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New and Notable Podcasts: March Edition

A diverse array of fresh stories to kick off your springtime

A diverse array of fresh stories to kick off your springtime


It's hard to believe it's been a year since the pandemic changed our lives. If you're feeling bored, down, or longing for a companion for your three hundred and sixtieth afternoon walk, we've got you covered. This episode has new podcasts for every purpose — whether you want to continue hard conversations we've been having this past year or escape into a fictional future. 

Podcasts featured this week:


Self Evident: Asian America's Stories: "During this year's protests for Black lives, the national conversation was filled with calls to have uncomfortable conversations about anti-Blackness. This push, to talk about racism with our loved ones, has been both championed and criticized — but how do these conversations actually go down, and where do they lead? To find out, we spoke with three cousins who created a conversation toolkit for Filipinx families, and made the nerve-wracking decision to test drive it on a video call with over 30 members of their extended family."

The Sea in the Sky: "In this scripted Audible Original, wisecracking marine biologist and astronaut Bee Guerrero has signed up for the trip of a lifetime: a series of dives deep into the pitch-black waters of Saturn's moon, Enceladus. Set in the near-future when global climate catastrophe has forced humans to search for solutions on new planets, The Sea in the Sky chronicles two astronauts' journey, in what could be the final NASA-sponsored mission to space. In their search for life, Bee and Ty navigate uncharted waters, take on incredible risks and confront difficult truths about themselves. What will they find at the bottom of it all?" 

Island Crime: Gone Boys: "...raises a discussion about the challenges facing men who are isolated and marginalized due to brain injury, trauma, mental illness, or disability. Could the 'us versus them' attitude of the public on the island be creating easy victims whose disappearances go unnoticed by many?"

The Apocrypha Chronicles: "The year is 2156. A young archivist, Phe, has just discovered a digital time capsule dating back to 2020, the year of the first of the Great Pandemics. Phe shares their discovery with their mentor, Lar, an Elder and bio-engineer. As they debate the meaning of the transmission, the mysterious voices from the past return."

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