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These 6 crime podcasts will be your new obsession

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Yellow police tape that reads 'Police line do not cross'.
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Serial and Criminal may have started our true crime obsession, but there are a lot more podcasts out there to help you revisit the scene of a crime. We shared four of our favourites in this week's episode. Here are six more podcasts about criminals, police work and the law.

1. The Sword and the Scale

Recommended Episode: Episode 30: H.H. Holmes

If you're a fan of true crime, you've probably heard of America's first serial killer, H.H. Holmes. But, in this episode of The Sword and the Scale, host Mike Boudet speaks with two people who believe H.H. Holmes was the true identity of Jack the Ripper

2. Liar City

Recommended Episode: The Dread Pirate Roberts

Liar City is a podcast about "the biggest lies and the most notorious liars throughout history." So naturally they cover quite a few criminals. Their episode about The Dread Pirate Roberts explains how Ross Ulbricht created a darknet market for narcotics and illegal goods. Bonus: They will also help you understand Bitcoin once and for all. 

3. Thinking Sideways

Recommended Episode: The Sodder Family

Thinking Sideways features a lot of mysterious and unsolved cases. In this episode they discuss the unsolved mystery of the missing Sodder children. On Christmas Eve of 1945 the Sodder family home caught fire. Two of the seven children made it to safety, the other five children were never seen again. 

4. Sui Generis

Recommended Episode: The Case of Mr. C

This Canadian podcast focuses on Canadian law, and aims to share the human stories behind complex legal issues. In this episode, they explain our Constitutional rights when attempting a cross-border beer run.

5.  Generation Why

Recommended Episode: Kurt Cobain

It's been twenty-two years since Kurt Cobain's death. Forensic analysis determined it was suicide, but many skeptics have objected to this and still believe Cobain was a homicide victim. In this episode, of Generation Why, Aaron and Justin tell the story of Nirvana's rise to fame and explore various theories around Kurt Cobain's death.   

6. What the Crime?!

Recommended Episode: Really, Florida?

What the Crime?! covers weird and obscure crimes. Crimes that you think must be a hoax. For example, have you ever noticed that some of the most bizarre news headlines seem to come out of Florida? In this episode some of the most notable Florida crimes are explained, you'll also hear a theory about why Florida is an epicentre for weird criminal behavior. 

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