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Unsolved Mysteries: stories of the unknown

Strange stories, conspiracy theories and podcasts about the unknown.
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Strange stories, Conspiracy theories and podcasts about the unknown. Science Solved it, Esquire Classic, The Truth, The Memory Palace, The No Sleep Podcast, The Reality Check. 54:18

1. Science Solved it
Can huge rocks really move by themselves? Host Kaleigh Rogers speaks with experts, including an Oceanographer and Skeptoid host Brian Dunning, to find out about the Sailing Stones in Death Valley National park. Full episode link.

2. Esquire Classic
The mystery behind a man in a picture. The photograph of the Falling man has left people puzzled since September, 11th in 2001. The picture is of a man who was forced to jump from the World Trade Center during the attack on 9/11. We still don't know who he is. Full episode link.

3. The Truth
Haven't you always wanted to know what happened to Edgar Allan Poe? He was found delirious in the streets of Baltimore in 1849 and he wasn't able to explain how or why. The cast from The Truth imagines what may have happened to Poe. Full episode link.

4. The Memory Palace
Who is Washington Phillips? And What on earth is a dolceola? Host Nate DiMeo talks us through this musical mystery. 
Full episode link.

5. The No Sleep Podcast
Since the 1960's the Smiling Man has terrified many. His strange appearance and ear to ear grin is truly a terrifying thing to behold. Full episode link.

6. The Reality Check
Has Canadian singer Avril Lavigne been replaced by a double? We get to the bottom of this ridiculous social media fuelled conspiracy. Full episode link.

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