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Truffles, first dates and the art of novelization: greatest hits from classic podcasts

Why are truffles (the fungus kind, not the chocolate kind) such a delicacy? According to Planet Money, they remind us of ourselves. Hear the wild story of the young man who built an empire selling them from his van.
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This week we're sharing one of our favourite episodes from February 2022.

Why are truffles (not the chocolate kind) such a delicacy? Maybe it's because they remind us of ourselves. We'll let one of our longtime favourite podcasts Planet Money explain. They followed the king of the New York truffle-selling scene on his routine quest to sell twenty thousand dollars worth of truffles in a day. The stakes are high: run out of time, and the truffles start to lose their value.   

This episode we turn to Planet Money and more of our reliable faves for some enlightening stories. No doubt you've seen some of your favourite books become movies. But what about the best-sellers that started out on the screen? You'll hear from movie novelization authors who think their craft deserves more respect.

Then, it can be hard to balance cultural and family expectations with your own needs. Code Switch helps a listener learn to set boundaries with their immigrant parents. 

And to cap it off, think you've been on some of the worst dates in history? The new CBC podcast True Dating Stories might make you think again. Hear the true tale of how one man sobbed in public on a first date. We sincerely hope you have never been on a date like this one. 

Podcasts featured this week:

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Planet Money: "Back in 2016, we made an episode with Ian Purkayastha about truffles. At the time, he was a baby-faced connoisseur who sold truffles out of his trunk to some of the fanciest restaurants in New York. In this episode, he kindly let us tag along in a race against time to sell $20,000 worth of truffles before their value depreciates."

On The Media: "Write a great book and you're a genius. Turn a book into a great film and you're a visionary. Turn a great film into a book...that's another story. Novelizations of films are regular best-sellers with cult followings — some are even more beloved than the films that spawned them — but respected they are not. Instead, they're assumed to be the literary equivalent of merchandise: a way for the movie studios to make a few extra bucks, and a job for writers who aren't good enough to do anything else. But the people who write them beg to differ."

Code Switch: "How do you create boundaries with immigrant parents?"

Aria Code: "Saying 'I love you' for the first time takes courage, especially when you don't know the response you'll get. But being open with your emotions and putting yourself out there can change you in unexpected ways. In Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin, it's the 16-year-old Tatyana who pins her heart on her sleeve. Young and naive, but also fiercely confident, she pours out her feelings for the visiting Eugene Onegin in one night of impassioned love-letter-making. His answer defines the rest of her life, and the course of the opera. Host Rhiannon Giddens and her guests explore Tatyana's famous Letter Scene and what it tells us about Tchaikovsky, Russian society, and the nearly universal experience of unrequited love."

True Dating Stories: "Ariel turns to dating to distract himself from grief, only to have the hurt come back to haunt him on a date."

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