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The apocalypse in seven podcasts

Reminisce on the Y2K days or prepare for the largest earthquake in North America. It's the end of the world as we know it.
Israeli Hagit Ohana tries on a gas mask at a distribution center in a shopping mall in Mevaseret Zion, Wednesday, July 25, 2012. (AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner)

Seven podcasts about the end times.


1. Mortified

"Y2K continues to come nearer. We've been washing and saving every milk and Gatorade bottle that comes through the house." — Emma Jackson's journal from 1999.

One very concerned teenager went all out to prepare her family for worldwide catastrophe.

2. Generation Anthropocene

"Our planet is currently on the precipice of mass extinction and according to a new study, it's like no extinction event earth has ever seen before." — Generation Anthropocene.

From ice ages to massive volcanic eruptions to meteor impacts, the earth has been wiped clean five times before. Are we on the verge of yet another extinction?

3. Bunker Buddies

"Whenever I'm driving around, I'm always like 'alright, that would be a good place to hide if I need to hide somewhere when the rapture happens.'" — Heather Brooker on being ready.

What should a person do when the world ends? More importantly, how should you prepare for the end of the world if you've got kids?

4. Fault Lines

"This is the one we all know will happen. The one you've heard about. The megathrust earthquake also known here as the Cascadia earthquake." — Johanna Wagstaffe on Canada's upcoming natural disaster.

CBC Vancouver meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe guides you through what will happen when the big one comes so you can prepare yourself, your family and your neighbours.

5. Codebreaker

"The top ten warmest years since we have been recording have all happened since 2000." —  Ben Johnson on climate change.

Can a long-abandoned technology involving molten salt help save us from the perils of climate change?

6. Open Source

"We are in a world where we have technology that we saw demonstratively powerful for good and for evil. Of course the first such technology was nuclear." — Astrophysicist​ Martin Rees on our future.

What will happen if (or when!) the robots take over?

7. The World According to Sound

"There's a note on the tape that says that it should be played only once the end of the world has been confirmed." — The World According to Sound.

Listen to the song CNN planned to air for humanity's final days on earth, or watch the video below:

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