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Heavy equipment universal keys

As police in St. John's investigate back-to-back heists using heavy equipment, operator Glen Saunders says there are many keys out there that will fit most any machine.

Download Heavy equipment universal keys
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Airfare inquiry

Sky-high prices have prompted one west coast mayor to call on government to conduct an inquiry into airfare within the province. Fred Hutton speaks with Stephenville mayor Tom Rose.

Download Airfare inquiry
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Topsail-Paradise byelection candidates: Kathleen Burt (NDP)

Getting to know the candidates: This week we're interviewing each of the three candidates in the byelection for the Topsail-Paradise seat in the House of Assembly. Today, NDP candidate Kathleen Burt.

Download Topsail-Paradise byelection candidates: Kathleen Burt (NDP)
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Topsail-Paradise byelection candidates: Patricia Hynes-Coates (Liberal)

Getting to know the candidates: Over the next three days, we'll be interviewing each of the three candidates in the byelection for the Topsail-Paradise seat in the House of Assembly. First up, Liberal candidate Patricia Hynes-Coates.

Download Topsail-Paradise byelection candidates: Patricia Hynes-Coates (Liberal)
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Honouring Chantel John

People in Conne River are remembering Chantel John as a loving person who was full of life. The 28-year-old woman was killed in the community on Wednesday evening, in what the Miawpukek First Nation called "a horrible act of violence." Natalie Mackey was Chantel John's cousin and friend.

Download Honouring Chantel John
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After The Danforth shooting

It has been almost six months since a man from the Northern Peninsula found himself in the midst of gunfire in Toronto. Jerry Pinksen locked eyes with the man who was randomly firing bullets. One of those bullets struck his girlfriend, Danielle Kane. The Danforth shooting left her in a wheelchair, but that hasn't held Danielle Kane back.

Download After The Danforth shooting
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Through Thick and Thin

We'll catch up with the Northern Peninsula man who transformed his life after the Fort McMurray wildfires by losing more than 350 pounds.

Download Through Thick and Thin
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Remembering Ron Pumphrey

An author, a politician, a journalist... and a beloved Newfoundlander. Remembering Ron Pumphrey.

Download Remembering Ron Pumphrey
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Stranded on dry land

Seals that are in roads, driveways and parking lots around the town on the Great Northern Peninsula.

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Parking lot good samaritan

A stranger carried out a "random act of kindness" last weekend... and the lady who received this kind gesture went to Twitter to express her gratitude. Kayla Lazzaro tells us about the kindness of a stranger and how his act affected her, and a little while later we reach Rod Taaffe, the kind stranger himself!

Download Parking lot good samaritan
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Good Samaritans and first responders

First on the scene: A Kippens man says more support needs to be given to good Samaritans who help in tragic situations.

Download Good Samaritans and first responders
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Memorial University's "Coat Check"

Winter in India is a little different than what we get in St. John's. As part of "Winter Welcome 2019, some of MUN's newest international students got the opportunity to go shopping for proper clothing.

Download Memorial University's "Coat Check"
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Return of rapper N8 Douce

Making a comeback after nearly losing it all: St. John's rapper N8 Douce (aka Nathan Doucette) opens the door of his basement studio to the CBC's Maggie Gillis.

Download Return of rapper N8 Douce
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Limiting backyard fireworks

Has the number of backyard fireworks displays gone too far? Some people are concerned about how all the noise is affecting animals... and people.

Download Limiting backyard fireworks
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The Iceman cometh

The Morning Show's Gavin Simms spends some time in a cold pond with a man who does it everyday.

Download The Iceman cometh
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A whole host of years in review

With 2018 about to become a memory, Fred Hutton talks with the current and former hosts of Labrador Morning as well as the hosts of the newly-created Newfoundland Morning about the biggest stories from the past year.

Download A whole host of years in review
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Early Christmas gift for Krissy and Fred

It's a tradition in many families to open one gift on Christmas Eve, and our radio family is no different. A special gift for the Morning Show arrived this morning... all the way from Asheville, North Carolina!

Download Early Christmas gift for Krissy and Fred
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Nevaeh's legacy

Prior to her untimely death this past August, nine-year-old Nevaeh Denine embodied the spirit of giving and generosity. We reflect on her life and legacy with family friend, Stephanie O'Brien.

Download Nevaeh's legacy
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Firefighters remember Todd Walsh

Todd Walsh, a member of the St. John's Central Fire Station, passed away earlier this week following a brief illness. On Thursday afternoon Todd's co-workers gathered to remember their friend and co-worker.

Download Firefighters remember Todd Walsh
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Rescued animals as presents

What should you do if your child wants a puppy or a kitten for Christmas? Newfoundland's Dog Whisperer goes through the pros and cons.. and what needs to be considered before putting on the leash.

Download Rescued animals as presents
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Sherman's shiny new year

2019 is going to be a big year for musician Sherman Downey. He drops by for a chat and to talk about what to expect from his new album he's putting the finishing touches on.

Download Sherman's shiny new year
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"No jobs, no plan, but at least we're home."

Hear the story of Vickie Morgan and her family - who have made big sacrifices to move home to St. John's after a decade living away. Following that, local businessman and social activist Dan Meades shares his insights for others struggling with such decisions.

Download "No jobs, no plan, but at least we're home."
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Celebrating life for Christmas

For Joan Williams, Christmas is a time to give thanks to paramedics and others who have stepped up as first responders and good samaritans throughout the year.

Download Celebrating life for Christmas
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Christmas sucks... your cash away

Christmas spending can get out of hand in a hurry, but there is a way to stop the money suck. Larry Short from CPA Canada has some tips to help us manage expectations... and budgets.

Download Christmas sucks... your cash away
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Young readers gift ideas

From classics to new titles and holiday reads... writer and bookshop owner Sheree Fitch shares her recommendations for Atlantic Canadian children's books to give as gifts this season.

Download Young readers gift ideas
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City budget and businesses

It's a tough pill to swallow: The St. John's business community is worried about how the city's new budget will affect them. Vaughan Hammond of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business and business owner Brenda O'Reilly drop by to talk about their concerns.

Download City budget and businesses
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Single Parents Association gifts appeal

A local charity says it hasn't gotten enough donations to meet the need this holiday season. SPAN's Elaine Balsom drops by to talk about how you can help spread some cheer to needy families.

Download Single Parents Association gifts appeal
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Buried fire hydrants

One St. John's resident says the city's snow clearing is making his neighbourhood less safe.

Download Buried fire hydrants
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First Ministers meeting: NL and Quebec

Did last week's First Ministers meeting in Montreal mark a new beginning in relations between this province and Quebec? Premier Dwight Ball speaks with Fred Hutton.

Download First Ministers meeting: NL and Quebec
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Revival of The Reaction

Fred's Records got a special delivery last week... and for one St. John's punk rocker it's a big personal blast from the past. It's a trip back to 1979 en route to the future with The Reaction.

Download Revival of The Reaction
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Jamaican man's work permit reinstated

Machel Rayner doesn't have to leave Canada after all... at least for now. A lot has happened since we brought you the Jamaican-born man's story Thursday. Machel and his lawyer Meghan Felt drop by with the update on his status.

Download Jamaican man's work permit reinstated
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Bipolar disorder diagnosis and recovery

The doctor said she was very ill and needed immediate treatment - and Kristi Allan remembers it as the best news she ever heard.

Download Bipolar disorder diagnosis and recovery
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Archbishop Martin Currie retiring

After a half-century in the priesthood, Archbishop Martin Currie prepares to say goodbye. The leader of the Roman Catholic church in St. John's joins Krissy in-studio for a farewell interview.

Download Archbishop Martin Currie retiring
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Death in Number Two Shaft

Bringing the story to the surface: Two divers open up about what happened in the Bell Island mines 11 years ago... just ahead of a new book release about the tragic event.

Download Death in Number Two Shaft
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Fortunate Ones exclusive

Fortunate Ones - aka Catherine Allan and Andrew O'Brien - swing by to chat all about their very special gift to some "fortunate" listeners.

Download Fortunate Ones exclusive
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Coping with tragedy

It's the beginning of December - and all is getting merry and bright for the Christmas season. Or is it? It's certainly not that way for everyone. The CBC's Alyson Samson went through a rough time last Christmas... and now she's sharing her story to try to help others.

Download Coping with tragedy
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Former Nalcor CEO fires back

Ed Martin denies Muskrat Falls cost estimates were lowballed to get Emera and the federal government on board with the project. He sits down with Fred Hutton.

Download Former Nalcor CEO fires back
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Freddie Mercury's school chum

The film "Bohemian Rhapsody" brought back a lot of childhood memories for one St. John's man. That's because in that childhood Vikas Khaladkar went to school with Freddie Mercury in India.

Download Freddie Mercury's school chum
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Seniors housing and downsizing

If you have ageing parents who are thinking about moving - or you think they should move - the founder of the Accredited Senior Agent Program has some good advice on how to make it as painless as possible.

Download Seniors housing and downsizing
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These guys have an axe to throw

One man's hobby is another man's world championship. Some local axe throwers are heading to Chicago to take on the best in the world!

Download These guys have an axe to throw
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Ugly stick workshop

Some Mummers Festival volunteers dropped by the town of Portugal Cove-St.Philip's Tuesday night to show residents how to create their own ugly sticks as the holiday season inches ever closer.

Download Ugly stick workshop
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Seeking Marcus Stroman

A local baseball fan saw a tweet - and took a swing at meeting one of his favourite players. Did he hit a home run or strike out on a chance encounter?

Download Seeking Marcus Stroman
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Frightening Fools: Exploring Mummering's Dark Side

Family feuds, shocking headlines and gangs of thugs roaming the streets. Folklorist Joy Fraser is giving a talk this week about the history of mummering that goes well beyond "plankin' her down" in the kitchen.

Download Frightening Fools: Exploring Mummering's Dark Side
[mp3 file: runs 00:08:42]

Her Majesty's Penitentiary archives

Out of prison and into a university. Artifacts of crime and punishment are now on display for future generations at MUN's Queen's College.

Download Her Majesty's Penitentiary archives
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Stolen and found

A box containing irreplaceable photographs and other items of sentimental value were snatched right from her front door. However, Megan Marshall wasn't willing to give them up that easily!

Download Stolen and found
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Drug treatment court

The root of the crime: A new project aims to help people with addictions while cutting down on crime.

Download Drug treatment court
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Rules for utility terrain vehicles

A heartbreaking death on a side-by-side has prompted the family of a 13-year-old girl to call for changes in legislation for UTVs.

Download Rules for utility terrain vehicles
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The new world of pronouns

Transgender activist Taylor Stocks looks at the use of "they" and "them" in advance of a session taking place today to help figure it all out.

Download The new world of pronouns
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An awful situation.

It's a story that's got you talking: infant loss and the health care system. We put questions to the minister of health.

Download An awful situation.
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Weighing in on the Husky oil spill.

The former CEO of NOIA says the province needs to take ownership of it's role in the mess.

Download Weighing in on the Husky oil spill.
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Seabird Update.

It's not a pretty picture for seabirds after the Husky oil spill. We'll have an update on the ongoing danger for our feathered friends.

Download Seabird Update.
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Stillbirth and pregnancy loss

When a woman has a stillbirth in a hospital, where does she go? The Morning Show's Ariana Kelland takes a look at the hospital experience.

Download Stillbirth and pregnancy loss
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Sadness and stress.

After she couldn't find the support she needed, former ICU nurse Maureen Brennan put together a support group.

Download Sadness and stress.
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Terra Nova Golf Resort in receivership.

Did you know that part of Terra Nova Golf Resort falls within the National Park? Now that the resort is in receivership, we will find out what that means for the lease agreement with Parks Canada.

Download Terra Nova Golf Resort in receivership.
[mp3 file: runs 00:04:53]

The winds that shook the rock

It was so windy that the island of Newfoundland was literally shaking on Thursday. An earthquake seismologist talks to Krissy about what that means. Following that, Fred speaks with a home builder about why your shingles and siding may not suitable for Newfoundland winds!

Download The winds that shook the rock
[mp3 file: runs 00:15:12]

Pay-to-play showcases

Local artists are raising red flags about a music and art show happening in St. John's later this month. Musician Evelyn Jess and her bandmate Jordan Young drop by to talk about their invitation from the organization RAW: natural born artists based in Ontario.

Download Pay-to-play showcases
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Witless Bay chicken flap

Ain't nobody home but three chickens... but the Town of Witless Bay says the feathered friends have to lose their coop.

Download Witless Bay chicken flap
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Keep an eye out for Coco

Coco the cow is on the run. If you spot her in CBS, her owner wants her back... although the adventure may not have a good ending for the big black Angus.

Download Keep an eye out for Coco
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"TAKE CARE: Boundaries, Burnout + Self Love"

Find out hat self care is -- and what self care isn't. A workshop planned for early December aims to help us look after ourselves with a self-care action plan.

Download "TAKE CARE: Boundaries, Burnout + Self Love"
[mp3 file: runs 00:09:46]

Thomas Nangle and Joey Smallwood

A broader view of Thomas Nangle's life and legacy.... and how his after-war years in Rhodesia helped one man connect with his Newfoundland roots.

Download Thomas Nangle and Joey Smallwood
[mp3 file: runs 00:19:25]

Remembrance Day ceremony attendees

The Morning Show's Fred Hutton was at the National War Memorial in St. John's for Sunday's Remembrance Day ceremony. When the live broadcast ended, Fred spoke with some of the people - both young and older - who came by for the event.

Download Remembrance Day ceremony attendees
[mp3 file: runs 00:12:00]

John J. Ryan's war journal

A detailed journal about one man's time at war that his family never knew existed.... until now.

Download John J. Ryan's war journal
[mp3 file: runs 00:11:10]

Women in trades

This province is setting a strong example for the rest of the country, with the percentage of women in trades much higher than the national average.

Download Women in trades
[mp3 file: runs 00:09:44]

1.6 km busing petition

A parent in Kelligrews says the English School District's 1.6 kilometer busing rule is unsafe and inconvenient... and has started a petition and Facebook group to challenge the rule.

Download 1.6 km busing petition
[mp3 file: runs 00:10:55]

No Stone Left Alone

This week, grade nine students at St. Bonaventure's College placed a poppy on a thousand veteran graves in St. John's. We join them on their journey of remembrance.

Download No Stone Left Alone
[mp3 file: runs 00:09:28]

Diwali, the festival of lights

People in this province are joining millions around the world to celebrate the Hindu festival of lights, including Diwali at the Square this weekend in St. John's.

Download Diwali, the festival of lights
[mp3 file: runs 00:09:13]

Workplace violence trauma recovery

Her co-worker was shot just feet away from her, and now Lori Chaffey - a registered nurse from the Southwest Coast - is sharing her story of recovering from trauma.

Download Workplace violence trauma recovery
[mp3 file: runs 00:10:24]

Violence, racism...and an unsolved murder.

We'll visit a corner of a local cemetery that highlights a darker chapter of St. John's history.

Download Violence, racism...and an unsolved murder.
[mp3 file: runs 00:16:32]

It's A Long Way From St. John's

Irish Singer Danny O'Flaherty was so inspired by the Royal Newfoundland Regiment that he composed an album full of songs about the members and their families... and is now offering it as a gift to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. He and historian Gary Browne drop by the studio for a preview of the tribute album.

Download It's A Long Way From St. John's
[mp3 file: runs 00:22:26]

Panting Under Pressure... for the last time

It's Sean Panting's "swan song" - at least for now. We hear Sean's grand finale to Panting under Pressure 2018!

Download Panting Under Pressure... for the last time
[mp3 file: runs 00:11:51]

The great rake debate

Leaf blowers and rakes not needed... or are they? We find out why it might be better to leave those tools in the shed this fall... and then a little later we find out why you might want to break them out before the snow flies.

Download The great rake debate
[mp3 file: runs 00:14:57]

The Old Hag

We've been talking about nightmares during this spookiest time of year... and when the topic of nightmares come up in this province you're likely to hear about somebody being "hag-ridden." Memorial archivist Nicole Penney has been looking into the legend of the Old Hag.

Download The Old Hag
[mp3 file: runs 00:09:36]

Haunted Hike

Lots of people showed up Monday night and connected with some ghosts of the past for a haunted hike around downtown St. John's.

Download Haunted Hike
[mp3 file: runs 00:05:59]

"As If They Were Angels"

A powerful documentary that's taken more than three decades to make is finally being shown in this province. Krissy speaks with Terry Strauss - the woman behind the new Pollux and Truxtun documentary that's showing Tuesday at The Rooms.

Download "As If They Were Angels"
[mp3 file: runs 00:14:30]

Live from O'Donel High School in Mount Pearl

Krissy and Fred team up with O'Donel High School's very own morning show hosts Michael Chislett and Jonathan Hunt on their home turf in Mount Pearl. Chats, live music and Sean Panting (under pressure, of course) make for a lively 90 minutes as we take you back to high school for a day!

Download Live from O'Donel High School in Mount Pearl
[mp3 file: runs 01:30:41]

Carbon tax plan

The province's carbon tax appears friendly to consumers... but is it friendly enough for the environment? Provincial environment minister Andrew Parsons drops by to discuss the plan.

Download Carbon tax plan
[mp3 file: runs 00:15:14]

End of the Steele empire in broadcasting

Looking back on 30 years in broadcasting... and looking ahead to new challenges. John Steele sits down with Fred Hutton to discuss life after radio.

Download End of the Steele empire in broadcasting
[mp3 file: runs 00:06:46]

Smoke it, sell it.. but don't use the word

A lawyer weeds through the federal Cannabis Act... and how it applies to businesses here.

Download Smoke it, sell it.. but don't use the word
[mp3 file: runs 00:07:29]

The perfect banana

Going bananas... over bananas! Atlantic Grocery Distributors in Bay Roberts has just opened its brand new state-of-the-art banana ripening rooms.

Download The perfect banana
[mp3 file: runs 00:09:21]

Finding Jennifer

After an investigation by the CBC's Fifth Estate, family and friends of Jennifer Hillier-Penney hope the attention will help solve the case.

Download Finding Jennifer
[mp3 file: runs 00:06:53]

The Once get ready for Christmas

A seasonal announcement from The Once leads to a discussion about getting ready for Christmas - and ends with the chance for you to catch the band live... as long as you share what holiday preps you need to get done 'da once!'

Download The Once get ready for Christmas
[mp3 file: runs 00:13:01]

Panting Under Pressure - Volume IV

Creative geniuses... aka our listeners come up with some ideas for wild and wacky songs to put Sean Panting under pressure!

Download Panting Under Pressure - Volume IV
[mp3 file: runs 00:16:17]

Seal Cove leaky drums

It's an ugly, stinky and possibly toxic problem. People in Seal Cove are upset about a rotting trailer filled with drums of what seems to be hazardous waste.

Download Seal Cove leaky drums
[mp3 file: runs 00:07:52]

Townie turkeys

With recent reports of turkeys roaming on a local golf course AND on Signal Hill, we had to go looking for lurking turkeys.

Download Townie turkeys
[mp3 file: runs 00:08:46]

Next stop: Pot shop

Forget pit stops. This morning on the first day of legal weed in Canada, Krissy Holmes made a few "pot stops."

Download Next stop: Pot shop
[mp3 file: runs 00:17:29]

Eastern Health privacy breach

Monday, October 15th was Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. While some are open about their loss, others are not. However, a privacy breach at Eastern Health resulted in the personal details of about 79 patients being shared in a group email, including those of Rhonda McMeekin.

Download Eastern Health privacy breach
[mp3 file: runs 00:10:33]

Blind runner completes Cape to Cabot

Craig Spurrell made history at Cape To Cabot 2018 on Sunday, becoming the first blind runner to finish the grueling 20 km road race.

Download Blind runner completes Cape to Cabot
[mp3 file: runs 00:17:08]

Panting Under Pressure #3

Panting's pick! Sean Panting makes his choice based on your suggestions for a brand new original parody song in the latest edition of "Panting Under Pressure."

Download Panting Under Pressure #3
[mp3 file: runs 00:16:55]

"Finding Jennifer"

No named suspects, no arrests... and no answers. A preview of a 5th Estate documentary about Jennifer Hillier-Penney from the Northern Peninsula, who has been missing for nearly two years.

Download "Finding Jennifer"
[mp3 file: runs 00:11:06]

Prepping for pot

Pharmacists are ready to answer your questions about health and medical effects of marijuana. One such pharmacist is Janice Audeau of the Health and Performance Pharmacy in Corner Brook.

Download Prepping for pot
[mp3 file: runs 00:06:49]