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What's in the box? Podcasts about containers big and small

Whether it's used to hold a gift, perform a magic trick or even escape slavery, some of the most interesting stories revolve around a simple box.
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This week, a repeat of one of our favourite episodes from April 2018.

I love improvised comedy podcasts for their off-the-wall brands of humour. They offer refreshing escapes to worlds where things don't have to make sense. Illusionoid takes off-the-wall one step further by fusing improv with science fiction. You may remember this Canadian podcast from our live show. Each episode begins with an old-timey radio prologue, followed by a transmission from the lone survivor of a future apocalypse. Once a premise is established, ridiculousness ensues. As a sci-fi nerd and improv fan, Illusionoid is a treat. I'm excited to take a deeper dive into their nine seasons' worth of episodes.   

I first listened to this episode on a long Sunday walk, which I don't recommend — unless you're comfortable laughing in public! Hopefully my neighbours knew it wasn't directed at them or their dogs. 

- Elena Hudgins Lyle, Associate Producer, Podcast Playlist

Podcasts featured this week:

  • Sidedoor - Heiress, divorcée … mother of forensic science? Frances Glessner Lee was not your average 19th-century woman. Her most celebrated contribution: 19 intricate dioramas depicting violent murder scenes. Click here to listen to the full episode.

Full Canadian Broadcast Version:

They carry gifts, hide secrets, and store memories for future generations - boxes and packages. The Memory Palace, Modern Love, Gravy, Sidedoor, Illusionoid, 99% Invisible. 54:17

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