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Unbelievable stories about people who conned their way to the top.
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From Inventing Anna to The Tinder Swindler, tales of scammers and grifters on streaming platforms have captured people's attention in a big way. Now, podcasts are following suit. 

In the 1990s, the world was transfixed by the legal troubles of Heidi Fleiss. Known as a madam to the stars, Fleiss was reportedly clearing around $300,000 a week until her arrest in 1993. The podcast HeidiWorld: The Heidi Fleiss Story gives listeners a deeper look at her life and upbringing. Hear why she learned how to hustle at a young age and why a car accident changed the course of her life.

Plus: the F-Factor diet promised people they could lose weight without feeling hungry all the time by eating more fibre. Creator Tanya Zuckerbrot spent decades growing her fibre-empire. In Fed Up, host Casey Wilson unpacks how, and the social media feud that spread from Instagram to the courtroom. 

You don't want to miss these stories about hustle culture, people who've gamed the system, and catfishers gone wild – you might even learn some warning signs to avoid getting grifted yourself! 

Podcasts featured this week:

(Logos courtesy of podcasts.)

HeidiWorld: The Heidi Fleiss Story: In the 1990s the world was captivated by Heidi Fleiss. A 27 year old woman who briefly and memorably became the most powerful madam in Los Angeles. That is, until she was brought down by a combination of snitches, hubris and plain old bad luck.

Scamfluencers: Prince Khalid bin al-Saud is an international playboy from an ultra-wealthy Saudi family. He's posted hundreds of photos on Instagram showing off his lavish lifestyle, complete with private jets, designer bags, and a diamond-encrusted jaguar-shaped bracelet. But there's one problem -- he's a fake. His real name is Tony Gignac and he's from Detroit, Michigan. And he's about to pull off a series of daring cons from Dubai to Miami.

Fed Up: F-Factor diet creator Tanya Zuckerbrot has spent decades growing her fiber empire. But when online rumors start to surface about her and her brand, F-Factor, everything Tanya worked to build seems at risk. The events reported in this episode are not the whole story. As the series unfolds in later episodes they report new information and insights in regard to this story. 

Stuff the British Stole: The story of how the Parthenon Marbles actually ended up in London's British Museum is a wild tale featuring bribes, court cases and some extremely dodgy deals. There's been a centuries-long campaign to get them back to their homeland. Now, a team of Greek-Australians have decided that the time for diplomacy is over and a new tactic is required.

Maintenance Phase: In 2015, Belle Gibson was an Australian "eco-preneur" with a vegetarian cookbook, a blockbuster wellness app and a terminal cancer diagnosis. Today, she's one of the most hated figures in the country.

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