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Stories of summer anthems, summer baseball, and summer shorts. Learn why this is everyone's favourite season.
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This week, a saga that really has it all: An FBI investigation, selling it all to buy an engagement ring, and neon green 80s wine coolers. These are just a few of the components of the truly bizarre history behind the classic rhythm and blues anthem Louie, Louie. It comes to us from Lost Notesan incredible new podcast from KCRW. This show has so much personality, and it accomplishes exactly what it set out to do. As an eight part series it shares stories from some of the "greatest music stories never told." I could tell you more, but some of these tales are so wild and weird (in the best way) you might not believe me. Just listen.

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Summer is finally, FINALLY upon us. So today we're sharing stories that celebrate this time of year. Baseball games, swimming pools and perhaps even neon green 80s wine coolers. These things all come to mind when you think of summer. Here are those stories and more. Featuring: KCRW's Lost Notes, NPR's Planet Money, From PRX and Radiotopia The Moth, Gimlet's Every Little Thing and CBC's Mic Drop. 53:59

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