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Turn over a new leaf with these fall podcast releases

From an investigative deep dive that will take you to the fringes to a writer’s love letter to his family’s matriarch, these new podcasts are a perfect pairing with everything pumpkin spice.
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The ongoing work to reverse racial segregation in U.S. schools, an investigation into how a couple on the fringes got caught up in extremism,and a recommendation podcast that's offering up undiscovered gems. 

This week we're introducing you to these stories and more … plus we're joined by some special guests. 

When Dan Pierce was looking for an idea for a new film, a story he'd read in the news immediately came to mind. In the new CBC podcast, Pressure Cooker, Dan unpacks the anti-terrorism case against John Nuttall and Amanda Korody and where it all went wrong. He joins Leah-Simone Bowen to share behind the scenes insight. 

And: you can never have too many recommendations! We're chatting with the hosts of Feed The Queue – a buffet of underrated podcast picks curated by hosts Lauren Passell and Adela Mizrachi who share their suggestions for your fall playlist. 

Podcasts featured this week:

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Pressure Cooker: "John and Amanda have lived on the fringes their whole lives. They're on welfare, living with John's grandma, and struggling with addiction to opioids and Dungeons and Dragons. Everything changes when a mysterious figure with ties to extremist terror enters their lives. Soon they're caught up in a web of deception and conspiracy that could land them in prison for the rest of their lives – a trap set for them by undercover cops as part of a sprawling, costly sting operation." 

Keeping Score, a four-part series from United States of Anxiety: "The John Jay Educational Campus, a large brick building in Park Slope, Brooklyn, houses four high schools: Cyberarts Studio Academy, the Secondary School for Law, Millennium Brooklyn, and Park Slope Collegiate. Each school is its own separate universe, but the students yearn to connect. When the administration announces that the athletics programs will merge, they ask what it will take for the building to live up to its new motto: 'We Are One.'"

My Mother Made Me: Writer Jason Reynolds and his mother, Isabell, explore their shared history, how she raised him, and what they're teaching each other. It's a love letter to their connection, an homage to parent-child friendship, and a testament to how growth can be perpetual, despite age or circumstance. Across four episodes, Jason and Isabell go deep – into birth, death and spirituality...but they also keep it light: pushing a cart through Costco, birthday lunches, and hitting the casino together. That's just how they do. 

Feed the Queue: "In this podcast discovery podcast, Lauren Passell (Tink Media, Podcast the Newsletter) and Adela Mizrachi (Podcast Brunch Club) do the listening for you and then drop an episode of their favourite shows into this feed. These are the shows that aren't in Apple's top charts, but absolutely should be. Think of it as a podcast buffet. You can taste each one and decide if you want to go in for second helpings." 

Bonus: Lauren Passell's pick:

Lizzy Cooperman's In Your Hands: "Host and comedian Lizzy Cooperman presents her listeners, which she calls "sorcerers," two options for her next life path: it could be should I burn my journals, should I get a job at Coldstone Creamery, should I get a piercing, should I sell my car? Listeners, that day, go on her Instagram and vote and whatever they vote in 24 hours, she does for the next episode. Then she has comedians on to help her listeners decide what to choose."

Adela Mizrachi's pick:

We Share the Same Sky: "It's about this woman's journey into discovering her own family's history through her grandmother's written and documented diaries. Her grandmother fled the Nazis and was basically displaced for 17 years. Host Rachael Cerrotti literally goes to the same places her grandmother went in the same order and tried to meet up with the same people who helped her grandmother. It's like artwork because she also weaves her story, like her present day personal story into it. It's amazing, it's really beautiful."

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