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The hosts of Celebrity Memoir Bookclub share their top podcasts

Ashley Hamilton and Claire Parker dish on the podcasts they can’t get enough of.
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Splashed on magazine covers, all over Instagram feeds, and getting clicks on TMZ, celebrity gossip is a steady presence.

But fame and fortune have their downsides, and from the experiences of stars from Marilyn Monroe to Britney Spears, it's clear there's a dark side to the gossip mill. So, what if there was an ethical way to satisfy our curiosity about the lifestyles of the rich and famous? 

Comedians Ashley Hamilton and Claire Parker created a podcast to do just that. In Celebrity Memoir Book Club, the co-hosts recount the juicy details as recorded by stars themselves. From Victoria Beckham to Mariah Carey, the duo reads the memoirs, recounts the highlights and recommends which ones are worth a look.

This week, host Leah-Simone Bowen chats with Ashley and Claire about their favourite memoirs, getting on TikTok during the pandemic, and what podcasts they can't get enough of. 

If you're craving a pop culture deep dive, this episode is made for you! 

Podcasts featured this week:

(Courtesy of podcasts)

Celebrity Memoir Book Club: "In one of the most anticipated memoirs of the year, Jennette McCurdy finally gets her time to slime the people that have silenced her for years. In this clip we hear about the pressures Jennette experiences when auditioning as a child actor."

Sentimental Garbage: "Dolly Alderton and Caroline O'Donoghue analyze Sex in the City season by season as "individual literary works". In this conversation, they look at how womanhood and motherhood are portrayed in the show." 

DUNZO!: "Host Troy McEady and guest Zach Patton Garcia discuss details from the voice note Britney released online (on August 28th), and explore her interesting relationship with the paparazzi." 

My Therapist Ghosted Me: "Join Vogue Williams & Joanne McNally for a weekly chat with 100% honesty guaranteed. My Therapist Ghosted Me is the result of Joanne's therapist doing just that! Ignoring her calls, refusing to answer the door at the clinic, or speak to her after she'd tracked him down at Enfield crematorium as he scattered his Aunt's ashes. Despite it all, it's often said that friends give the best therapy so Vogue & Joanne have teamed up to do exactly that (alongside a generous helping of laughter as that too is said to be the best form of therapy)."

Beyond the Blinds: "This one's for you little monsters! Today Troy and Kelli are peeling back every bedazzled layer of Lady Gaga's very interesting blind items. Troy leads this episode as he and Kelli dive into the many eras of Gaga's life, from her iconic feuds to her interesting award season behavior."

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