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Marijuana is going to be legal very soon. So, let's take a closer look at the controversial plant, from how it impacts a country's GDP to what it feels like to get high for the first time at 42. Stories from Stoner, Endless Thread and Unladylike.
Medicinal marijuana user Don Appleby smokes a marijuana cigarette on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, July 29, 2003. PBEAHUONZGB (Reuters)

Part two of our two part series about recreational substances. Listen to part one by clicking here.

The Indicator (NPR)

Watching the markets swing up and down has sparked an interest in economics. But the way these stories play out in the financial section of newspapers is not always accessible. The writing can be unintelligible if you don't work in finance. Which is exactly why The Indicator, a daily podcast from the team at NPR's Planet Money, is so necessary right now. The producers at Planet Money have already proven themselves to be experts at making complicated stories easy to understand since their first project ten years ago. The Indicator is constantly surprising - and this episode on how the legalization of marijuana will have an impact on Canada's GDP totally changed the way I thought about Canada's black market economy. Which, to be honest, is not something I had thought much about. Plus, the podcast gets bonus points for being short and sweet, so it's always worth your time.

- Lindsay Michael, Host and Sr. Producer of Podcast Playlist.

Podcasts featured this week: 

  • Stoner - A podcast "where creative people talk about their experiences with marijuana." In this episode, Metafilter founder Matt Haughey talks about smoking his first joint at 42 years-old. Click here to listen to the full episode.

  • Stance - Stance is an award-winning arts and culture podcast that explores global perspectives.  In this episode host Heta Fell takes a look at San Francisco's burgeoning legal weed scene to see how things have changed since legalization. Click here to listen to the full episode.

  • Endless Thread - This WBUR podcast "delves into Reddit's boundless communities." In this episode producers Ben Brock Johnson and Amory Silvertson jump into r/trees and trace the surprising story of how the cop and the stoner in this photo became friends. Click here to listen to the episode
Plus, check out our interview with the Endless Thread team.

Listen to the full length Canadian Broadcast Version:

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