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Podcast Playlist is On Drugs

Cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and opiates. Learn how these drugs can affect our lives.
MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 26: A youth holds a 'Legal High' chemical pill on February 26, 2015 in Manchester, England. (Photo Illustration by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images) (Getty Images)

This week Geoff Turner from the podcast On Drugs joins Matt and Lindsay in studio to share some of his favourite podcasts about drugs and drug culture.

Podcasts featured this week:

Full Canadian Broadcast Version:

Cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and opiates. Learn how these drugs can affect our lives. Love + Radio, On Drugs, Stoner, Note to Self, Embedded, The Mortified Podcast. 54:18

1. Love + Radio

Memories of a close call with drugs, addiction, police and the Mafia. Full episode link.

2. On Drugs

Get past the clichés and explore the intersection of drugs and music through the life of jazz musician Charlie Parker. Full episode link.

3. Stoner

The story of America's first drug czar who popularised the term 'marijuana' and ushered in the Reefer Madness period of drug prohibition. Full episode link.

4. Note to Self

A journey into the dark web. There, you can find illegal products like stolen passports, hacked account numbers, and drugs. A lot of drugs. Full episode link.

5. Embedded

A small town became home to one of the biggest HIV outbreaks in decades. At the root of the outbreak was a powerful prescription painkiller called Opana. Full episode link.

6. The Mortified Podcast

Remember the "Just Say No" campaign? Hear one teenager's anti-drug rant. Full episode link.

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