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The unbreakable chain of podcast recommendations is back

Every podcaster we feature recommends the next podcast in Part 5 of our recommendation chain. This episode links together picks on everything from bird-killing toxic waste in Butte to pep talks for tough times.
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Link by link, the podcast chain continues.Here's how it works: the host behind the first podcast recommends the second podcast in the chain. The host of the second then recommends the third, and so it goes. This episode is the fifth edition of our chain – which is now 22 podcasts long!

We're off to new and incredible places this episode thanks to recommendations from all kinds of podcasters. Our first stop is an investigation into how we can make batteries better for the planet. From there we're off to toxic waste in Butte, Montana, then to one man's exploration of where marriages in his family went wrong, followed by a series of pep talks for all sorts of occasions, and Seth Rogen on the joke that went too far.

As always this episode is brought to you through the cooperation and passion of podcast creators from all over the place. A hearty thanks to them for keeping the recommendation chain going. We never know where we're heading next.

If you'd like to take a look back at where the rec chain started, here are episodes one, two, three and four

Podcasts featured this week:

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How We Survive: "What happens to all those spent batteries? Is extraction the only way to get the metals we need to transition off fossil fuels? What about batteries that don't require lithium at all? For answers, we visited Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where a couple of scientists are figuring out how to build the better, safer batteries of the future. Kristin Persson and Gerbrand Ceder specialize in materials science, battery technology and energy storage, and are conducting their research on behalf of the Department of Energy."

Richest Hill: "If you don't know Butte Montana, you might have heard it's one of the biggest toxic messes in the country. But now the "Mining City" is on the verge of sealing a deal that could clean it up once and for all. So how did we get here? What comes after Superfund? And who gets to decide?"

Forever is a Long Time: "The idea of a lifetime commitment can feel impossible, when it can still fall apart in year 20, or year 30, or 35. My own parents' marriage never made it that far, but some of my aunts and uncles did, only to find that after all those years, they too were better off apart."

The 11th: "Look, times are tough, and we could all use a little encouragement. Here's a bunch of pep talks."

Storytime with Seth Rogen: "A 20-year-old waiter from Georgia makes a joke that haunts him forever. A comedic lesson in Karma featuring Yassir Lester."

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