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This is That

This Is That is a current affairs program that doesn't just talk about the issues, it fabricates them. Nothing's off limits--politics, business, culture, justice, science, religion--if it's relevant to Canadians, we'll find out the 'This' and the 'That' of the story. Each week, hosts Pat Kelly and Peter Oldring will introduce you to the voices that give this country character and through these stories provide a new perspective as to what it means to live in Canada.

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The Live, Improvised, and Last Episode

This week: For our last episode ever, we're performing live from the Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and improvising the entire show from audience suggestions: We talk with the person who made fruitcake illegal, we meet the first Canadian to apologize after being hit by a car, we talk to Irving Spence about his new book, we find out why it's against the law to say 'Thank You' in Canada, and we learn about Canada's plan to get rid of Regina.

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