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Now Or Never

Hosts Ify Chiwetelu and Trevor Dineen leap into the action with Canadians who are making things happen. Sometimes things go right. Sometimes they go off the rails. Either way, Now or Never nudges you to make a change, big or small.

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Celebrating the class of 2020

This is definitely not the graduation year anyone in the class of 2020 dreamed of. Just when they thought their learning was done, the global coronavirus pandemic forced graduates to learn new lessons — and maybe even rethink their future. But some students are reaching for positivity, finding silver linings, and celebrating their accomplishments during this unprecedented moment. So on this Now or Never, we are celebrating this year's graduates and the people who helped them make it through.

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North Preston, Nova Scotia

The conversations around anti-Black racism in Canada and around the world have made us think about North Preston, Nova Scotia. It's the largest and oldest black community in the country — a place where history runs deep, and where people are fighting passionately for their future. And it's a place we visited a few years back. A man opens up about his criminal past, and how the thought of losing his family — and the future of his town — changed his life. A woman opens her heart, and her home, by turning her basement into an unofficial drop-in hub for youth in North Preston. A group of elders work hard to keep the long tradition of making and selling Christmas wreaths alive. And more stories from this small but mighty community that is fighting to define itself.

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Introducing Inappropriate Questions Season 2

Inappropriate Questions is back with Season 2 and hosts Elena Hudgins Lyle - a queer millennia, and Harvinder Wadhwa - a dad, talk to people who have been asked uncomfortable questions like ...“Did you lose weight?”...“How old are you?”...and “Can I speak to your manager?” Each episode unpacks where these questions come from and explores more respectful ways to get curious. More episodes are available at

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Rallies, Rest and Resilience

As protests against anti-Black racism and police brutality continue to happen across the country, in the United States, and all over the world, conversations about race are at the forefront now more than ever. CBC Saskatchewan reporter Omayra Issa joins host Ify Chiwetelu for this episode of Now or Never. We invite you to pull up a chair and listen in on conversations with Black women who are processing what this moment in the fight for racial justice means to them.

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Finding love in challenging times

The world is a challenging place right now. Whether it's anti-Black violence and the protests in response to it, or the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, these major events have cast our daily lives in a different light. But there's still love in the world — even though it might look a lot different during moments of crisis. Whether it's self-love, dating and hooking up, first dates and long-time couples, this episode of Now or Never brings you stories of people who are finding love during this difficult time.

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How to slow down

Even now, with many of us stuck at home, carving out the time or finding the energy to slow down can feel impossible. And then, when you do, what does taking a break even look like? How do you silence the voice that just keeps nagging you about all the things you need to do? On this Now or Never we are doing our best to quiet that voice, and pressing the pause button with Canadians who are finding creative ways to slow down. And when you do slow down, what do you learn about yourself in the process?

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What are you doing for the good of your health?

If you need some incentive to get off your couch and do one good thing for your health today... listen to this episode of Now or Never!  Meet people taking their first, tentative steps to improving their physical and mental health. Like a life-long smoker taking a drag on his very last cigarette. Try to keep up with a 70-year-old with terminal cancer as she climbs to the top of the CN Tower. And ride along with a military veteran as he navigates the difficult road of post-traumatic stress disorder.

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How is the pandemic changing what's on your dinner plate?

COVID-19 has forced many Canadians to re-think their relationship to food. Will the grocery store have everything I need? Is this meat safe to eat? Can I even afford this? Today on Now or Never we’re looking in fridges, digging in gardens, and stepping out on the land to find out how the coronavirus is changing what’s on our dinner plates. Take a spin through Winnipeg's newest drive-thru - a mosque parking lot handing out free warm meals during the holy month of Ramadan. In Canada's far north - where a head of romaine lettuce costs nine dollars - one gardener decides to take food into her own hands. How she manages to grow peppers, tomatoes, and even strawberries near the Arctic Circle. And a family of four attempts to raise their own goats for the first time - despite having zero experience.

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What's old is new again

In the past weeks and months, many of us have spent our time cooped up at home. But while we might be missing the world outside, being stuck between the same four walls has given some people a newfound appreciation for the objects around them. Others are taking it even further — and finding creative ways to reuse and re-purpose the things they might otherwise throw away. On this Now and Never, meet people who are taking something old and making it feel new again.

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How small towns are coping with COVID-19

While many Canadians remain sheltered-in-place in cities and urban centres, rural and remote communities across the country have been fighting back against COVID-19 in their own unique ways. So on this Now or Never, we're (figuratively) packing up our car and heading out on the road to hear how small towns are coping with the pandemic.

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The Now or Never (physically distant) talent show!

Just because theatres have shut their doors and music venues are quiet doesn't mean people aren't performing their hearts out. In fact, physical distancing and the coronavirus pandemic have inspired countless folks to show off their talents. And today, we're sharing those performances with the world. It's the first-ever Now or Never Talent Show!

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What has physical distancing inspired you to learn?

It's been about a month since many Canadians started physical distancing, and the new normal has come with a learning curve. On this Now or Never, find out how people from across the country are facing the challenge and seizing the opportunity to stretch their skills and try something new.

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Snapshots of a pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has turned many of our day-to-day activities into a series of Now or Never moments. So this week on the show, Ify and Trevor capture a snapshot of life during a pandemic across Canada.

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Creative ways Canadians are supporting each other during the COVID-19 crisis

Whether it's online, watching the news or even chatting with your friends and family, it's so easy to be overwhelmed by stories that make you feel anxious or stressed. But Now or Never would like to remind you of all the good being put out into the world. Virtual dance parties. Outdoor art galleries popping up in people's windows. Facebook 'caremongering' groups. All across Canada, people are finding creative ways to come together and support each other through these unprecedented times.

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Lessons from isolation

Across Canada and around the world, people's lives have been transformed by the coronavirus pandemic. With more and more Canadians self-isolating at home, Ify and Trevor are seeking out advice from people who are learning lessons about what it means to be isolated. Like a father who has cut himself off from the outside world, in order to keep his family - and compromised immune system - safe. A couple whose home deep in the Yukon wilds is providing them with peace and refuge. And a man who has dedicated his life to delivering supplies to his fellow Chinese-Canadians - all without seeing them face-to-face.

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Where are they now?

Over the past four seasons of Now or Never, we've joined hundreds of people facing big moments in their lives. Like a young man who, after years in prison, was fighting to leave gang life behind. A former musician who is beating addiction with mixed martial arts. And a drag queen who finally met her figure skating idol. But what happened next? And where are they now? Take a listen to find out!

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Better late than never

It is easy to celebrate people who finish first, those who master things early. But where are the prizes for taking your time? There are so many things to overcome before you are ready to face a new challenge: whether it's fear, shame, or simply laziness. On this Now or Never, we're celebrating late bloomers and getting things done with people who know it's better late than never.

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Taking a leap

To celebrate Leap Day, Now or Never is jumping in with Canadians who are taking a deep breath, bracing themselves and taking a big leap into the unknown. From a guy who quit his 9-to-5 job to chase a dream everyone said was nuts, to a Day Star First Nation teenager about to make his modelling debut on a Parisian runway. Plus, host Trevor Dineen finally gets the tattoo he's been talking about for 15 years, and guest host Nadia Kidwai reveals how she got over her fear of trying new things.

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Let's talk about sex

Sex is everywhere. You can't make it through a movie without a sex scene, sex education curriculum has become a big issue for politicians, and the #MeToo movement has started important conversations around consent. But do we talk about sex enough? For many, it remains a taboo topic only addressed behind closed doors.  On this Now or Never, we are eavesdropping on the honest, vulnerable, and awkward conversations people are having about sex.  A young father sits down to have "the talk" with his teenage son. A couple explains how polyamory makes their marriage work. And a mom embraces her child's sexual identity after receiving a note that said, simply: "I'm bisexual." 

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Rediscovering the power of letters

Texting and emailing have become second nature to many of us. They're quick, efficient, and easy to send and forget. But are they as personal as sitting down with a pen and paper and writing someone a message by hand? We don't think so. That's why on this Now or Never, Ify and Trevor are showing you just how powerful a handwritten letter can be. You'll meet a grade five class who wrote letters to a residential school survivor — and are reading them to him for the very first time. And a mother who decided to write a "pre-dementia love letter" to her kids so they will never forget how much she loves them. Plus, a woman who has been saving every single piece of her children's letters, notes and artwork for 20 years... and needs help throwing some of them away.

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Meet the caregivers

Over the course of your life, chances are good that you will be put in a position to care for someone. At any point in time one in four Canadians are providing care to someone in their life. Maybe it's a responsibility that you take on by choice, or something you find yourself doing unexpectedly... needing to figure out how to care for someone as you go along. And it's not easy. There are moments of doubt, fear and complete exhaustion. But there's also times of joy, laughter, and the deep meaningful connection that comes with being such a crucial part of someone's life. On this Now or Never, we are celebrating the caregivers.

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Living between identities

It can sometimes feel like society wants to place everyone into a neatly defined box, whether it's "mother" or "Christian" or "Sikh" or "Nigerian" — but are people so easily summed up by a single word? In reality, our personal identities are much more complicated. And it's often in the hyphens between identities that our true selves lie. On this Now or Never, meet people who are trying to find where they belong in between the identities that define them. Meet a group of 'recovering Christians', finding faith and family with other LGBTQ people in Halifax.  We pull up a chair at the dinner table where a mixed race family is committed to learning a new language. A Muslim lawyer fights for her job and her faith in the wake of the ban on religious symbols in Quebec. A Vancouver chef finds the answers to his identity in making Chinese dumplings.

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High School Musical

On this Now or Never we're going behind the scenes at Winnipeg's Maples Collegiate. Students there are juggling life, family and schoolwork — all while trying to put on their high school musical. This ambitious production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast has taken over the lives of more than 90 students in the cast and crew. Can they pull it off? Hosts Ify Chiwetelu and Trevor Dineen are there as the countdown to curtain begins.

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Making the most out of failure

We all fail. There's no escaping it. But how you handle failure - and what you learn from it - can make all the difference. So this week on Now or Never, Ify Chiwetelu and guest-host Andrew Phung explore lessons in trying and failing. Long before becoming an actor, comedian, husband and father, Andrew Phung was just a guy in a Calgary nightclub failing hard at impressing a girl. Andrew sits down with his wife Tamara to relive all the fumbles from the night they first met. CHICKEEEEN! Millions of people have watched the viral clip of Eve Dubois confidently shimmying as she delivered the answer that cost her family $10,000 on Family Feud. We join her in her home in Lorette, Manitoba to find out what life is like after a viral fail. For years Steve MacLean struggled to get a grip on his substance abuse and his self worth. Two and a half years into recovery, he shares what it finally took to succeed. And find out what happens when Andrew and Ify challenge each other to redo a previous fail, sending Andrew back to high school and Ify into the deep end of a pool. 

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How to make your workplace better

Did you know the average person will spend over 90,000 hours at work? That's over one third of your life. Depending on how you feel about your job, that time can feel like a dream... or a never-ending nightmare. So on this Now or Never, Ify and Trevor are on a mission to help make your workplace work for you.

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