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Off Guard

Each Week, Off Guard explores one idea from the world of sports in three unconventional ways. Host Perdita Felicien eases fellow athletes into frank and funny discussion. Pete Mahovlich and Bob Cole savour Hockey Night nostalgia. Coach and Dad, Jamie Strashin packs a minivan full of stories about families at play.

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Episode 8: Money

Tax Time! Let's talk money. Perdita checks with track pals whose fortunes are in good hands. Former Leaf Stew Gavin manages athlete's jackpots. Jamie watches new money flow into adult Play. Pete and Bob reminisce about off-season side hustles in the NHL.

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Episode 7: Fear

The athlete's frenemy: Fear sharpens performance, and motivates practise. It protects. The cdn ski team opines on fear. Perdita and Silken Laumann and Dr Cal Botterill explore it. Jamie sees parental fear. Pete and Bob fear the enforcers of NHL lore.

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Episode 6: Style

Personal Branding is having a day. Perdita and sprint/style star Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce talk from Kingston JA. Steph Curry's stylist Sheraine Robinson weighs in. Jamie see kids' swag needs skyrocket. Pete and Bob admire NHL Stylistos past and present.

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Episode 5: Elevens

Sports is a numbers game, and this week it's eleven. Perdita follows the Can-Am beef in soccer 11s. Jamie watches 11 yr olds commit to one sport, despite expert advice. NHL jersey elevens get Bob Cole and Pete Mahovlich reminiscing about great 11s.

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Episode 4: Rule Benders

Who can resist BENDING rules in pursuit of victory? Perdita and Canadian Pro racer Mike Woods discuss the scofflaws of cycling. Jamie Teen-Ref Strashin celebrates whistle blowers. Misters Cole and Mahovlich consider the craftiest coaches in the NHL.

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Episode 3: Seabiscuit

Off Guard salutes athletes who transcend body norms. 'Runner of the Century' Ed Whitlock breaks records at 85. Jhonas Enroth is NHL's smallest goalie. A compact teen shares his pro hockey dreams. At 6'5" Pete Mahovlich towered over the league.

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Episode 1: All Stars

Perdita discusses the double-edged sword of athletic stardom. Jamie watches house leagues fade as 'rep' and 'elite' teams balloon. Bob and Pete consider how All Star games have changed...for the better!

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Episode 2: Chirping

Trash Talk, Smack, Jawboning. Perdita questions the power of a stadium-wide'BOO!' Jamie hears the worst chirping from parental yaps, and Bob and Pete share vintage NHL wisecracks.

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