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The generation gap

Is it all about the new-fangled versus the old-timey? Hear stories that will help us understand one another.
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At some point in your life you've probably heard this from an older someone: "When I was your age, I had to walk fifteen miles to school in the snow! Barefoot! Uphill! Both ways!" It's common for adults to tell kids how easy they have it. But if you were a kid that experienced a "Potato Break" in New Brunswick, you definitely know something about hard work. That's one of the topics of this episode of the fantastic podcast The Secret Life of Canada (for this episode they released translated and bilingual versions).

Each week hosts Leah Simone Bowen and Falen Johnson explore stories from Canada's history that you've probably never heard or know little about. The show is well produced, entertaining and bound to stoke your curiosity about the complexities of Canadian history. That's why The Secret Life of Canada is my pick of the week.

- Kate Evans, Producer, Podcast Playlist

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