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1. Every Little Thing
Have you ever considered how your office plant got into your office? Producer Christine Driscoll meets an alleyway plant dealer who fills us in on the underground plant industry. Full episode link here.

2. The Competition
James Kim talks to Martin Leung about being a viral piano star and what it's like to try out for the most prestigious piano competition in the world. Full episode link here.

3. Classic Showbiz
​Moms Mabley is a stand-up icon who started during the civil rights movement. But it took her a long time to rise to fame. Why? Mabley was one of the first stand up comics who was female, black, and gay.  Full episode link here.

4. Secrets of the Fifth Estate
Host Gillian Findlay delves into the community of Cross Lake, Manitoba to find out why there is such a high rate of suicide among Indigenous youth. Full episode link here.

5.  Rookie
What is the perfect way to ask a total stranger out? Tavi Gevinson turns to author Krista Burton. Full episode link here.

6.  Cosmic Vertigo
Hosts Dr Amanda Bauer and Dr Alan Duffy are talking about the mysteries of Dark Matter and what makes up our Universe. Full episode link here.

7. Nancy
Is there such thing as a gay wizard? Harry Potter author J.K Rowling says yes. Her character Albus Dumbledore is gay. But hosts Kathy Tu and Tobin Low look beyond the pages of the book to see if Rowling deserves the accolades she gets for how she wrote this character. Full episode link here.

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