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BC: North by Northwest

Join host Sheryl MacKay to meet creative people from all around the province. Hear about their passions and inspirations. You'll visit artists in their studios, musicians and performers backstage, writers at their keyboards and chefs at the cooktop. There's great conversation and a lot of laughs too waiting for you every weekend on North by Northwest.

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Cherie Dimaline

Award winning author Cherie Dimaline was our latest guest in the Booked at VPL bookclub. We talked about her latest novel Empire of Wild. Here is the full event.

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Graphic novelist Sarah Leavitt

"Agnes, Murderess" is a new graphic novel that fleshes out the story of a B.C. legend: the mythical gold rush serial killer Agnes McVie.

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The Orontes Guitar Quartet

A conversation with Alexander Dunn from the University of Victoria and Orwa El Sharan of the Orontes Quartet as the group wraps up the residency at the university.

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Spencer Stuart on the Big Book anniversary.

Spencer Stuart talks about AA's Big Book on it's 80th anniversary.

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Matt Rader

Poet Matt Rader talks about his latest collection titled Visual Inspection. The pieces deal with, among other themes, living with chronic pain.

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Metis Artist Lisa Shepherd

A new show at the ACT Gallery in Maple Ridge is a collaboration between two Metis artists who only recently discovered they were cousins. Lisa Shepherd is a bead artist, and one half of that collaboration.

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Haley Landa on challah bread

Our baking columnist offers advice on one of her favourite things to bake in September.

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Reinventing "Giselle"

Dancer/choreographer Joshua Beamish has reimagined the classic ballet "Giselle" for the modern world of dating apps and Instagram likes. Matthew Parsons met up with him and Catherine Hurlin, who dances the title role, to learn more.

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Deep Into Edgar Allan Poe's Darkness

Deep Into Darkness is an immersive theatre experience based on the last moments of Edgar Allan Poe. The piece takes place in more than 20 rooms at the Cultch in Vancouver, and allows the audience to roam freely, observing whichever parts of the story appeal to them.

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Matthew Parsons watches The Clock

Christian Marclay's "The Clock" is a classic of contemporary art: a 24-hour film that also functions as a timepiece. Matthew Parsons caught an hour of it at the Polygon Gallery, where it's showing until September 15.

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Karun Thanjivur on meteors

If you're out at the right hours, you might still be able to catch the Perseid meteor shower, which peaked Monday night. Guest host Jason D'Souza talked with Karun Thanjivur about it on the weekend.

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Filmmaker Ali Kazimi on the Komagata Maru

Last week, the federal government announced the removal of former Vancouver MP Harry Herbert Stevens name from a federal public building in Vancouver. Stevens was partially responsible for denying the passengers aboard the Komagata Maru entry into Canada in 1914. Documentary filmmaker Ali Kazimi made a film called "Continuous Journey," about the Komagata Maru incident. Guest host Jason D'Souza talked with Kazimi about Stevens' legacy.

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Electronic art with Garnet Hertz

Garnet Hertz runs the Studio for Critical Making at Emily Carr University. His latest piece involves a dozen Google Home smart speakers, a disassembled television/VCR combo, and—just maybe—Homeland Security.

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A Graphic History of the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike

A conversation with illustrator David Lester and Sean Carleton of the Graphic History Collective.

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Hermit of Desolation Sound: Chapters 1-12

Grant Lawrence has been back on North By Northwest this season with another serialised tale from the wilds of coastal British Columbia. It's about a hermit philosopher named Russell Letawsky. Here's the entire saga, in twelve parts.

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Ian McEwan

award winning author Ian McEwan talks about his latest novel Machines Like Me, and much else.

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Kevin Spenst

Poet Kevin Spenst talks about exploring his experience of growing up with a father dealing with a mental illness and how he explores that in his poetry.

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Opera Mariposa

Sisters Jacqueline and Stephanie Ko talk about the illness they live with and that lead them to found an opera company.

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Haley Landa on strawberries

Haley Landa has some advice for introducing her favourite seasonal fruit into dishes both sweet and savoury.

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Paper Dresses

If you're at Oakridge Centre in the next couple of weeks, you might catch sight of some unusual garments.

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Faust at Vancouver Opera

Conductor Jonathan Darlington and soprano Simone Osborne talk with Matthew Parsons about Gounod's masterpiece.

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Percussionist Julia Chien

Julia Chien doesn't just play the timpani and the marimba. She's recently expanded her menagerie of instruments to include the typewriter and the desk bell as well.

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Sandhu Singh

Sandhu Singh is an artist based in Victoria. His work is in a solo show at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria until May 4.

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