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Growlers play by play commentator

What's it like to be a hockey play by play broadcaster? Find out as we speak with Chris Ballard.... who's gearing up for game one of the Kelly Cup finals.

Download Growlers play by play commentator
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"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan

Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame member "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan and his wife are tag teamed by Krissy and Fred. It's a look at the glitz and grime of pro wrestling just before the St. John's stop on the "Jim Duggan 2X4 Comedy Tour."

Download "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
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Coastal communities and climate change

Federal environment minister Catherine McKenna is in St. John's to speak with mayors and scientists (and Morning Show host Krissy Holmes) about how climate change is affecting our coastal communities.

Download Coastal communities and climate change
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Mark Ballard summits Everest

He's slept with lions and swam with sharks and now... Mark Ballard has crossed something else of his bucket list. His very proud father Derek (Doc) Ballard brings us the exciting news from his son at the top of the world.

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NL's common matriarch

Try to wrap your mind around this one: It looks like about 10 per cent of people from this province could be descended from the same female ancestor. While we don't know who that woman is... we're certainly interested in learning all about the intriguing mystery.

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Mount Pearl Focus on Youth Awards

They're two of the brightest minds in Mount Pearl. Meet Sarah Kennedy and Cameron Kinsella, two grade 12 students who are proudly wearing a new title they'll be carrying for the next year or so.

Download Mount Pearl Focus on Youth Awards
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Project Blowfish crystal meth haul

Last week, the RCMP reported the largest crystal meth bust in the province's history. How prevalent is the drug in this province... and should we be concerned? RCMP Staff Sergeant Steve Conohan is a drug expert.

Download Project Blowfish crystal meth haul
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Radio RIAC: One year on the air

A radio program created by Newfoundland newcomers is celebrating one year on the airwaves. The CBC's Levi Garber has been looking into the story of Radio RIAC, which is celebrating its anniversary at The Rooms Museum this coming weekend. (Saturday, May 18th)

Download Radio RIAC: One year on the air
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Aviation history with Sir John Alcock's nephew

There's a very special guest in town to help celebrate 100 years since Alcock and Brown's historic flight across the Atlantic. Group Captain Anthony J. Hamilton Alcock lands in the studio for a chat with guest host Jamie Fitzpatrick.

Download Aviation history with Sir John Alcock's nephew
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New Canadians on the right to vote

They're some of the newest new Canadians in this province... and they're very excited to get out and vote on Thursday. Find out what these new Canadians have to say to people who will not be exercising their right to vote.

Download New Canadians on the right to vote
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England Premier League soccer trip

A young soccer team from St. John's gets an opportunity most teen players can only dream about. We hear all about their thrilling experience in one of the world's soccer hubs: England.

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First-time voters

A check-in with three voters who are heading to the polls for the very first time in a provincial election... two of them high school students and the third a new dad and student at Memorial University.

Download First-time voters
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Knitters assemble behind Janeway finger puppets

A shortage of finger puppets at the Janeway Children's Health and Rehabilitation Centre has garnered a huge reaction from knitters across the province... ever since Denika Philpott started the Facebook group 'Knitted Finger Puppets for the Janeway.'

Download Knitters assemble behind Janeway finger puppets
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Why no Greens in this election?

There's red, blue and orange...but no green in this provincial election. To find out why that is we speak with David Peters, who's involved with the federal Green Party here in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Download Why no Greens in this election?
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School strike for climate

Students are skipping school tomorrow (Friday, May 9th) to push for action on climate change. To find out about the "Fridays for Future NL" march planned for this week, two of the leaders drop by the studio.

Download School strike for climate
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Alex and Riley Mercer annual food drive

A couple in CBS honour the memory of their children every year by helping others. Louise and Bernie Mercer lost both their children Riley and Alex to a rare form of brain cancer. May 9th, which was both Riley and Alex's birthdays, has now become the day the Mercer's hold their annual food drive.

Download Alex and Riley Mercer annual food drive
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Iceberg tourism

The seasonal majestic migration is upon us: Many icebergs can be seen in the St. John's area... and tour guide Andrew McCarthy of McCarthy's Party is one of the colourful people who takes tourists out on the water hunting for them!

Download Iceberg tourism
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Innovation to save lives

A new web-based app to help aid organizations on the ground during disasters was invented by a local man. Bo Simango and his company Holocene had an award-winning reception at the Social Innovation Challenge this past weekend in St. John's.

Download Innovation to save lives
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Secret Life of Squirrels

A retired school teacher originally from Newfoundland - now living in Nova Scotia - has been spending lots of time with some critters on her back deck. The pictures Nancy Rose snagged over the last few years have resulted in a series of books. She`s in town this week to visit some local schools.. as well as the Morning Show studio.

Download Secret Life of Squirrels
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Class action ruling against obituary website

A federal court judge has awarded $20 million to plaintiffs involved in the Afterlife class action law suit initiated by St. John's lawyer Erin Best. She goes over the chain of events in the copyright infringement case with Fred Hutton. Following that, Fred speaks with the woman who first brought the situation to light.

Download Class action ruling against obituary website
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City of St. John's junior and senior Youth of the Year Awards

Their bios will blow your mind... and what's hard to believe is that they're both just teenagers. Meet Jack White and Anna James... the 2019 St. John's Youth of the Year award recipients!

Download City of St. John's junior and senior Youth of the Year Awards
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Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today, May 1st is the anniversary of the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto uprisings, and there is a memorial service planned for Sunday at Memorial University's Bruneau Centre. Steve Wolinetz, president of the Jewish Community Havura, wrote a letter in the Telegram entitled "Holocaust Remembrance Day: Remembering those died then - and also now."

Download Holocaust Remembrance Day
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Concussion legislation

How do you legislate concussions? It's a question one doctor in central Newfoundland wants to find the answer to after the premier made a promise to bring in stronger laws to tackle such injuries.

Download Concussion legislation
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Innovation Week

The St. John's Convention Centre will be busy all this week as Innovation Week gets underway. Krissy Holmes headsdown to find out what's happening... including a look at the "Pitch & Pick" event where top startups compete against each other.

Download Innovation Week
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The return of Thomas Amusements

Thomas Amusements shut down last fall following a serious malfunction on one of their rides... but they'll be back in action this summer. The company's owner Jared Thomas chats with the CBC's Gavin Simms.

Download The return of Thomas Amusements
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NL vs PEI election campaigns

Can we learn anything from the way other provinces do election campaigns? We take a closer look at this week's election in Prince Edward Island with campaign watcher Andie Bulman.

Download NL vs PEI election campaigns
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Quinn Butt murder trial reaction

A high-profile murder trial reminds us that prevention is the only way to end child abuse. The mother of Quinn Butt speaks following the life-sentence ruling against her former husband of first-degree murder for killing five-year-old Quinn. Following that, Connie Pike and Bev Moore-Davis of the Miles For Smiles Foundation talk about their ongoing campaign to end child abuse in the province.

Download Quinn Butt murder trial reaction
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Bell Island loses part of cliff

Did you hear a loud bang on Good Friday? It could have been a large piece of Bell Island that collapsed into the ocean. Henry Crane of Bell Island speaks to the Morning Show's Kenny Sharpe about the massive chunk of cliff that gave way.

Download Bell Island loses part of cliff
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New Canadians documentary, "Home"

It's Newfoundland stories like you've never heard before: A new film made in cooperation with the ANC is shedding light on the lives of immigrants who settle here. Producers Rodrigo Iniquez and Conor McCann drop by for a chat along with Sherri Breen of the Association for New Canadians in advance of the film premiere on Wednesday, April 24th.

Download New Canadians documentary, "Home"
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70th Annual Provincial Drama Festival

After serving as mayor of St. John's for the better part of a decade, you would think Dennis O'Keefe had seen enough drama... but Doc's dying for another kind of drama these days! He drops by the studio for a chat with Fred, along with Amanda Joseph of the NL Drama Society.

Download 70th Annual Provincial Drama Festival
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Decarbonize NL

Driving, eating, wearing clothes: Just about everything in our current lifestyles has a dirty carbon cost... but one collection of Newfoundlanders wants to help us to clean up our act.

Download Decarbonize NL
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Good Friday flipper pie-day

There are two burning questions this week: When will the election be called... and will there be flippers for Good Friday? Reg Taylor of Taylor's Fish, Fruit and Vegetable Market has a crack at answering one of them.

Download Good Friday flipper pie-day
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Talk With Our Kids About Money Day

It's post-budget day, and lots of adults are talking about how we manage our money... but what do kids think? Some Grade 6's from Mary Queen of Peace Elementary come in to talk about saving and spending!

Download Talk With Our Kids About Money Day
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Alcock and Brown's transatlantic flight centennial celebration

100 years ago this spring, transatlantic aviation began here in St. John's. To find out more about Alcock and Brown's white knuckle ride across the Atlantic - and how people are planning to celebrate the centennial - Krissy sits down with aviation enthusiasts Paul Snow and Gary Hebbard.

Download Alcock and Brown's transatlantic flight centennial celebration
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Independent book publishing

You don't need a publisher to get a book out these days, with many writers taking the DIY approach. There's now a brand new support organization for those who want to self-publish. Author Jeff Kelland is founder and president of the Independent Publishers of Newfoundland and Labrador, and Daphne MacNeil is the group's secretary.

Download Independent book publishing
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Dominican resort scam suspected

A couple's trip to the Dominican Republic went south after a quick visit to their resort casino cost them thousands of dollars because of what they claim was a scam.

Download Dominican resort scam suspected
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Terry Fox Research Institute precision medicine

Terry Fox began his Marathon of Hope from here in St. John's 39 years ago today... and his legacy lives on. Terry's brother Darrell and Dr. Victor Ling - president and scientific director of the Institute, drop by to talk about a new initiative to improve care for cancer patients here.

Download Terry Fox Research Institute precision medicine
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Her Majesty's Penitentiary: Plans for new... and old

He's been inside HMP many times visiting his clients, but it never gets easier. Lawyer Mark Gruchy met Fred outside the walls Thursday to get his thoughts on the province's plan to build a new prison. Following that - what about the old HMP? Jerry Dick says the 160-year-old structure has a long and significant history...and he believes there is a larger conversation to have about the future of that heritage structure.

Download Her Majesty's Penitentiary: Plans for new... and old
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Airport security packing tips

From cannabis to cans of soup, we have a haul of items to show off that were seized at airport security in St. John's. Christine Langlois - a spokesperson for The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority - drops by the studio in hopes that you'll get some useful packing tips for your next trip to help make things go smoothly.

Download Airport security packing tips
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Black hole fascination

Two math professors at Memorial were so excited about Wednesday's big black reveal... that they threw a viewing party! Hari Kunduri and Ivan Booth drop by to share their excitement over the first ever image of a black hole being released to the world.

Download Black hole fascination
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What matters to millennials: Politics

Spring is in the air... and so is the strong scent of a spring election. Two young voters sit down with Krissy to talk about what matters to millennials, and why they are - or aren't - involved in the political process.

Download What matters to millennials: Politics
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Honourary degrees for some salt beef junkies

At Memorial's spring convocation a group of Newfoundlanders will receive honorary degrees. Among them will be performer and cultural leader Shirley Montague, as well as Kevin Blackmore, Wayne Chaulk and Ray Johnson... aka Buddy Wasisname and The Other Fellers. We reached Wayne for an early-morning chat.

Download Honourary degrees for some salt beef junkies
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Memories of the Rwanda genocide

The 25th anniversary of the start of the genocide against the Tutsi and politically moderate Hutu in Rwanda has brought back grim memories for Newfoundland photo-journalist Greg Locke.

Download Memories of the Rwanda genocide
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Breast cancer conference

Laughter, music, sex, cannabis and food. That's just some of what's on the agenda at the Canadian Cancer Society's "Annual Newfoundland and Labrador Breast Cancer Conference" taking place in St. John's in early May. Sondria Browne and Sherry Bishop are both cancer survivors who will be taking part in the event.

Download Breast cancer conference
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Stella's Circle award recipient

Stella's Circle is getting national recognition for its work in the field of mental health. The CEO of the community organization, Lisa Browne, drops by to talk about the "Champions of Mental Health" award.

Download Stella's Circle award recipient
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Retirement for teacher and MHA Ed Buckingham

School's out forever... for Ed Buckingham. He drops by the studio for a look back at his interesting career in education (where he taught math and sex ed) as well as four years as an MHA!

Download Retirement for teacher and MHA Ed Buckingham
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Academy Canada's greenhouse program

Academy Cannabis and you? One of the province's colleges is launching a new program that could help you grow weed - and they're looking for new students.

Download Academy Canada's greenhouse program
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Oil leak from scrap vehicle seeps into river in Topsail

The owner of a property in CBS is facing harsh backlash online after an oil leak on his property. We hear from an area resident, the owner of the property where the leak originated and finally from the mayor of CBS.

Download Oil leak from scrap vehicle seeps into river in Topsail
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Canadian Screen Awards NL winners

Does success make life easier or harder? Two Newfoundlanders who won big at Sunday night's Canadian Screen Awards - Jonny Harris and Jordan Canning - reflect on life since they became some of the busiest showbiz types in Toronto. Oh, and we start with Mary Walsh accepting the 2019 Earle Grey Award - Lifetime Achievement.

Download Canadian Screen Awards NL winners
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70 years ago today, Newfoundland joined Canada.

We'll hear from someone who was there and who still looks back on confederation with mixed emotions.

Download 70 years ago today, Newfoundland joined Canada.
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Krissy takes to the road

In the spirit of our "Get the Stink of the House Off Ya" contest, Krissy headed out to get the stink of the studio off her... and she kept it all a surprise from us. We can now say she popped up first in the city's west-end with a community-minded individual, then to a nearby rural scene to check out some new life... and wrapping it all up in the east-end where the views of the city and the sunrise over the ocean are breathtaking!

Download Krissy takes to the road
[mp3 file: runs 00:28:56]

Listen Up: 10th graders

We take to the streets on this week's episode of "Listen Up" as David Gonzalez catches up with some high school students for tips on dealing with stress and social media.

Download Listen Up: 10th graders
[mp3 file: runs 00:06:20]

Downtown St. John's Business Summit

The 30th Anniversary Downtown Business Summit is happening today (March 27th,) but Fred Hutton's coverage of it got underway yesterday. He chatted with some local business owners about why they want to keep their businesses downtown... and then he continues live with guests from the Convention Centre... just before the event gets underway.

Download Downtown St. John's Business Summit
[mp3 file: runs 00:26:56]

Cricket and association football in St. John's prior to WWI

St. John's could have been a cricket and soccer town...if it weren't for hockey. Two fist-shaking guests explain how that fate was thwarted in advance of a presentation they're giving today (March 27th) at Memorial University's QEII Library

Download Cricket and association football in St. John's prior to WWI
[mp3 file: runs 00:12:40]

Bronze win at Special Olympics for Placentia youth

There was a great big hometown welcome in Placentia for Peter Hynes - fresh off a bronze medal win in javelin at the Special Olympics World Games in Dubai.

Download Bronze win at Special Olympics for Placentia youth
[mp3 file: runs 00:08:43]

Cyclists, drivers and the new "one-metre rule"

Did you know it is now against the law to drive too close to someone on a bicycle? One cyclist in CBS says after what she went through this weekend, it doesn't appear to be common sense... or common knowledge. She drops by with a horror story, and a warning.

Download Cyclists, drivers and the new "one-metre rule"
[mp3 file: runs 00:12:26]

Support group for trans, non-binary and two-spirit adults

A network for the transgender community in the province is extending its reach. Trans Support NL is creating an adults-only drop-in group in St. John's. The group's executive director and a board member drop by to talk about why people need that support.

Download Support group for trans, non-binary and two-spirit adults
[mp3 file: runs 00:13:41]

Man suspects he was drugged in a bar

After reports emerged last week of a man claiming he was drugged in downtown St. John's, another resident is coming forward with a similar story.

Download Man suspects he was drugged in a bar
[mp3 file: runs 00:08:19]

Mary Walsh's Earle Grey Award

From Codco to Hatching, Matching and Dispatching and This Hour Has 22 Minutes... the list goes on for Mary Walsh who's being honoured at the Canadian Screen Awards for her exceptional body of work.

Download Mary Walsh's Earle Grey Award
[mp3 file: runs 00:17:49]

Hudson and Rex... and Krissy

The crew of "Hudson and Rex" have been up and working since 'silly o'clock' - so what are they up to? Krissy takes us behind the scenes to find out - live on set with the cast and crew - just ahead of the series premiere this coming Monday.

Download Hudson and Rex... and Krissy
[mp3 file: runs 00:21:20]

Support for the Muslim community

Proud Muslim-Canadian-Newfoundlanders are thankful for the support they've been receiving, but how safe do local Muslims feel in their place of worship? Two members of the community drop by the studio to talk about that... after we hear about a special workshop where people used construction paper and markers to show their solidarity with the Muslim community.

Download Support for the Muslim community
[mp3 file: runs 00:18:16]

Why high insurance rates?

The Insurance Bureau of Canada weighs in.on high insurance rates and calls to limit injury claims.

Download Why high insurance rates?
[mp3 file: runs 00:11:32]

Checking in on The Outhouse

They've been pumping out hilarious viral videos for the past three years... so it seemed high-time to catch up with Justin Hawco and Michael Lynch in The Outhouse.

Download Checking in on The Outhouse
[mp3 file: runs 00:07:55]

Making massage parlours safer for workers

A woman with lived experience talks about what really happens in massage parlours... and how regulations could make the work safer.

Download Making massage parlours safer for workers
[mp3 file: runs 00:12:09]

Regulating massage parlours

Sex workers say they want to be involved in making new regulations in their industry... but some say they're not being consulted. Heather Jarvis is program coordinator for SHOP, the Safe Harbour Outreach Program.

Download Regulating massage parlours
[mp3 file: runs 00:09:57]

Celebration of Life for Tom McGrath

"A life beautifully lived deserves to be beautifully remembered." That's exactly what friends and colleagues of the late educator, leader and mentor Tom McGrath are doing tonight. His colleague Nancy Taylor drops by the studio to share his story, his legacy and to talk about the celebration of his life.

Download Celebration of Life for Tom McGrath
[mp3 file: runs 00:10:55]

Codco reunion

Legendary comedy troupe Codco is getting back together for one night only in Halifax this week. Mary Walsh, Cathy Jones, Andy Jones and Greg Malone join us for a trip back in time.

Download Codco reunion
[mp3 file: runs 00:11:18]

Giving up plastic for Lent

A spiritual call to ban the bag: Anglican Reverend Mark Nichols will tell us why he's encouraging his congregation to give up single-use plastics for Lent.

Download Giving up plastic for Lent
[mp3 file: runs 00:09:24]

Mosquito study

it's not mosquito season yet... but it's not too soon to start biting into a study that's been happening around the province. While we certainly have our share of big pesky flying bugs, scientists actually know very little about them in this province.

Download Mosquito study
[mp3 file: runs 00:06:58]

Off-Road Winter Safety Day

Staying safe when you're on the trails is the focus of Safety NL's "Off-Road Winter Safety Day" happening this coming Sunday, March 10th at the Rotary Sunshine Park on Thorburn Road.

Download Off-Road Winter Safety Day
[mp3 file: runs 00:07:10]

Turning around a tragedy

A young family in Shoal Harbour loses their home to fire... but help is on the way thanks to the group Women Into Networking Kindness.

Download Turning around a tragedy
[mp3 file: runs 00:06:03]

Listen Up, Ep. 1: Kaleb's Story

Kaleb Swain Carpenter learned about cancer when he was just a little boy. When he was 14, he lost his mom to the disease. Listen as he tells his story in his own words.

Download Listen Up, Ep. 1: Kaleb's Story
[mp3 file: runs 00:09:04]

Accident and new hockey gear

A bad accident involving a tractor trailer means it's going to be a while before Dwan Street plays hockey... but when she laces them up again it will be with gear from her favourite NHL team!

Download Accident and new hockey gear
[mp3 file: runs 00:07:47]

Atlantic Accord explainer

It was called the biggest thing since Confederation... but do you know what the Atlantic Accord actually is?

Download Atlantic Accord explainer
[mp3 file: runs 00:06:00]

Dr. Simon Avis retires

It's not your everyday retirement interview... because it's not your average job. Outgoing chief medical examiner Dr. Simon Avis looks back on his 30-year career.

Download Dr. Simon Avis retires
[mp3 file: runs 00:16:13]

South East Bight ferry fears

Residents of South East Bight say they are not happy about their new ferry service - that the vessel set to take over is unsafe. The chairperson of the local service district spells out the people's concerns, and then the minister of Transportation and Works responds.

Download South East Bight ferry fears
[mp3 file: runs 00:14:41]

Sports funding gender divide

Meet a Paradise hockey mom who is willing to bet that sports composed largely of female participants are vastly under-supported compared to sports that are mostly male.

Download Sports funding gender divide
[mp3 file: runs 00:10:13]

"In This Together" cancer centre campaign

A cancer survivor shares the heartwrenching story of her emotional journey in hopes of raising funds to build a new chemotherapy unit at the Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Centre.

Download "In This Together" cancer centre campaign
[mp3 file: runs 00:12:02]

Death Cafe

It turns out people in St. John's are dyin' to get into a "Death Cafe." If you've never heard of this concept before... we get the morning-after review.

Download Death Cafe
[mp3 file: runs 00:10:23]

Jumping Bean jumping borders

Growth is percolating for local coffee company Jumping Bean. The founder of the company drops by to share what`s in his cup... and to avoid all those coffee puns.

Download Jumping Bean jumping borders
[mp3 file: runs 00:09:49]

Bell Island's "Unity In Our Community"

It's been two years since Wabana mayor Gary Gosine's nephew died of an overdose. Tonight, the drug awareness group that formed in his wake marks its 100th meeting. Gary Gosine shares his insights on how it is helping the Bell Island community.

Download Bell Island's "Unity In Our Community"
[mp3 file: runs 00:09:16]

Remembering Chuck Lewis

Musician Chuck Lewis of The Masterless Men died on Monday. Bandmate John Curran drops by the studio to share some memories of his friend.

Download Remembering Chuck Lewis
[mp3 file: runs 00:07:40]

Disappointed by Vatican summit

Many observers are calling the four-day Vatican summit on abuse by clergy a "stunning letdown." We hear from a survivor who was there: Gemma Hickey.

Download Disappointed by Vatican summit
[mp3 file: runs 00:09:17]

Unpacking Smallwood

He's arguably one of the biggest names in NL politics, but not every student knows who he is. Memorial University's library staff are busy "Unpacking Smallwood" boxes and posting the findings online.

Download Unpacking Smallwood
[mp3 file: runs 00:08:12]

Obi's tale of survival

Obi is one tough little Shih Tzu... and her owners have her amazing story to share following that massive 15-vehicle crash in Birchy Narrows a week ago.

Download Obi's tale of survival
[mp3 file: runs 00:12:46]

Marguerite's Place cooking class

A new cooking course at Marguerite's Place is a dream come true for staff, and another step toward independence for residents.

Download Marguerite's Place cooking class
[mp3 file: runs 00:10:29]

Addiction and recovery

A new book entitled "About Face: Essays on addictions, recovery, therapies and controversies" features contributions by people who have suffered from addictions. One of them is Gareth Mitton, who is now six years sober.

Download Addiction and recovery
[mp3 file: runs 00:09:45]

Anti-racism discussion

Channeling "friendly Newfoundlanders:" A larger discussion around racism, Islamophobia and white privilege following a meeting held by the Anti-Racism Coalition of Newfoundland and Labrador on Tuesday night.

Download Anti-racism discussion
[mp3 file: runs 00:19:40]

Backhoe robberies continue

The disturbing trend of thieves using heavy equipment to gain access to businesses has not gone away. This past weekend, Landings Seafood house in Portugal Cove became the latest target.

Download Backhoe robberies continue
[mp3 file: runs 00:05:55]

Fighting bigotry and hate

One local activist says it's time to confront racism and hate in our province.

Download Fighting bigotry and hate
[mp3 file: runs 00:12:07]