheelchair; Andrew Campbell is a Grade Five teacher who blogs on education issues. He talks about staffing cuts; Ian Gilson, Director of the Canadian Safe Boating Council talks about water safety issues; Lisa Carver of Queen's Universty in Kingston discusses the need for more community support to help keep older people and their pets together; Duncan MacDonald talks about the very first Canadian Snowball Throwing Championship in Brockville.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday August 29, 2019

Sue Chan from the University of Guelph explains how neonicotinoids are threatening the ground-dwelling hoary squash bee; Nora Spinks of the Vanier Institute examines the implications of how one in seven seniors in Canada are considered low-income; Nicole Bonnie from the Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies talks about a new survey that will be going out to relevant parties and offers her perspective on the recent upheaval that resulted following cuts by the provincial government; Beverly Beurmann-King talks about 'positive stress'; Wendy Craig from Queen's University offers strategies to help young students deal with bullying; Family doctor Peter Lin talks about preparing kids to return to school; Financial literacy and credit counsellor Pamela George offers advice for students - and parents - in preparation for post-secondary school.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday August 28, 2019

Tyler Chamberlin of the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa explains how our patent system could be allowing homegrown innovations to be co-opted by corporations; The Warden of Peterborough J. Murray Jones; discusses voting on resolutions on whether or not local municipalities will endorse the sale of beer and wine in local convenience stores; Bill Bogart, law professor and author of the book "Off The Street: Legalizing Drugs" talks discusses the implications of the massive fine levied against Johnson & Johnson for the promotion of the sale of opioids; Peterborough reporter Joelle Kovach updates up us on the situation at Victoria Park where homeless campers will be required to leave; Vanessa Vakharia, CEO of The Math Guru, offers her reaction to the province's requirement that all teachers will be required to meet a minimum standard in math; Nadia Danyluk recommends some thought-provoking non-fiction reading.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday August 27, 2019

Sara George an Indigenous Justice Coordinator with the Elgin Oxford Legal Clinic explains how people can qualify as the deadline approaches to apply for compensation for the 'Sixties Scoop'; James Fawthrop, with Parks and Recreation in Cornwall explains why the city is letting some land go 'natural'; Christian Harvey of the Warming Room in Peterborough talks about the situation for the city's homeless who were about to be evicted from Victoria Park; Career coach Sarah Vermunt has reaction to a study on gender bias in hiring; Ivo Finotti explains why he responded to someone who made an anonymous complaint to an owner of a local ice cream store who allowed dogs on the premises; Robert Haller of the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association describes how Stats Can used samples of waste water to determine the amount of drug use in five cities; Joelle Kovach of the Peterborough Examiner reports from Victoria Park where homeless campers are due to be evicted; Ellen Hyslop tells us about 'Gist', the sports website written by women for women.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday August 26, 2019

Parenting columnist, therapist and author Natasha Sharma talks about a study that found 'empty nesters' are happier than people who never had children; Councillor Ron Ashmore talks about efforts to get a gas station for the little town in the Peterborough area; Dr. Iris Gorfinkel offers her perspective on the proposed changes to OHIP coverage; Science broadcaster and author, Ziya Tong, talks about a study that revealed that lodgepole pines can communicate to other trees when the are under attack from insects; Annie Kidder of People of Education responds to the Education Minster's announcement that class sizes in high school will only increase marginally this fall; Megan Knott of Tourism Kingston talks discusses the city's efforts to regulate short term rentals like AIrbnb in order to free up units for permanent housing.

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Ontario Morning - Friday August 23, 2019 - Part 1

Kelsey Scarfone of Environmental Defense explains how toxic algae blooms are becoming a risk beyond Lake Erie; Megan Read has the business digest; Scott Stuart recounts how he was on a back country canoeing trip in Algonquin Park and found himself fighting a ground fire; Leigh Vanderloo of ParticipACTION tells us about a study that shows that owning a dog can be good for your health.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday August 23, 2019

Kelsey Scarfone of Environmental Defence explains how toxic algae blooms are becoming a risk beyond Lake Erie; Scott Stuart recounts how he was on a back country canoeing trip in Algonquin Park and found himself fighting a ground fire; Leigh Vanderloo of ParticipACTION tells us about a study that shows that owning a dog can be good for your health.Cara Zwibel of Canadian Civil Liberties Association explains their opposition to the province's policy to order stickers on the carbon tax to be applied to gas pumps; Sarah Campbell of the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority talks about their call for volunteers to 'Fight the Phrag' - the highly invasive phragomites grass. The CBC's Alex Brockman reports from Yellowknife on how climate change and warming temperatures are causing the ground to shift under some people's homes; Kim Gavine, the General Manager of Conservation Ontario, describes some of the uncertainty created by the province's redirection of the core responsibilities of local conservation authorities; Thom Lambert tells us about 'Dinner on the Dock' a new take-out service in Haliburton.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday August 22, 2019

Megan Leslie Worlld Wildlife Fund Canada talks about the confusion over created by Elections Canada over the ability of non-profits to advocate on issues such as climate change during the federal election; Dorothy Olver with Peterborough's Homelessness and Addiction Services updates us on the situation for homeless people who created the campground in Victoria Park; Ary Marharaj of the National Eating Disorder Information Center talks about how the idea of dieting or losing weight is being stigmatized by certain body-image advocates; Robert Winslow of the 4th Line Theatre tells us about his latest production "Carmel"; John Cardillo Jr. talks about homelessness affecting young people and his documentary film " No Home in Sight" that premiers tonight in Collingwood.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday August 21, 2019

Tom Caldwell, Chairman of Caldwell Securities discusses recent reversals in the markets and the prospect of a recession; Mike Dixon of the School of Environmental Science at University of Guelph expresses concern that Canada may fail to become a leader in the field of medical cannabis research; Terry Rees of the Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Association has reaction to a proposal from the Ontario Energy Board that could mean that electricity costs will more than double for some cottage owners; What books are librarians reading right now? Liz Coates of the Kingston Frontenac Public Library shares some recommendations; Gynecologist Dr. Ashley Waddington talks about how local need led to the founding of two transgender health clinics in Kingston; Shannon Lee Simmons, financial planner and founder of the New School of Finance, has some budgeting tips for students heading to college and university.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday August 20, 2019

The Ontario government confirmed yesterday it's cutting public health funding to muncipalities, the chair of the York Region explains; a unique transformation is underway at a closed historic school in Peterborough; Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman reacts to the Ford government's cuts to municipal public health funding; Diana Rivera of the Brookfield institute of Innovation about the jobs of the future; Phil Gurski, president of Borealis Threat and Risk Consulting and a former analyst with C-SIS explains the case of "Jihadi Jack"; P-flag Canada explains the significance of politicians being open with the public about their sexuality; Catherine Wilson and artist Ruth McLean talk about their new book "Eulalie's Journey To Algonquin with Tom Thomson."

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday August 19, 2019

Christian Harvey of the Warming Room shelter in Peterborough updates us on the decision to remove homeless people who are camping out in Victoria Park and what possible solutions there may be to finding them permanent shelter; Matthew Gerrit who is a member of the Undergraduate Student Association at the University of Waterloo has tips for freshmen who may be finding the transition to university life difficult; Auston Pierce of the Alma Mater Society at Queen's University discusses how certain programs and services may be affected now that students can opt out of paying specific fees; Technology writer Takara Small has the latest on how private calls and messages from smart home devices and phones are being monitored - and transcribed; Ann-Majella McKelvie, of the Trent Central Student Association tells us what it's like trying to find a place to rent off-campus given the shortage of affordable housing in Peterborough; Dr. Kanwal Raghav from the M-D Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, talks about the importance of having a racially-diverse group of people in clinical trials for drugs.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday August 16, 2019

Dr. Courtney Howard talks about the feelings of grief many people are feeling as a result of witnessing climate change first hand; Nora Spinks, CEO of the Vanier Institute of the Family, talks about the stigma that remains around men taking time to care for their children; Barrie Police warn the public of the new swindle that's making its way to the community; Environmentalist Tim Gray tells us why the government's plan to change recycling in the province matters and whether it goes far enough; CBC Ottawa's Jennifer Chevalier discects the science behind a UN report that encourages eating less meat to help curb climate change; Brynn Winegard says Nike has launched a sneaker subscription service for kids to compete with Amazon and build brand loyalty, but consumers shouldn't expect to save money; Selim Akl, a professor with the School of Computing at Queen's University, discusses the changes that have occured over the school's 50 year history.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday August 15, 2019

Kingston librarian Anne Soper on her mission to track down more about Kate Crooks,a woman who was instrumental in naming hundreds of species of wildflowers; Co-driector Kevin Eastwood on the new documentary that follows the Humboldt Broncos and as they try to move forward in the year following the deadly bus crash; Kingston Mayor Bryan Paterson discussed the idea of attracting more cruise ships to Kingston's part of Lake Ontario; Daniel Noronha from Cobourg Collegiate Institute on competing against 6000 other students from around the globe at the World Scholar's Cup in Sydney; Cornwall Mayor Bernadette Clement on the city's new cat control bylaw; Doctor Peter Lin on a blood test which can detect Alzheimer's disease much earlier...with 94 per cent accuracy; Michelle Guerrero is the lead author of a study looking for links between screen time, sleep and impulsive behaviour that was published in the journal 'Pediatrics' this week; Linda Goldman shares her experiences at Woodstock, 50 years later.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday August 13, 2019

Dave Korzinsk of the Angus Reid Institute discusses their poll that revealed many Canadians over 55, are having trouble paying for prescriptions and devices like hearing aids; Darin Bouchard's daughters were killed in 2016 when a speeding driver lost control of his car. He talks about what changes he would like to see to promote safer highways; Lawyer Michael Spratt has reaction to the pledge of close to $27 million by the federal government to help make up for a shortfall in legal aid services after cuts by the provincial government; J. Murray Jones, Warden of Peterborough County talks about the need to remove the campsites set up by some homeless people in VIctoria Park; Scott Lucas, the Director of Community Growth and Development in Gravenhurst discusses the possibility of some kind of public transit for the town.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday August 12, 2019

Communities in southern Ontario dominated Macleans magazine's list of the 25 best places to live in Canada. Editor Claire Brownell tells us more; O.P.P. Sergeant Kerry Schmidt talks the consequences of dangerous and reckless driving; Sarah Burkeof Habitat for Humanity Peterborough and Kawartha talks about their plan to build 41 condo units; The CBC's Paula Duhatschek tells us about the predicament of a 31 year old father who was unable to get life insurance because of his anxiety disorder; Wayne Lewchuk of the School of Labour Studies at McMaster University discusses what the implications are if Foodora's delivery people successfully join a union; Kate Wright talks about winning a silver medal at the Pan Am Games in Lima, Peru.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday August 9, 2019

Rob Gobeil of the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association talks the about the particular hazards for children living on farms; Lawyer Sandra Ziscind addresses whether or not the penalties for reckless driving are strong enough; Emily Alfred of the Toronto Environmental Allianc and Jeff Yurek, Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks talk about revamping the blue box programs in Ontario; Tobi Kiesewalter marks the 75th anniversary of the Discovery Programs at Ontario parks; Elizabeth King organized 'When Death Was in Fashion' a display focusing on the preoccupation with death in the Victorian age; Luke LaLonde of the Born Ruffians talks about the special tribute at this year's Wolfe Island Music Festival.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday August 8, 2019

Jeff Dorion of the OPP, and Teesha Gaudet, a mental health crisis worker with Wendat Community Programs have teamed up to provide a new response to situations involving persons with mental health problems; Peterborough councillor Henry Clarke address the requests to remove the impromptu campsite of homeless people in Victoria Park; The incoming head of the Canadian Medical Association, Dr. Sandy Buchman, explains some of the obstacles to having the health care system adopting technology that would enable more patient involvement; TV critic Bill Brioux talks about options for viewers as Disney prepares to launch its own streaming service; Dr. Astrid Guttman discusses a study that revealed the difficulty teens with severe mental health issues can have finding continuing care as adults; The Local Fill is a store in Cornwall where you bring your own containers to buy all kinds of household products in bulk. We hear about it from owner Julie Dennis; WWE wrestling superstar Robert Roode drops by the studio.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday August 7, 2019

Terry Vachon of Clearview Township Parks, Culture and Recreation explains why a mother was not permitted to accompany her young son who is on the autism spectrum into the pool during a swimming lesson;Today the Ontario Public Health Association has begun a campaign "Make It Better" to raise awareness of children's vulnerability to the effects of climate change; Kim Snow of Ryerson University discusses the current turmoil within Ontario's child protection services; Brian Shelley of YMCA Simcoe Muskoka describes what is being called the 'green' cottages they are building in Geneva Park; Dwight Walton looks at Canada's prospects in the upcoming World Cup of Basketball; Bookstore owner Tim Fincher tells us about some of this summer's big sellers; The new play 'In The Wake of Wettlaufer' premiers tonight at the Blyth Festival. We hear from author and director Gil Garratt; We check in with Jim Murphy of Regional Tourism about to find out if Porter Airlines' Muskoka-Toronto flights have been a success.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday August 6, 2019

Physiologist Georgia Chaseling explains some misconceptions about keeping cool in hot weather; Scott Parent describes his 500-kilometre-long trip along the coast of Lake Huron with his daughter Acadia, where they collected water samples to test for microplastics; Dr. Sair Sinha director of geriatrics with Sinai Health Systems in Toronto says that more than the 50 million dollars pledged will be needed to implement the federal government's dementia strategy; Julian Aguilar is an immigration and border security reporter for the Texas Tribune. He describes reaction to Saturday's mass murder in El Paso; Jesse Thistle author of "From The Ashes: My Story of Being Metis, Homeless and Finding My Way." ; Technology writer Takara Small talks about the role of the online platform 8chan in disseminating opinions and information linked to the mass murder in El Paso, Texas; Barrie singer-songwriter Briar Summers.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday August 6, 2019
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Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday August 2, 2019

The Women in Trucking Association is recognizing North America's top women-owned trucking businesses. One of them is the Leigh-Anne Donoghue of Peterborough; Jason Levine of Centre for Auto Safety in Washington, D-C. explains the risks of today's 'connected' cars being hacked; James Elliott works with T1 International which advocates for people with Type 1 diabetes. He says that even Canadians can have trouble finding the money to pay for insulin; Matthew Cauz, host on TSN 1050 radio talks about what's ailing the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team; Nathan Lachowsky a professor of public health and social policy comments on the rising rate of sexually-transmitted infections among Canadians; 8-year-old baseball player Ava Silva and her dad Joey talk about what's made her such a good player at her young age; R&B, funk and soul musician Jordan John.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday August 1, 2019

Mina Tadrous is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto and a pharmacist. He discusses the implications of the Trump administration's announcement that they will allow the importation of approved drugs from Canada; Jamie Racklyeft of the Great Lakes Water Safety Consortium explains the very real danger of drowning for swimmers and boaters; Larry Sylvain the owner of the Port Theatre in Cornwall talks about his presentation of the controversial anti-abortion movie, 'Unplanned'; Lawyer and elder advocate Jane Meadus discusses the recommendations from the inquiry that followed the Elizabeth Wettlaufer's killing of eight people in long term care; Journalist Steve Faguy outlines the CRTC's new internet code of conduct; Doctor Seema Marwaha explains why parents should carry on medications for their kids when flying; Kelly Frankling talks about the short video that was featured at OnRoute rest stops along Highway 401 to help people recognize victims of human trafficking.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday July 31, 2019

Allison Smith of Queen's Park Today and the co-host of the podcast "Wag the Doug" looks at the connection between donors to the P.C. party and their mention in videos on the publicly-financed Ontario News Network produced by the Premier's office;John Lauzon a soil fertility professor at the University of Guelph explains how the nitrogen in fertilizer can contribute to the production of greenhouse gases; Barry Power of the Canadian Pharmacists Association explains how Americans can buy drugs like insulin here in Canada and what effect it may have on supply here; Sara Goulet talks about initiatives to increase diversity among med students; Former RCMP officer Garry Clement explains some of the challenges involved in the ongoing manhunt for two young men suspected of murder; Alex Kuchma talks about his research into his forthcoming book on the Canadian hip hop scene; Melissa Dawson describes her frustration over not being able to accompany her young autistic son into the pool during a swim lesson.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday July 30, 2019

Lenny Abramowicz of Association of Community Legal Clinics of Ontario explains why lawyers will be demonstrating against the province's cuts to legal aid; Erika Kleiderman discusses the implications of one of the first human trials using the CRISPR gene editing procedure; Marguerite Schabas of the Ontario Autism Coalition has reaction to the province's announcement that they will be revising the funding model to provide financial aid to children on the spectrum; It's sometinmes referred to as 'bigorexia'. Ary Maharaj. of the National Eating Disorder Information Center talks about muscle dismorphia - an unhealthy obsession men develop over their bodies; American political scientist Audrey Haynes previews the upcoming debates among Democrats running to become the presidential candidate; Rob Benzie of the Toronto Star talks about some recent reversals by the provincial government; We Madeline Kelly of Pembroke, the new Canadian champion in the 800 metres.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday July 29, 2019

;Greg Preston of the City of Orillia explains why they will be a doing an 'inventory' of select green bins over the next two weeks; Sleep expert Amanda Jewson discusses the value of apps to aid in sleep; Dan Taekema profiles a mother and daughter who are hoping to break a vicious cycle of addiction; Perry Smith of the Lifesaving Society addresses the problem of lifeguards being distracted by their cell phones.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday July 26, 2019

Leah Morgan of Alternatives for Women talks about plans to build the first women's shelter in Prince Edward County; Author and academic Alexandrea Ravenelle explains how food delivery service DoorDash short changing its couriers on tips; Mayor Steve Clarke of Orillia updates us on the controversial monument to Samuel de Champlain; Roland Michener Conservation Award winner, Leora Berman of Haliburton; Journalist Doug Cuthand provides some analysis of what may influence indigenous voters in this year's federal election; Beer sommelier Kat Rogers-Hern has some reading recommendations and a beer to go along with each of them.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday July 25, 2019

Adélaïde Caillet and a group of young people from France are touring communities in Ontario and Quebec to pay tribute to Canadian soldiers who served in the Second World War; Rachel McKinnon a trans woman and champion cyclist comments on the announcement of a new study into how gender transition and hormone therapy can affect athletic performance; Terrilee Kelford explains how Lanark County hopes to build tiny homes to remedy homelessness; Beekeeper Andre Flys has reaction to reports from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency that more than 20% of imported honey has been cut with cheaper sweeteners; Money expert Jessica Moorhouse talks about a study where 12% of millennials said home ownership or the desire for it was very important in choosing a partner; Family doctor Peter Lin discusses a study that looked at how low dose radiation affects health; Kingston Police Constable Ash Gutheinz warns that a feature on Snapchat can allow anyone to know your location; Brian Kerr tells how he became CEO of Kawartha Dairy after starting his first job there at the age of 11.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday July 24, 2019

Amanda King of Feed Ontario a group that represents many of the province's food banks tells about a map they've created to show the number of food bank clients in each electoral district; Emma Loop of Buzzfeed in Washington, D.C. previews Robert Mueller's public testimony before two Congressional committees today; Carly Cunningham of the Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre in Cobourg addresses matter of the alarming number of people who have turned to them for help; Nora Spinks of the Vanier Institute talks about 'intensive grandparenting'; Charlotte Engel remembers her father, writer Howard Engel; Vassili Kokkinias, the owner of Green Choice Moto, discusses the confusing and inconsistent regulations concerning e-bikes.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday July 23, 2019

Entertainment writer Madelyn Chung talks about the cultural significance of Marvel's first Asian superhero, Shang-Chi; Family medicine resident Daniel Myran has his reaction to a study that more and more people in Ontario are being admitted to hospital emergency rooms because of alcohol-related problems; Mayor Jeff Lehman responds to a report that shows that Barrie has the fourth highest rental rates in the country; Owen Sound author, and former trial lawyer, Brian Barrie, talks about his new children's book, 'The L.I.E.'; Hannah Tooktoo is a young Inuk mother who is bicycling across Canada to raise awareness of the problem on suicide in communities in the far north; Autism advocate Laura Kirby-McIntosh offers her reaction to a study that shows children on the spectrum are more likely to be bullied by their siblings; Peterborough Mayor, Diane Therrien updates us on the homeless people who have been camping out in Victoria Park; Innisfil Pride co-founders Jake Tucker and Amanda Wattie explain why the celebration won't include a parade.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday July 22, 2019

Justine Taylor of Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers in Leamington describes the Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus which has infected locally-grown tomatoes and peppers; Kerri Snoddy of the City of Kawartha Lakes tells us about the program to divert mattresses from the local landfill site; Dr. Fiona Campbell is the head of the Canadian Pain Society.She comments on their recent report on the extent of chronic pain and some possible ways to better treat it; Greg Brown and Mitch Moffit, are a little skeptical about whether or not they'll enjoy the star-studded movie version of the musical 'Cats'; Peterborough has just been named one of three newly-planned Green Economy Hubs. Priyanka Lloyd tells us more.

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Ontario Morning Podcast- July 19, 2019

Barrie's new rainbow crosswalk has been vandalized recently. We talk to the president of Simcoe Pride. Haydn Watters tells us about horses and cannabis. We learn about a doctor shortage in Perth and how Goderich dealt with their doctor shortage. Manholes to maintenance holes, we talk about why making our language more gender neutral can whip up so much toxic debate. What is Canada's future in space? We ask Astrophysicist Jesse Rogerson. Barrie resident Jeremy Rupke tells us about an image of his son appeared in a tweet by Eric Trump. Monica Maly talks about the benefits and drawbacks of walking barefoot.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday July 18, 2019

Christian Harvey is the Director of Warming Room Community Ministry address the homeless problem in Peterborough as more people camp out in Victoria; Career coach Sarah Vermunt discusses a phenomena reported in The Guardian: 'mid-year burnout'; Keith Gordon, a lawyer and resident of Cornwall Island explains why he is bring a suit against Canadian Border Services for their treatment of some of the island's residents; Cats are getting fatter. Vet Adam Campigotto tells us why; CBC Ottawa's Laura Osman reports on home buyers who have discovered their new furnaces have been damaged by being used during construction; Family doctor Peter Lin talks about the physical effects of space travel; Courtney Willis of Jubilee House in Orillia tells us about their Fearless Female Calendar.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday July 18, 2019
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Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday July 17, 2019

Michael Morden of Samara Canada explains how their organization thinks there are better ways for our political parties to hold nominations for their candidates; Leslie R. Farkas runs one of the small businesses left financially stranded after the organizers of the Roxodus festival declared bankruptcy; Theresa McClenaghan of the Canadian Environmental Law Association discusses the effectiveness of declaring a state of emergency over water quality; Zach Goudie of CBC Newfoundland explains how Newfoundlanders came to have a special loyalty to Hawkins Cheezies from Belleville; Astrophysicist and musician talks about the music he has created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing; Books to binge on with Kimberly Sutherland Mills; Kate Shoveller of the University of Guelph explains how certain dog food may leave the animal at risk of a dangerous heart condition; How microdoses of psychedelics could help creativity and concentration. Rotem Petranker tells us about his research.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday July 17, 2019
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Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday July 16, 2019

Astrophysicist Maurice Bitran reflects on the significance of the first man on the moon fifty years ago today; M.P. Francis Drouin talks about the massive data breach at Desjarsdin of which he was one of the victims; Waleed Aslam of the Owen Sound Muslim Association talks about the vandalising of the local mosque and how residents rallyed to protect it; Elroy Boers of the University of Montreal discusses his research that found a correlation between the use of social media and depression in teens; Fred Blackstein a former volunteer with the Ontario Search and Rescue Volunteer Association talks about the techniques and strategies for locating people who go missing in the wilderness; Family doctor Iriis Gorfinkel talks about the emergence of antibiotic resistant urinary tract infections; Local councillor Pat Dunn talks about his efforts to lower speed limits in Kawartha Lakes; Shachi Kurl. of the Angus Reid Institute talks about their survey on chronic pain among Canadians.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday July 15, 2019

Jill Trepanier explains what to expect as Tropical Depression Barry continues to move inland; CBC's Blair Sanderson tells us why, despite cash transactions being on the decline, the number of bills in circulation is at an all-time high; Midland councillor Bill Gordon explains why he is apologizing for the town of Midland calling for the creation of North Simcoe; 9 year old triplets take lemonade stand to whole other level in Muskoka; Clara Blakelock explains how a "rain tax" works and what impact they've had; Dr. Rachel Navaneelan is the founder of a Cornwall charity that donated several autism kits to the fire department so emergency responders can better comfort those with special needs; CBC's Jackie Sharkey looks at the stigma for men who love to dance, with the cast of Stratford Festival's Billy Elliott.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday July 12, 2019

Deputy chief economist with Scotiabank, Brett House, explains why the country's economy is on the rebound right now, but trade uncertainty has many economists concerned; Emily Cude of Transition to Less Waste explains how they are helping to make the Canterbury Folk Festival waste-free; Michael Hurley is the President of the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions. He says the Ontario government is "on track to deliver a patient access crisis"; Councillor Mike McCann explains the motion he put forward Barrie's city council in hopes that residents will be able to leave basketball nets on the street; Wellington County have decided to launch their own ridesharing option, the county's director of economic development explains the effect it could have on residents; TV critic Di Golding gives recommendations for small screen watching this weekend; A mass resignation of the board of the children's aid society that serves the Brantford area will take place today. The 11-member board claims it's underfunded and that they can't fulfill their mandate. Kevin Hodge, the vice-president of the board explains their decision; In Peterborough this weekend you can get a professional photograph taken of your dog or cat. And it's all for a good cause. We speak with the woman behind the camera.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday July 11, 2019

Kristopher Wells says federal government should address conversion therapy in the criminal code. It is the widely discredited procedure where attempts are made to change a person's sexual orientation; Reporter Fatima Sayed talks about some of the 227 clean energy projects that have been discontinued since the province cancelled the cap and trade carbon reduction program; Peterborough's Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Rosana Salvaterra previews tonight's summit on the opioid crisis; Gerry Dias of Unifor, that represents workers at Bombardier talks about what government might have done to prevent the 550 layoffs scheduled for the Thunder Bay plant; Nanobodies: family doctor Peter Lin explains how bacteria may be harnessed to battle cancer. Psychologist John Eastwood talks about boredom; Lucas McCann of CannDelta a cannabis consulting company addresses the problems that some municipalities may have dealing with what appear to be unregulated cannabis growing operations.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday July 10, 2019

Dave Steeves is a water engineer who has volunteered extensively to build water systems in Pikangikum First Nation in Northern Ontario. He talks about the continuing challenge to provide safe drinking water on reserves; Huntsville town councillor Tim Withey discusses a prosposed fireworks ban; The Mayor of Cramahe Township Mandy Martin explains how some residents are complaining about the odour from marijuana crops; As the Council of the Federation continues in Saskatoon, where all ten provincial Premiers are white males, former Premier, Kathleen Wynne talks about the advantage of diversity among representatives; Andrew Forbes, author of the short story collection 'Lands and Forests'; People continue to leave Pikangikum first nation due to a forest fire. Amy Christianson discusses her research into the effects of this kind of forced evacuation on Indigenous communities; Pro-choice advocate and ardent feminist Judy Rebick offers her perspective on the decision by local theatre chains to screen the controversial anti-abortion movie, 'Unplanned'.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday July 9, 2019

Host of and producer Zander Sherman, offers us a preview of his podcast Uncover: The Cat Lady Case; Globe and Mail health reporter Carly Weeks offers analysis of recent study that showed the mental health benefits of quitting drinking alcohol; Orillia Mayor Steve Clarke addresses the issues surrounding the controversial statue of Samuel de Champlain that council has voted to reinstall following its refurbishing; Barbara Zvan chief risk and strategy officer at Ontario Teachers' pension fund explains why they are now taking climate change into account when making their investments; The Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre in Peterborough has treated a record number of turtles. Sue Carstairs describes the situation.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday July 8, 2019

Farmer Mark McLean explains how the weather has made for a very late planting; Prabhat Jha, a professor of global health at the University of Toronto, talks about the decision by Netflix to reduce most of the depictions of smoking in their productions; Ken Wong discusses the prospects for Kingston's newly-upgraded Norman Rogers Airport; Elizabeth Hames of CBC Edmonton previews her new podcast series 'Slumtown'; Andrew Lupton of CBC London visited the Ingersoll area where there is growing opposition to a proposed landfill at the site of a former quarry; Elly Millington tells us about the Edwin Binney's Community Garden, a partnership between Crayola Canada and the United Way City of Kawartha Lakes.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday July 5, 2019

Philip Shaw, an agricultural economist and farmer talks about how the weather has seriously delayed this year's planting; Di Golding talks about the origin and influence of Mad Magazine, which will be winding down publication shortly; Clearwater Township councillor Connie Leishman has reaction to the news that the ambitious Roxodus Festival has been cancelled; Lee Anne Jones of the America Water Works Association explains why the Town of the Blue Mountains was awarded first prize for the best municipal drinking water; Peterborough councillor Henry Clarke describes the efforts the city is making to accommodate local homeless people following the closure of The Warming Room; Stephane Parisien has been leading the effort to upgrade wireless service to Eastern Ontario. He talks about what will be done with new funding just announced by the federal government; Actor singer and playwright Beau Dixon talks about the production of his new play 'Bloom: A Rock 'n' Roll Fable' that's just opened at the 4th Line Theatre.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday July 4, 2019

Perth Mayor John Fenik talks about how the closing of Grenville Castings will affect the community; Prakash Amarasooriya provided the impetus for Ontario's new career studies curriculum for Grade 10 will include learning about financial literacy; Jay Rosenthal discusses how consumers and the cannabis business will be affected by the opening of 50 more retail outlets later this year; Geoff Coulson of Environment Canada give us a summer weather forecast; A new study shows that cockroaches are adapt ing and becoming resistant to pesticides. Michael Scharf of Purdue University talks about his research; Family doctor Seema Marwaha discusses new research that shows that women with 'apple-shaped' figures are more prone to cardio-vascular disease; Tess Wittmann of Sustainable Kingston challenges residents to give up single-use plastics; Darrien Thomas is heading to Coney Island, New York for the annual hot dog eating competition.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday July 3, 2019

Anastakis of the Rotman School of Management at the U of T talks about legacy of the late Lee Iaccoca and Chrysler's decision to revive the Plymouth minivan; Family doctor Danielle Martin explains how the effects of climate change are creating new health risks for us; McGill political scientist Henry Milner has reaction to a new poll on party preferences among new, young voters; One million trees planted! Eleanor Reed just reached that milestone in her work with Forests Ontario; Kaleigh Rogers is covering disinformation for the CBC in advance of the federal election; Kerry Clare has some recommended summer reading; Indigenous lawyer Matt McPherson acted on behalf of a Mississauga man who got the city to remove all indigenous-themed imagery and names; the Ontario Human Rights Commission is asking other communities across the province to take the same action; The $100 shop in Peterborough. Developer Richard Summers explains their strategy to get an old property cleared of its contents.

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Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday July 2, 2019

Muskoka Lakes Mayor Phil Harding talks about the need to update infrastructure to anticipate flooding and the million dollars the government is offering municipalities as part of a pilot project; Author David Segal discusses his book 'Nature-Based Therapy'; The Rural Ontario Institute has assigned interns 10 small communites to find ways to keep young people in their communities. We hear from one of them, Rachel Suffern; Mike Fry of Grey Sauble Conservation explains how parasitic wasps are being used to combat the emerald ash borer; Steve Allan was one of four men from Cobourg who cycled over five thousand kilometres in less than seven days in the Race Across America; Education professor and mom Tina Rapke talks about what can be done to combat the 'summer learning slide'; Keith Knott, 83, of the Anishinaabe of Curve Lake has been appointed to the Order of Canada.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday July 2, 2019
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Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday June 28, 2019

Lakefield teenager Ryan McIlwaine talks about rescuing a drowning man from a river for which he has four awards for his bravery; Christine Langlois has some travel tips for fliers; Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick of the Kingston Health Sciences Centre has reaction to some of the recommendations on how to improve service for patients and doctors; Caroline Leppanen of Hillcrest Public School in Barrie reflects on 30 years as a teacher as her retirement is about to begin; The CBC's Haydn Watters talks to who are trying to preserve and protect our beaches and lakes; Jusep Sim who runs a Canadian food tour reflects on what makes Canadian food - Canadian; Journalism professor Jeffery Dvorkin talks about the editorial issues underlining the recent publication of photo of a man and his young daughter who drowned in the Rio Grande while trying to enter the U-S; Trent historian Christopher Dummitt shares some little-know facts about Canada and some notable Canadians.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday June 28, 2019
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Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday June 27, 2019

MedicAlert will partner with O.P.P. by providing a registry on people who may be vulnerable due conditions such as dementia and autism; Rob Benzie of the Toronto Star reflects on the resignation of Premier Ford's chief of staff Dean French amid accusations of cronyism; Mike von Massow of the University of Guelph explains how Ontario pork producers may be particularly vulnerable to China's ban on Canadian meat; Putting spending in perspective. Financial advisor Shannon Lee Simmons says that little luxuries like that frozen coffee are unlikely to be the cause of most people's money problems; Geographer Phil Loring says that it's apt for the U.N. to use the term 'climate apartheid' to describe how the poor may be much more vulnerable to the effects of climate change; Dr. Seema Marwaha tells us how A.I. on a smart speaker or smart phone may be able to identify severe cardiac distress; Constable Cory Trainor of the West Grey Police talks about the significance of this, the provinces's first PTSD Awareness Day.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Thursday June 27, 2019
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Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday June 26, 2019

In Peterborough, the BIA will be offering naloxone kits to local merchants/ Jenny Bloom an outreach worker told us about the initiative; Bee Quammie. Bee Quammi writes on parenting issues. She discusses an new survey that revealed that nearly one in four Canadian women suffered from postpartum depression; Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie explains how he reversed his position on supervised drug consumption sites - and wrote an open letter to the Mayor of Barrie urging him to create such a facility; Gillian Mandich, founder of the International Happiness Institute of Health Science Research, explains how happy we Canadians are; 20 Democratic hopefuls for the presidential nomination will debating today and tomorrow. Niambi Carter of Howard University has a preview; Author and hiker enthusiast Nicola Ross; Barbara Jones tells us about Staybillety a Kingston company that offers an alternative to Airbnb, while giving back to the commmunity; We talked about a more unstructured summer for kids with Samantha Kemp-Jackson, a parenting writer and blogger

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Wednesday June 26, 2019
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Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday June 25, 2019

Erin McLean of McLean Berry Farm in Buckhorn explains why this year's harvest has been delayed and what we can expect from the crop; Matthew Jason Dever has been appointed to province's advisory panel on autism. He and three of his children are on the spectrum. He explains how he hopes a new minister in charge of the portfolio may be able to create a policy more supportive of families in need of help; Law professor Kent Roach explains how Bill C-59 will affect Canadian security efforts; John Done describes how cuts to legal aid funding by the province are affecting their clinic in Kingston; Graham Haines comments on a study that shows that Airbnb has removed over 30 thousand locations from traditional rental ; Rayyan Kamal talks about the efforts of No-Fly List Kids to prevent innocent people from being mistaken for those on the government's no-fly list; There are beluga whales and narwhals - and now there is a narluga. Paul Szpak of Trent University explains how he and his team confirmed the existence of this unlikely hybrid animal.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday June 25, 2019
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Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday June 24, 2019

Rev. Brad Smith explains how his congregation Peterborough have accepted the presence of people making an informal home for themselves on the church lawn; Family doctor Peter Lin talks about a possible 'early warning system' for seizures; The WWF has released new maps showing the extent of the salination of the Great Lakes. Elizabeth Hendriks describes what the extent of the problem; Author and career coach Sarah Vermunt talks about the prevalence of ageism - especially against women - in the workplace; Rod Phillips explains what he hopes to accomplish as Ontario's new Finance Minister; We talk with the outgoing Poet Laureate of Cobourg,Ted Amsden.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Monday June 24, 2019
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Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday June 21, 2019

Sgt Kerry Schmidt from the OPP discusses the recent accidents involving rogue wheels flying down the highway. Dr Hector Roldan tells us about his research project on enhanced recovery of patients after surgery. Today is National Indigenous Peoples Day. We discuss what it takes to Indigenize an institution with Kriss Noakes. The U.K has banned gender stereotypes in advertisements. Mary talked to Matthew Johnson who is the director of education at Media Smarts. Marieke Walsh tells us about Premier Doug Ford's cabinet shuffle. Kim Kaschor, producer of Muddied Water tells us about this historical podcast from Winnipeg. Tuba musician Josh Lesperance talks about his acceptance into the prestigious Eastman School of Music and a fundraising concert he has organized to help pay for some of his education.

Download Ontario Morning Podcast - Friday June 21, 2019
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