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The world of travel

A man recounts his childhood experience of stowing away on a flight to Israel and a guide book from the 1940s that kept African-American travellers safe. This episode is all about travel.
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This week, a repeat of one of our favourite episodes, from December 2016.

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Six podcasts on trotting the globe. Outside/In, Vox Tablet, The Expats, The Moth, Still Buffering, The Memory Palace. 54:20

1. Outside/In

"Navigation has its superstars. In this case, it's the Polynesians." Host Sam Evans-Brown on the origins of exploration.

Discover ways in which humans would navigate the world without GPS or any kind of electronic device. It's a power we already have inside us.

2. Vox Tablet

"Lo and behold, I see at the check-in desk a pile of these boarding passes. And so I guess maybe the most high risk moment of this whole thing was walking over to the edge of that desk... and taking one." — Victor Rodak on his most memorable flight.

Unable to afford a ticket, 14-year-old Victor Rodak was so desperate to visit Israel, he snuck onto the plane.

3. The Expats

"They actually have a Norwegian word that's untranslatable... Friluftsliv." — Hahn Vincent on Norway's special word.

A Canadian scholar living in Norway shares the fundamental difference in cultures, as well as what we can learn from our fellow northern friends.

4. The Moth

"Maybe this is a good opportunity for me to really address my white complex, to get over some stuff." — A tour guide on exploring new neighbourhoods.

Falen Johnson confronts racism and her own biases while taking a tour group through "Invisible Toronto."

5. Still Buffering

"There's a lot of rolling the dice when you're traveling by yourself." — Cousin Kyle expresses his apprehension at traveling alone.

A high school teen discusses the pros and cons of solo travel with her two older sisters and their cousin. 

6. The Memory Palace

"She's pretty. Smiling wide. He carries both their suitcases because it's 1948 and he's a gentleman." — on The Green Book.

The Green Book served as a travel guide for African Americans on holiday to let them know which businesses were safe and welcoming for them.

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