Uncover is an investigative series from CBC Podcasts. Season 1 explores one woman's escape from Keith Raniere's NXIVM. Season 2 examines the unsolved bombing of a commercial passenger plane.

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S4: The Cat Lady Case - Trailer

What happened to Joan Lawrence? Investigative journalist Zander Sherman sheds light on one of cottage country’s darkest crimes.

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S4 E1: Silhouettes

The Cat Lady Case, Episode 1 - A witness remembers gunshots and a mysterious fire around the same time an elderly woman goes missing.

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S4 E2: The Man in the Cowboy Hat

The Cat Lady Case, Episode 2 - A suspicious-looking man is seen interacting with the so-called “Cat Lady” shortly before her disappearance.

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S4 E3: Three More Missing

The Cat Lady Case, Episode 3 - Police learn that the missing woman, Joan Lawrence, is not the only one to disappear from the small community.

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S4 E4: A Cold Case Turns Blue

The Cat Lady Case, Episode 4 - With evidence and suspects, police try to press charges related to the disappearances.

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S4 E5: Find Bones

The Cat Lady Case, Episode 5 - Information arises about where the missing seniors may be. Zander goes on a search and gets a surprise call.

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S4 E6: Joan

The Cat Lady Case, Episode 6 - An insider finally speaks, and new details emerge about Joan.

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S3 Bonus: The Village at Stonewall (World Pride New York)

Join host Justin Ling and a panel of special guests in front of a live audience at the Human Rights Conference as part of World Pride in New York City marking the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. Panelists from around the world reflect on the movement since Stonewall and what's next for LGBTQ+ rights today.

Download S3 Bonus: The Village at Stonewall (World Pride New York)
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Escaping NXIVM Bonus: Inside the Trial

The team behind season one of Uncover: Escaping NXIVM takes us inside the trial of NXIVM co-founder Keith Raniere and speaks with former member of the group Sarah Edmondson about her thoughts on the trial.

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S3 E9: The Justice Project

The Village, Bonus Episode - Trans women of colour in Detroit are confronting an epidemic of violence with the support of The Justice Project, a task force that investigates and prosecutes serious crimes against LGBTQ people. After aspiring designer and dancer Kelly Stough is murdered in Detroit, they take on her case.

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S3 E8: A Confession

The Village, Episode 8 - Toronto's queer community comes to grips with the truth about Bruce McArthur's crimes and pushes for changes in how violence against marginalized people is handled by police. The Toronto police cold case team has some answers in the 23 re-opened cases.

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S3 E7: Out Of The Closet

The Village, Episode 7 - When close to 300 men are arrested in one night in Operation Soap, Toronto's largest bathhouse raid, the queer community rises up against what they see as decades of police repression. An internal struggle in the force keeps murders unsolved.

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S3 E6: Getting Away With Murder

The Village, Episode 6 - The American police who investigated Mark's murder open their files to Justin, who learns Mark's and Sandy's deaths were connected, in an unexpected way. A retired beat cop who worked the Village in the 70s shares his suspicion about who murdered Sandy.

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S3 E5: Last Call At David's Disco

The Village, Episode 5 - Justin traces Sandy Leblanc's steps from beloved brother with humble beginnings to well-known discoteque owner in the Village's burgeoning club scene. When he's killed, rumours are rampant about who was responsible.

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S3 E4: Do. Your. Job.

The Village, Episode 4 - The head of the Toronto Police cold case team insists the historic, unsolved murders were fully investigated at the time. But Justin discovers otherwise, and learns these men lived and died in a time of no rights, and no protection, including from police.

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Escaping NXIVM Bonus: Case Update

In this update to season one, Josh Bloch sits down with Jayme Poisson, host of CBC's daily news podcast Front Burner, to unpack a number of significant developments in the case against NXIVM members. The full season of Escaping NXIVM is available in the Uncover podcast feed.

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S3 E3: Meet Me Under The Clock

The Village, Episode 3 - A string of unsolved murders in the 1970s share a disturbing pattern. A retired homicide detective has regrets about not solving one case: he had evidence and a sketch. But a victim's sister says police had blind spots when the victims were gay.

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S3 E2: Shame and Blame

The Village, Episode 2 - The community rallies as more men go missing and frustration and anger build. An anonymous source reveals how close police come to catching a serial killer, then let him go.

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S3 E1: How Can You Not See This?

The Village, Episode 1 - In 2010, men with similar characteristics start mysteriously disappearing from Toronto's gay village. They are all linked to one man. Investigative journalist Justin Ling follows the case as friends search for loved ones and police provide few answers.

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S3: The Village - Trailer

For The Village, Uncover season 3, host Justin Ling explores the numerous cases of missing and murdered men in Toronto's gay community, dating back to the 1970s. What social forces allowed these cases to go unsolved, or even unnoticed?

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S2 E6: Full Circle

Ian and Jo weigh all the evidence, and Didi returns a ring that went missing on July 8, 1965.

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S2 E5: Explosive Reports

Medical records show one suspect had a "deep madness towards the world," while confidential documents rule out another theory.

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S2 E4: The Bomb

Could the bomb have been placed by someone who wasn't on board? And what can we learn from the sister of a suspect?

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S2 E3: A Fifth Man

Last moments from the cockpit and evidence of a fifth suspect.

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S2 E2: The Suspects

Gambling, gunpowder, murder charges and insurance claims. Almost immediately police narrowed in on four suspects. Ian and Jo find out why.

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S2 E1: The Crash

Uncover: Bomb On Board - Episode 1. A bomb exploded on Canadian Pacific Flight 21 killing all 52 people on board. Chuck was on the ground. Didi's dad was on the plane. Witnesses offer insight into what happened July 8, 1965 - and why no one has ever been held responsible.

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S2: Bomb On Board - Trailer

This season, co-hosts Ian Hanomansing and Johanna Wagstaffe investigate one of the largest unsolved mass murders on Canadian soil. A bomb exploded on Canadian Pacific Flight 21 July 8, 1965, killing all 52 people aboard - and yet no charges were laid. Uncover explores what happened that night, how it affects those left behind, and the unanswered question: Who put that bomb on the plane? Note: mayday call is a reenactment

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Season 1 Handover

Uncover hosts Josh Bloch and Ian Hanomansing discuss the making of Season 1 and reveal what's in store for Season 2.

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S1 E8 Bonus: The Fright Experiments

Jennifer Kobelt - Sarah Edmondson's former assistant in NXIVM - tells her story of joining NXIVM at a moment of crisis in her life and being involved in the group's so-called "fright study."

Download S1 E8 Bonus: The Fright Experiments
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Introducing Someone Knows Something: Kerrie Brown

Fifteen-year-old Kerrie Brown disappeared from a house party in Thompson, Manitoba. Her body was found two days later. Host David Ridgen joins Kerrie's friends and family on their search for answers. Subscribe to Someone Knows Something now.

Download Introducing Someone Knows Something: Kerrie Brown
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S1 E7: The Reckoning

Sarah faces criticism about her role in NXIVM and tries to come to terms with the 12 years she spent as a high-level member of the group.

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S1 E6: The Defence

Josh speaks to one of Keith Raniere's lawyers, Marc Agnifilo, and hears a different point of view on NXIVM and DOS.

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S1 E5: Blow It Up

Sarah and her husband try to escape NXIVM and take it down while warning others who are still inside.

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S1 E4: The Suppressives

What happens when you leave NXIVM? Those who have left or spoken out reveal the price they paid.

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S1 E3: Sex, Money and Nazis

Those who knew Keith Raniere intimately reveal his early life, how he started NXIVM and ended up being accused by the FBI of running a criminal enterprise.

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S1 E2: The Epiphany

Sarah takes us inside her journey with NXIVM, from signing up for a personal growth workshop to becoming a star recruiter for the group she now calls a cult.

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S1 E1: The Branding

Uncover: Escaping NXIVM - Episode 1. Sarah Edmondson is a high-level member of a self-help group called NXIVM, but an invitation to join a secret women's group called DOS leads her to do something she later regrets.

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S1: Escaping NXIVM - Trailer

Over the past few months, CBC documentarian Josh Bloch has been investigating NXIVM, a self-help group led by Keith Raniere. In this season of Uncover, we take you into NXIVM, and reveal how Raniere won the endorsement of actors, politicians and even a visit from the Dalai Lama.

Download S1: Escaping NXIVM - Trailer
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