After the deadline


After the deadline

After the deadline is a new podcast that explores one of the biggest stories of the week in a way that deepens our connection as Manitobans. It also reveals what's behind the journalic decisions that make or break a story.

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Episode 6: Value of the Village

What's the value of Osborne Village? If you ask the city's taxation department you'll learn that several spots along the strip are valued in the millions, but that doesn't mean much if you can't afford the rent. Then again, some things -- like the culture and history of a neighbourhood -- can't be bought. But can they be lost?

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Episode 5: Taylor Pryor

Doug and Darseen Pryor told CBC that a broken health care system failed their 21 year-old daughter who died by suicide. Then, just days after their story was shared, the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic and our collective conversations shifted toward concerns about COVID-19. The Pryors want to make sure their daughter is remembered and that her story will help fix the healthcare system and prevent more people from falling through cracks. These are the stories to consider on our way to a new post-pandemic normal.

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Episode 4: Power play

Men have a numerical advantage on and off the ice in the hockey world. Efforts are being made to make room for women as players and execs, but fans and researchers of the sport say there is something inherently wrong with the hockey that a few new players just won't fix. Hockey is broken, but it's worth saving. What will it take to fix it?

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Episode 3: What about us?

There is a resourcefulness that can come with hearing the word "no", and many people living with disabilities have experience with facing barriers and finding another way. But how far can it take you in a pandemic? We hear several voices from the disabilities community about the new barriers and the blessings in disguise.

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Episode 2: Back to work

Is my workplace safe? Rebecca Steer didn’t think so, so she quit. But not everyone has the option of resigning or looking for new employment. So what are the options for workers wary of going back to work during a pandemic? And what are some of the challenges faced by Manitoba businesses as they open up in ways that will keep us all safe?

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Episode 1: Shots fired

On April 8, William Hudson’s 16 year-old daughter was shot and killed by Winnipeg Police. It’s a time for mourning but as funeral arrangements take shape so does an investigation into what caused Winnipeg Police to open fire that day. Hudson is walking into a complicated world of lawyers, independent investigators and police, compounded by the fact that two other people were shot and killed by police this month. All of three of those shot and killed by police were Indigenous.

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After the deadline (trailer)

After the deadline is a new podcast from CBC Manitoba, Launching this spring, which will take you behind the scenes of the big story of the week.

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