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A renowned Toronto chef decides to buy his local diner and the world's best pepper that starts in Cambodia. This episode is all about food.

Six podcasts on the meals we eat.

Correction: In the December 24th and December 27th broadcast the hosts of the Foodstuffs Podcast were identified incorrectly. It is hosted by Jessica Walker and Brian Goman. 

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1. Completely Optional Knowledge

"If the tomato is a fruit, why don't we eat them like apples?" — Tina Antolini on confusing food labels

Rebecca Rupp, a science writer with a Ph.D. in cell biology and biochemistry, puts to rest the question of the ages: are tomatoes fruits or vegetables?

2. The Racist Sandwich

"People are trying to be creative about how they incorporate Asian things into [photos]. Why don't you just let the food speak for itself?" — Celeste Noche on food photography

Images of dishes are not all about showcasing the meal. A food photographer reveals her inner thoughts on Asian food and the idea of "cultural context."

3. The Food Podcast

​"There are 4 basic categories: green, black, red and white. They grow on the vine clustered like tiny grapes." Lindsay Cameron Wilson on peppercorns

Salt gets all the glory, but pepper is still a crucial part of the equation. Trace its origin from some of the best peppercorn producers in the world.

4. Dinner Party Download

"Where once flowed a mighty river, they found an almost empty riverbed, strewn with dead fish." — Michelle Philippe on Niagara falls in 1848

In what sounds like a supernatural occurrence, Niagara Falls actually went dry over 200 years ago. Neighbouring towns were spooked, but also inspired to create a new beverage.

5. Foodstuffs

"One of the main things we wanted to do, was not discriminate." — Chef Grant van Gameren on his new neighbourhood diner

Renowned restaurateur Grant van Gameren shares why he purchased a diner in a low income neighbourhood, and how this could be his most challenging project to date. Foodstuffs is hosted by Jessica Walker and Brian Goman.

6. Gastropod

"It wasn't until 70 years after the invention of the can, that anyone invented a can opener." — Gastropod

The invention of food packaging is one of humanity's greatest achievements, but it has also become one of our biggest environmental disasters.

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