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Is storytelling in our DNA? Can a poem change your mood?

When The Paris Review enters my podcast feed it's like a breath of fresh air. Beautifully mixed and carefully crafted, The Paris Review podcast features "a phantasmagoric blend of classic stories and poems." It also features archival interviews with great writers - and the chance to listen to the voices and thoughts of people like Jack Kerouac, which makes for fruitful listening. When you spend a lot of time with podcasts, sometimes you want more than fun facts, comedy or personal stories. Sometimes... you want to hear literature that expands your mind, poetry that makes you a little bit nostalgic or a story that rocks your understanding of the world. In my podcast rotation - The Paris Review is the only podcast that is a "balm for the soul."

- Lindsay Michael, Host & Senior Producer

Podcasts featured this week: 

  • Versify - Ebralie Mwizerwa speaks to poet Destiny Birdsong about how she managed to survive the Rwandan genocide, while being pregnant and caring for her children. Destiny takes on the challenge of crafting an original poem for Ebralie — or as Destiny explains, "trying to figure out how to speak the unspeakable," . Click here to listen to the full episode

Listen to the full length Canadian Broadcast Version:

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