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CBC Radio One's The Early Edition podcast features the top story of the day. Expect to hear highlights from the show's news, health, civic affairs, cultural and community coverage.

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The unknown history of the land the Squamish Nation is developing on called Sen?á?w

Not many people know about the land the Squamish Nation is developing on. It's on an ancient village called Sen?á?w and the Squamish people were forcibly removed from it in 1913.

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TEE April 10, 2019

The Early Edition for April 10, 2019

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TEE April 08, 2019

Vitamin D Overdose, Spacewalk, Reconciliation and the Liberals, Autism Jobs Fair, Unbroken, Political Panel, Senate Session on Bill 69, and New Westminster and Burnaby Steps Fight

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TEE April 05, 2019

Marketplace, Safe 3rd Country Rethink, Flood Factoid, On the Ledge, Eli Glasner, Jody Wilson-Raybould, Open Line and Gerald Baier, Jonathan Wilkinson.

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TEE April 04, 2019

Grocery Business Wars, Trudeau and Feminism, Vancouver Granville Riding, Herring in False Creek, Glucose Monitors, Climate, South of the Fraser, Volunteers, Summer Jobs, End of Canucks Season

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TEE April 02, 2019

Cellphone Coverage, Cancer Virtual Reality, Ottawa Report, Entometriosis, Go Public, Jonathan Wilkinson on SNC-Lavalin Latest, Huawei and Security, Still Standing, Esplanade Closing.

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TEE April 03, 2019

Cost of Kids, Jody Wilson-Raybould, Dr. Tepper in for Dr. Lin, Summer Jobs, More on Jody Wilson-Raybould, Yet More on Jody Wilson-Raybould, Carbon Tax, Even yet more on Jody Wilson-Raybould, Metro Matters, and Peter Ladner on the 10-year anniversary of the death of Wendy Ladner-Beaudry.

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TEE April 01, 2019

Ride Hailing, Preemie Care, Sikh History in B.C., April Fools and Fake News, Perinatal Depression, Carbon Tax, Political Panel, and New Plan for Crab Park

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TEE March 29, 2019

Marketplace, Affordability Anxiety, Camping Season, New West Wrestling, Work Survey, Eli Glasner, Right to Bare Arms, Port Moody Mayor takes a leave of absence, Night Shift Episode 5, and Music Royalties

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TEE March 28, 2019

Canadian Economy, Blue Jays Season Opener, Hollywood North Panel, Surgery Wait Times, Pull Fest, Ride Hailing, South of the Fraser, Nightshift, Anti-Vaccine Group receives government funding, and Metro Matters

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TEE March 27, 2019

Video Games and Phobia, Natural Sounds, Bill Blair on Money Laundering, Vancouver's Movie Scene taking off, NightShift Episode 3, and South Asian Diabetes

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The real story of renovictions

We ask a women who went through renovictions what would help people fight back.

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Nightshift episode 2 March 26

You can find Sam McCullough driving a fuel truck from 5 pm to 5 am. He hauls nearly 20 thousand litres of diesel around to give trucks a refill. Producer Jake Costello jumped in for a tour of his shift.

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Plum blossoms get no love

CBC radio producer Matt Humphery brings us this story about a natural underdog.

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TEE Political Panel March 25, 2019

Our political commentators Moe Sihota, Amy Robichaud and Nicola Spurling debate a public inquiry into money laundering and the Alberta election.

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Nightshift Episode One: The dark side of the nightshift

The Early Edition's Jake Costello spent a week tracking down the city's graveyard workforce. And in this first installment, he finds that life isn't always gravy on the night shift.

Download Nightshift Episode One: The dark side of the nightshift
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TEE March 22, 2019

Hello Friends, Plane Problems, Alberta Election, Movie Review, Maple Ridge Tent City, Potlach Dancers, Music and Money

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TEE March 21, 2019

Sex Difference and Depression, Poverty and Literacy, SFU Tuition, Distracted Driving Follow, Immigrant Mom, Mandatory Measles Registration, Spring Bikes, E-Buses. Kindness of Strangers, and Herons in Stanley Park

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TEE March 20, 2019

Liberals and Millenials, World Figure Skating Championships, Dr. Lin, Wildfire Season, Shark Fin Ban, Joyce Murray, Spring Thing, Money Laundering, Nowruz, Distracted Driving Rules, and Metro Matters.

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TEE March 19, 2019

Snowplow Parenting, Skills Retraining, Drought Watch, Mount St. Helens, Anti-Gang Program, China Family Planning, Budget Housing, Young Muslims, Glen Hansman, Winter Wrap-Up.

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TEE March 18, 2019

Hate Crimes, South Canoe Learning School, Ottawa Report, Christchurch Shooting follow, Joyce Murray named to Cabinet, MPs Candice Bergen and Pamela Goldsmith Jones on SNC-Lavalin Motion, Political Panel, Eric Rankin on new Telus Health App, and Fred Lee

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TEE March 15, 2019

Marketplace, Junos Preview, Christchurch Terror Attacks, Short-term rental crackdown, Climate Strike and Islamophobia.

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Restoring pianos to their former glory, one piece at a time

Part of the Early Edition's Still Standing series: If you have a Steinway or Bechstein that doesn't sound like it used to - Story and Company Pianos can fix it for you.

Download Restoring pianos to their former glory, one piece at a time
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TEE March 14, 2019

Athlete Abuse, UN Climate Report, Potato Chip Study, Stick, Why We Live Here, Marc Garneau on Boeing Max, Kindness of Strangers, Admissions Fraud

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March 13, 2019

Cell phone ban, indigenous advertising, Terfry, Brexit, Dr. Tepper, dress code, cannabis classroom, admissions cheating, Surrey, Oppenheimer Park, Andy Yan, Simpsons and God, Metro Matters, airline safety

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March 12, 2019

Flying reality check, Bobcat, Disposable chopsticks, Port Alberni, Ottawa report, India gate, Indigenous guardians, School dress code, Surrey farm, Measles vaccine, UN on plane crash, Story pianos, Boyd on flights, Romeo Dallaire on gambling.

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TEE March 11, 2019

Liberals and Indigenous Relations, Cooking with Kids, Shelters in the Fraser Valley, Birthing Robots, Jesse Johnston on Surrey Neighborhoods, Political Panel and Fred Lee

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TEE March 08, 2019

Women in Politics, Facebook Future, Blue Rose, Squirrel Wealth, Daylights Savings, Eli Glasner, Chilliwack Mayor, Real Estate Panel, Maestro Fresh Wes, and Rugby 7s Superfan

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TEE March 09, 2019

Justin Trudeau Responds to the SNC-Lavalin Affair, Teresa Wright on Trudeau's Comments, Plus-14 Doc, British Home Children, NPR on Huawei, Young Liberals, Terry Teegee on SNC-Lavalin, Kindness of Strangers, Metro Matters and Elizabeth May on SNC-Lavalin.

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TEE March 06, 2019

Butts Testimony, AIDS Breakthrough, Dr. Lin, Misinformation, Secret Marathon, Butts Testimony LIVE and Reaction.

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TEE March 05, 2019

Girls Inequality, International Students, Ottawa Report, Andrew Weaver on Religious Schools, Broadway Corridor, Liberal Implosion, Pancakes, Huawei Business, Obama Legacy, and Parental Guidance

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TEE March 04, 2019

Street Legal Returns, Canada Space Future, Storm Brewing, Go Public, Panel Rent For Life, Political Panel, Canadians Accused of Spying in China, and Fred Lee

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TEE March 01, 2019

AG/Justice Split, Marketplace, Quebec Jobs and SNC-Lavalin, Japanese Internment, Eli Glasner, Liberal Party Future, Amazon in Vancouver, George Takei on Vancouver Transit, Andrew Wilkinson and Friday Live

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TEE February 28, 2019

Cohen Fallout, Judy Wilson-Raybould Fallout, Anti-Vaccination Billboards, Cantonese Opera, Jody Wilson-Raybould Testimony Reaction, UBC Job Fair, Andrew Scheer and Liberal Reaction to Jody Wilson-Raybould Testimony, India-Pakistani Communities in Surrey, Kindness of Strangers, and Pot Pardons

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TEE February 27, 2019

Cohen Testifies. Incidental Exercise, Dr. Lin, History of Anti-Vaccinations, Taste of Co-Existence, Attorney General Panel, Measles Outbreak, Tankers Numbers, Metro Matters and Empty Homes Tax

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TEE February 26, 2019

Fats, The Life of Skanda Navaratnam, Ottawa Report, Youth and Climate Change, Online STI Tests, Jagmeet Singh, Vancouver Tenants Union and Affordable Rent, Still Standing, Jody Wilson-Raybould to Testify. and Vancouver's Birthday.

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TEE February 25, 2019

Oscar follow, RRSP Deadline, Go Public, Vaping and Youth, Burnaby-South Byelection, Chinese Restaurant Kids, Political Panel, and Fred Lee

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TEE February 22, 2019

Marketplace, ICYMI: Angie Thomas, Delta officer stabbing update, Gwendolyn Brooks, Mandatory Vaccinations in New Brunswick, Oscar Campaigning, NEB ruling and minister Jonathan Wilkinson, Fountain Chapel, Cochrane on the latest in the SNC-Lavalin story, Mohawk Ironworkers Dance, and Car Break-and-Enters on the rise.

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TEE February 21, 2019

Castor Semenya and Testosterone in Women Sports, Misleading Telecoms, Salmon Expedition, Why some Canadians won't listen to Vaccine Science, Michelle Buteau in Vancouver, Vancouver Dad on BC Budget, Mission Boxing Club, Student Loans Relief, Second Plecas Report and Angie Thomas in Vancouver.

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TEE February 20, 2019

Codeine and Cough Syrup, Gerald Butts resignation, Edibles and Health, Air b'N'b follow, How to talk about Measles, Reconcile This, Carole James on B.C. budget, Metro Matters and Wildfires and the provincial budget.

Download TEE February 20, 2019
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TEE February 19, 2019

Opioid Poll, Akhtar on Olive Oil, ICYMI: Political Panel, Ottawa Report, B.C. Budget Look Ahead, First Nations Languages, Measles Outbreak, Oil Truck Convoy, Air b'N'b Update, Surrey Woman in Haiti, and Parental Guidance

Download TEE February 19, 2019
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TEE February 18, 2019

Happy Parents, Edibles Going Legal, Winter Weather, Go Public, Family Day Events, Kristina Chen, Political Panel, Pigeon Protest, Metro Matters and Arts Umbrella

Download TEE February 18, 2019
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February 15, 2019

Lab tests, airport delays, workplace column, soldier letter, US politics, acid spill, mosque day, film, battleground Burnaby, snow plow, Teon Gibbs, BC Hydro, co-parenting podcast

Download February 15, 2019
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February 14, 2019

French teachers, aboriginal women's basketball, tinder, climate, Sechelt sinkhole, chocolate, Jody Wilson-Raybould, Overwatch, Burnaby pipeline, Random Acts of Kindness, Valentine's Day, South of the Fraser, BC Hyrdo, snow etiquette

Download February 14, 2019
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February 13, 2019

Ethics Commissioner, Ad Guy, Wild William Wesley, seafood labels, measles, ice wine, throne speech, Jody Wilson-Raybould, Burnaby South, snow, Chrystia Freeland, snow roundup, Metro Matters

Download February 13, 2019
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February 12, 2019

Parents and coaches, hospice love, seal meat, missing snake, Andrew Wilkinson, Ottawa Report, Burnaby housing, throne speech, Schlesinger, White Rock, snow, David Eby, Still Standing, snow storm, Love Is

Download February 12, 2019
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February 11, 2019

Period emoji, yearbooks, rubber duck, 420, Burnaby, Go Public, Andrew Wilkinson, Political Panel, snow storm, Fred Lee

Download February 11, 2019
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TEE February 08, 2019

Rising Grandparents, Sanderson Grammys, Ahmed-Haq on Phone Bans, Telecom Hacks, Childcare in B.C., Eli Glasner, B.C. Hydro rates, Lunar Lights, Homeless Shelter, Valentine's Contest Winner, and Yumi Nagashima

Download TEE February 08, 2019
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TEE February 07, 2019

Perfectionist Kids, Osler on Adulting, Female Brewery Quesnel, Heart and Stroke, Hamish Telfors on Provincial Politics,No Brain Drain, Who was Gerald Cotten, Privacy Commissioner, Lunar Lites, Fraser Health Violations, Burnaby Defense, Valentines with Jake

Download TEE February 07, 2019
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TEE February 06, 2019

State of the Union,Third Pole Melting, Dr. Lin, Wildfire Smoke, Women and Brewing, Cryptocurrency Panel, Red Envelope Cake, Landlords on New West's renoviction rules, Sun and Buns, Metro Matters, and Railway Safety.

Download TEE February 06, 2019
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TEE Feb 05, 2019

ICYMI: Huawei and Chinese community, Akhtar on Chocolate Planting, Food Bank Numbers, Black Canadian Vote, Repair to Wear, Teen Health and Media, Bowen Island Weather Damage, New West Renovictions, Lunar Lights. Venzuelan Vancouverites, Death of a Cryptocurrency Executive and Parental Guidance

Download TEE Feb 05, 2019
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TEE February 04, 2019

Democratic Black Vote, Sanderson on Birdbox Stocks, ICYMI: Kindness Of Strangers, Lima Group, Go Public, Auditor General, Huawei and the Chinese Community, Coastal Lanterns, Political Panel, Frozen Fraser Valley and Fred Lee

Download TEE February 04, 2019
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TEE Feb 01, 2019

Groundhog Day, Marketplace, ICYMI: Pancho Villa, Black History Month and Movies, Immigration Sponsorship, Eli Glasner, Huawei in Depth, Hoobiyee, Wickfest Hockey, Kindness of Strangers, B.C Lions Head Coach at the Super Bowl

Download TEE Feb 01, 2019
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TEE January 31, 2019

Reducing Femicide, Osler on Rage Room, Venzuela Update, Sasa Petricic in China, Clash in Vancouver Debut 40th Anniversary, Byelection Results, First Responders and PTSD, Sheila Malcomson, Jason Proctor on Surrey Courts, Kindness of Strangers, and Pancho Villa Opera

Download TEE January 31, 2019
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TEE January 30, 2019

China/U.S. trade relations, Chambers on Manhood Ads, Terfry on the Mommas and the Pappas, Teen Sleep Solutions, Dr. Lin, Crackdown, Huawei, Cocoa Sustainability, Nanaimo Byelection Day, Weather Gloating, Manthrope on China, Lummi Whales, Metro Matters and Fallen Crane.

Download TEE January 30, 2019
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TEE January 29, 2019

Global Food Security, Akhtar on Lentils, Achiever Fever, Ottawa Report, Early Blooms, Nanaimo byelection preview, Proctor in Surrey Part Two, China Relations, BC FIPA and Legislature Entitlement, Michelle Elliot in Nanaimo, Still Standing, Bruce McArthur Pleads Guilty and New West School Food

Download TEE January 29, 2019
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TEE January 28, 2019

Trump Two-Year Tension, Sanderson on Zambonis. Paywall Future, Jason Proctor on Surrey Courts, Go Public, West Vancouver Housing, McCallum Fallout, Political Panel, and Fred Lee

Download TEE January 28, 2019
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TEE January 25, 2019

Plastic Loop, Sanderson on Booze Guide,5 AM Club, Babies and Allergens, Prior Street, VSO 100, Eli Glasner, Ledge Reporter Panel, Huawei Extradition, Women in Gaming, Roger Stone Arrested, and Friday Live at the Pacific Agriculture Show

Download TEE January 25, 2019
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TEE January 24, 2019

Generation Workforce, Adaptive Skiing, Osler on January Challenges, First Partner, U.S. Check-In, Kindness of Strangers, Carolyn Bennett, Skytrain to UBC, Karin Larsen on B.C. Government Expenses, South of the Fraser, VPD sting, and People of the Inlet

Download TEE January 24, 2019
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TEE January 23, 2019

Canada-China Strategy, Terfry on Kenny Rogers, Food Guide Cooking, Dr. Lin, Food Guide and Poverty, Pregnant Women and Cannabis, Democracy Watch on Plecas Report, Chinatown Report, Nanaimo By-Election BC Liberals candidate Tony Harris, Metro Matters on Whistler housing and Chris Alexander responds to John McCallum's pro-China statements

Download TEE January 23, 2019
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TEE January 22, 2019

Internet price increase, Akhtar on MSG, Oscar Nominations, Candidate Nominations, Pacific Post Partum, Burnaby Mountain fire preparation, Nanaimo by-election Greens Candidate, Mary Polak on the Pleacs Report, Memorial Bench, Allen Mullen on the Plecas Report and Parental Guidance tackles drinking and parenting

Download TEE January 22, 2019
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TEE January 21, 2019

Exercise Snacking, Sanderson on Airplane Waste, Davos and Wealth Inequality, Police Podcast, Go Public, Sheila Malcomson, Political Panel, and Fred Lee

Download TEE January 21, 2019
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